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*100% CGF Powder, 2oz_


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CGF Powder 2oz (Chlorella Growth Factor) is a concentrated form of chlorella made up of many valuable nutritional substances, some of which are not found in any other foods. They are amino acids, amino peptides, water-soluble proteins, binding proteins, glycoprotein, the vitamin B-complex and other vitamins, minerals, glutathione resembling substances, RNA/DNA, immune polysaccharides, phytohormones, natural growth factors.

1-3 tsp mixed with water or you can put it in a protein shake or a smoothie. The CGF is 100x concentrated. It takes 100lbs of Chlorella to make 1 lb of the Chlorella Growth Factor.

It is a difficult and lengthy process to build an active, dynamic, resilient immune system. Chlorella extract or chlorella growth factor (CGF) as it’s commonly referred to is the most powerful immune building nutrient known. CGF is unique to chlorella and present in the greatest values in the strain chlorella sorokiniana. CGF has a high concentration of amino acids, amino peptides, glycoprotein, the vitamin B-complex, polysaccharides, nucleopeptides and nucleic acids (RNA). CGF still holds many secrets, but what is known is that it contains a nucleotide-peptide complex that performs small miracles in the body.

Chlorella Growth Factor Benefits
· Strengthens the immune system.
· Helps the body recover from disease.
· Helps balance blood pressure.
· Helps balance cholesterol levels.
· Provides the body with nucleic acids (RNA).
· Stimulates cellular renewal, growth and repair.
· Improves T-cell and B-cell activity.
· Stimulates the growth gut bacteria.
· Stimulates the production of macrophages.
· Removal of cellular debris throughout the body.
· Discourages the growth of abnormal cells.
· Stimulates cancer cell apoptosis.
· 100% water soluble.

Chlorella growth factor is a hot water extract. No chemicals are used in the extraction process.