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***3-Pack – Green Salt, 7.05 oz (200g)


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Make your food healthier and tastier with Green Salt!

  • 50% less sodium than salt. Lowering sodium intake helps prevent high blood pressure.
  • Salty and Umami flavor.
  • Magnesium, Potassium, Chlorophyll, Vitamin B3 Support normal function of immune and nervous systems.
  • Ingredients: 100% Dehydrated Salicornia. Grown organically on our farm in Baja California.


I was talking to a woman on Facebook who healed her MS with the Gerson Therapy Plan. Her MS was so bad that she was legally blind, which was caused by the MS. She reversed the MS and the blindness in one eye, to where she can now see perfectly again. In fact, she even goes skiing and loves it.

One of the hallmark requirements of the Gerson Therapy is that they eliminate salt, and she has wholeheartedly stood by that on her healing plan and she still tries to avoid it 8 years later.

In the video at the link just below, Charlotte Gerson made this video specifically for her cancer patients. She talks about how salt changes the whole basic biochemistry of the body, how it imbalances potassium, how it creates cell damage, and disrupts the creation of enzymes needed for every process of the body including healing it.

You can view this short video here:

Charlotte Gerson says that sodium is needed by the body, but it’s in the ratio of 90% potassium versus 10% sodium. She says that most people are overloaded with sodium, which the body must excrete. Her purpose is to get her patients to eliminate salt in order to get rid of the sodium chloride, and water together, which contains toxins from the tissues all over the body.

She says that although sodium is needed by the body, but it can be obtained from fruits and vegetables rather than salt.

Well, we’ve just discovered Green Salt, which is simply the vegetable plant Sea Asparagus, also known as Salicornia.

This new green superfood literally tastes like salt with a hint of Unami flavor, and it works 1 to 1 to where you just need the same quantity of green salt as you would use salt. You can now drastically decrease your sodium intake without surrendering your taste buds. This new Salty Superfood, Green Salt, is salty with no bitter aftertaste unlike other salt alternatives.

Salicornia’s salty taste comes from its diverse mineral content. I call it a superfood, because it is packed with Vitamin B3, Magnesium, Chlorophyll, and Calcium. It also contains Iodine (0.27mcg per 1.5g serving) and Potassium.

On top of that, Green Salt’s minerals and vitamins help blood pressure control and normal function of our immune and nervous systems. Not only does it contain elements needed to help lower blood pressure, but imagine coupling that with a drastic reduction of sodium at the same time? It has the potential to work wonders.

Even more profound, several studies have identified that the Green Salt has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, and anticancer activities (Journal of Medicinal Food 2009). Of course there was a study investigating the effects of salt derived from Salicornia on blood pressure. Notably, the results showed that, while common salt induced high blood pressure, the Salicornia salt did not. Despite both groups of rats receiving the same amount of sodium, the salicornia rats were protected against hypertension and oxidative stress.

No pesticides are required to grow Salicornia making them 100% organic. They irrigate their Salicornia with filtered sea water. Their sea water goes through an advanced filtration system to remove heavy metals and other contaminants.