3-Pack – Organic Deglet Dates, 2lb


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New Medjool and Deglet Dates

I am very excited to announce that we have a new source of Medjool and Deglet Dates available.

I know that many of you are used to the dripping wet Medjool Dates that we used to sell in 5lb and 10lb boxes.

However, I discovered that this old date company was actually stealing from me. They would bill me for more than I actually bought. I work with so many vendors, and every company is so trustworthy with their invoicing and billing. I didn’t discover it until the last round of orders. This kid asked to bill me again, and I knew that plenty of funds had already been sent. I then realized what was going on and I went back to previous charges and compared them to what was actually sold. I discovered that was literally ripping me off. I couldn’t believe it.

Obviously, I won’t ever be doing business with him again.

People have been asking us for dates ever since then. However, it’s not really feasible to shelf dates with that type of moisture content as they would go bad way too quickly. Furthermore, they are more susceptible to mold, and whatnot. Those dates had about a 30% moisture content and you would have to either eat them within a week, or freeze them and eat them directly from the freezer thereafter.

These new dates that I have found are more shelf stable, and we can carry them and have them in stock on an ongoing basis. Instead of a 30% moisture content like the other dates, these Medjool Dates have a 23% moisture content, which is not too shabby. Furthermore, these dates have been tested all across the board for metals, mold, bacteria, infestations, yeast, and everything is in conformity with FDA Requirements. Furthermore, these dates also have a GMO Declaration guaranteeing that these dates do not contain or consist of GMO. Lastly, they are certified Certified Organic and Kosher.

These Medjool Dates are Grade A “Extra Fancy” Jumbo Medjool dates. They are huge. At the 23% moisture content, the outside skin isn’t dripping wet with moisture. However, on the inside they are as moist as can be. Some of the outside skins are a little bit moist, but the moisture is really contained just on the inside of the outer skin of these Medjool Dates. You simply just break the skin, and it is loaded with moisture on the inside. They are so good, and you shouldn’t be disappointed when you bite into one of these large jumbo Medjool Dates. It’s like candy.

Like all other dates, they are extremely sweet, and their flavor is free from all musty, moldy earth, and other off flavors. I have a feeling that after you try them, that they will be your choice of dates from here on out. Furthermore, both the Deglet and Medjool Dates come in 2lb bags. You don’t need to buy 5lbs, or 10 lbs to get even a better deal to where you will run out of freezer space. Simply get two pounds at a time as you need them. We will keep the stock fresh and rotating as we go. Keeping things fresh like this is what I specialize in lol.

The shelf life on these dates are 12 months from now. It’s recommended to store them in a well-closed container away from moisture, sunlight and heat, and it’s recommended to put them in the refrigerator. You can even put them in the freezer, and they will pretty much last for many years on end.

Now the Deglet Dates that we are carrying alongside the Medjool Dates, are probably the best Deglet Dates that I have ever seen. Normally Deglets are pretty dried out. The moisture content of the Deglet Dates are a little less than the Medjool Dates at 21% instead of 23%, which is still pretty darn good. Ironically, the outer skin of the Deglet Dates are kind of wet, but not as moist as the Medjool Dates on the inside. Deglet Dates are known to be a little bit harder, and these are as good as can be. The Deglet Dates have also been tested all across the board just like the Medjool Dates and are also Kosher with a GMO Declaration.