3-Pack – Digestive Enzymes, 60 caps


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There has never been another Digestive Enzyme Blend on the market of this potency until now.

I got my personal sample in a week ago, and I can vouch personally that this is the case. I’m not saying that this will happen for everybody, but after I took these enzymes, they completely cut the mucus in my sinus cavity and I could feel the impact for hours on end. They are so powerful that they can be used as Therapeutic enzymes when taken on an empty stomach.

Most enzymes were created many months ago. Furthermore, they are then put on the shelf for months on end before it gets into your hand. Lastly, most digestive enzyme blends have fillers. Some of the fillers are disguised as enzymes, such as green food and fruit powders mixed within it.

These digestive enzymes were just made. They are completely fresh, active, and with no fillers. You are getting 100% enzymes. In fact, I was going to offer these new Digestive Enzymes in the powder and caps form, but we decided to just go with the caps. We did this because of how they smell and taste due to how fresh and potent they are. Many won’t like the smell or taste due to its freshness and intensity. You can open a cap onto your tongue to test this out if you wish. However, due to their potency, if you keep them on your tongue for too long, it will burn a little bit and you will feel that sensation on your tongue as you eat probably until you wake up the next morning.

This digestive enzyme blend has the potential to actually make you feel better, as they do work. It will help digest your food like no other enzyme out there. They may make you feel more light-weighted and make you a bit more hungry, due to them helping to digest your food so effectively, and at such a rapid pace. However, don’t use this as a way to eat more food or you are defeating the purpose here. The goal is to keep steady at your current diet when you use these enzymes.

These enzymes are ‘At-Cost’, but due to their potency, these enzymes are a bit more expensive. When you get a 3-pack, they are $37.95 each. They are more expensive, but they are totally worth it. It’s one of those rare things that actually works, and may actually make you feel better when you take it. You know me, I did everything in my power to get the pricing down as low as possible for you.

Our enzymes are more comprehensive compared to any other enzyme blend out there, as we heavily hit the entire spectrum of digestion. I don’t believe that there is another enzyme blend on the market that has such a balanced and concentrated blend of digestive enzymes, in terms of including so many types of all the Carbohydrate-Digesting Enzymes, Protein-Digesting Enzymes, Fiber-Digesting Enzymes, Anti-Gas & Bloating Enzymes, Fat-Digesting Blend, Milk Sugar/Lactose-Digesting Enzymes, and Mineral Releasing Enzymes.

This blend is especially ideal to take when you’ve eaten too much or stuff isn’t digesting quite right, because they will literally help move everything away.

When taken regularly with meals, they will help you assimilate your food better, creating better nutrient absorption and easier digestion.

Each 555 mg of this Blend Contains:

29333 Amylase Activity: NLT DU
73333 Protease Activity: NLT HUT
73 Glucoamylase Activity: NLT AGU
330 Alpha Galactosidase Activity: NLT Galu
1760 Lactase Activity: NLT ALU
1833 Cellulase Activity: NLT CU
1467 Lipase Activity: NLT FIP
1467 Hemicellulase Activity: NLT HCU
293 Malt Diastase: NLT DP
293 Invertase: NLT SU
36667 Papain Activity: NLT FCCPU
440 Phytase Activity: NLT PU