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Yep, that’s right, I just sourced the best MCT oil powder available.

Yes, you can take the straight MCT oil, and that is perfectly fine. However, some people prefer to get the MCT benefits without the oily texture or strong taste. This powder form is perfect for smoothies, travel, taste, and whatnot.

Our MCT oil Powder is 70% MCT oil and 30% Acacia, which is an incredible ratio for an MCT Powder. A lot of the MCT powders on the market have only 50% MCT oil, and contain other cheaper fillers like Maltodextrin among other things. The Acacia is a prebiotic that is great for your gut, and can potentially help you better absorb the MCT.

Our MCT oil powder is GMO Free, and is 70% Caprylic Acid (C8) and 30% Capric Acid (C10).

Lastly, the ‘At-Cost’ pricing is absolutely unbelievable at only $22.95 a pound when you get a 3-pack. Go shop around, make sure to check the ingredients list, and you will see what I mean.

Ever since the Keto FAD took off, many people have been trying to use MCT’s for so many different things. For example, people like to use MCT oil as a good energy source, to help with body composition, to manage blood sugar levels, and so much more. However, today, I wanted to mainly focus on how we can utilize our new MCT oil Powder, along with some other products, in order to combat Alzheimer’s disease.

As seen at the clinical study here, Alzheimer’s Disease impairs your brain’s ability to use sugar. Therefore, the thought is that if you can give the brain an alternative energy source like ketones from MCT, then it can provide fuel to your brain. This could allow your brain cells to survive better with Alzheimer’s Disease.

So, over the years, studies have been conducted using MCT supplements for Alzheimer’s disease in order to test this theory.

In the study here, people with mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s Disease saw increased ketone use in their brains when they took 30 grams of MCT supplements daily. Their brains used ketones at a similar rate as healthy young adults taking MCT’s. The MCT increased total brain energy metabolism by increasing ketone supply without affecting brain glucose utilization.

At the clinical study here, researchers proposed that 20 to 70 grams of supplemental MCT’s could modestly improve the symptoms of mild to moderate Alzheimer’s.

At the study here, they found that taking MCTs for 30 days improved cognition in people with Alzheimer’s disease with a certain gene type, specifically APOE ɛ4-negative.

If that is not enough, A meta-analysis of 12 studies here, indicated that MCTs may promote improved cognition with Alzheimer’s disease.

Overall, the research on using MCT oil for Alzheimer’s disease shows some serious promise.

In addition to taking our MCT oil Powder for Alzheimer’s disease, I recommend three other products to take alongside it. Coincidentally, all three of these products are available on special right now for the month of March.

These three products include:
Sunflower Lecithin
Systemic Enzymes

The Magtein Newsletter actually goes out tomorrow. However, we have it available on special for you today.

Magtein was originally developed to increase memory, in particular for Alzheimer’s Patients.

Magnesium is critical for our brains, and they discovered a way to get Magnesium to cross the Brain Blood Barrier by using the Vitamin C component L-Threonate.

Four published preclinical studies found that Magtein improved memory, and helped prevent the decline and reversed the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Additionally, the ability to raise brain magnesium levels were evaluated among the most bioavailable organic and inorganic magnesium forms, and Magtein was the only magnesium compound to raise the cerebrospinal fluid magnesium concentration with statistical significance.

Tomorrow, we are going to go into much greater detail about the Magtein, because my Newsletter promotion for that product is tomorrow. It’s a great addition to the MCT oil powder in order to help with combatting Alzheimer’s disease.

The next product that I would recommend for helping with Alzheimer’s Disease is our Sunflower Lecithin.

Lecithin is the most pure organic source of dietary choline. Choline is considered an essential nutrient, and is critical for our brains and helping to avoid Alzheimer’s.

Sunflower Lecithin is a precursor to the acetylcholine neurotransmitters within the brain. Therefore, Sunflower Lecithin will allow us to create Acetylcholine in max capacity. Acetylcholine is the most widely spread neurotransmitter in various brain regions and is required for proper memory and cognition, as well as motor control.

At the clinical study here, lecithin increases choline plasma by 2x’s or more in the human body. In contrast, choline deficient diets lead to a reduction of the choline plasma levels by about 50%. This study goes on to say, “Choline is considered an essential nutrient, which is predominantly supplied as phosphatidylcholine (lecithin). For a long time, neuroscientists have been intrigued by the fact that choline is a precursor for the biosynthesis of both acetylcholine (ACh) and phospholipids. For 50 years, lecithin has been marketed in Europe as a drug that was claimed to prevent exhaustion of membrane phospholipids in the Central Nervous System and therefore could reinforce “neuronal strength”.

If we are deficient in choline/lecithin, then our acetylcholine neurotransmitters are going to be lacking in their required precursor building blocks. Remember, Acetylcholine transmits nerve impulses and is essential for optimal brain function, learning, and memory.

Lastly, never under estimate the power of our Systemic Enzymes. They just go in and dissolve all sorts of unwanted garbage.

As I shared in last Tuesdays Newsletter, rogue proteins cause all sorts of damage when not kept under control, particularly resulting in neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and multiple sclerosis. Our systemic enzymes have the potential to simply dissolve these rogue proteins.

At the clinical study here, they concluded that both Serrepeptase and Nattokinase may have a therapeutic application in the treatment of Alzhemier’s Disease. Another study showed that a different but similar therapeutic proteolytic enzyme, which also dissolves protein, actually dissolved amyloid plaque that accumulates in the organ and can cause toxicity in Alzheimer’s Disease.

I’ve organized all of these products in order at the link below with their discounted prices.

To summarize, the MCT oil powder can help your brain utilize an alternative energy source, when Alzheimer’s impairs your brain’s ability to use sugar. Magtein can actually get Magnesium into your brain. Sunflower Lecithin provides endless precursors to your Acetylcholine Neurotransmitters. Lastly, our Systemic enzymes can dissolve rogue proteins, and possibly even amyloid plaque to help get your brain back into shape.