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Yeah, just like the title, this Newsletter is about to get kind of Mad and Crazy about halfway in. It’s going to get brain busting, but we are going to have some serious fun towards the end of this Newsletter.

First, let’s discuss our must-have new product today, which is our Certified Organic Whole Peeled Tiger Nuts.

Tiger Nuts have got to be one of the best snack foods ever. What is so cool is that they have a natural sweetness to them, making them so tasty.

They are called tiger nuts, but they are not actually part of the nut family. It’s actually a tuber, and they are grown in the ground like a carrot or potato. Therefore, they are completely safe to eat for people with any sort of nut allergy.

You can eat them straight out of the bag, but they taste way better to me when they are soaked overnight. When they are soaked overnight, they become crunchy like a nut. If you eat them without soaking them first, they are more chewy like dried coconut flesh.

It’s so cool when you soak them. They become all plumped up, and they have a nice moisture to them. However, they are somehow not wet, and have that really nice crunch, more like a nut. You can hear the crunch when you chew down on it. The soaked texture, which makes it crunchy, is perfect in granola, in trail mixes, or just to eat straight.

They are so satisfying, and they almost have a creamy taste and texture to them as well. It’s just a wonderful snack food, and you can snack on these versus a bowl of potato chips. Lastly, as you will soon see, you can make a crazy “tiger nut milk” out of it. Meow.

You simply soak a number of Tiger Nuts overnight, then drain that water. You can then put them in the refrigerator in a closed container. They are not processed in any other way rather than being sun dried.

Not are they only the perfect snack food and taste really good, but they are loaded with crazy nutrition and provide so many health benefits.

Clinical studies show that they contain a high load of antioxidants, they are a great source of fiber, they work as a prebiotic, they lower bad cholesterol, and they hold antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. At the study here, Tiger Nuts had bacteria-fighting effects on several dangerous human pathogens, including salmonella and E coli.

As I stated earlier, it is loaded with nutrition. In fact, 100 grams of tiger nuts includes a whopping 3.5mg’s of Iron, which is twice as much as red meat and fish. Furthermore, Tiger Nuts have 1.39mg’s of Zinc, 35.36mg’s of Magnesium, and 158.96mg’s of phosphorus.

Keep in mind that an egg yolk only contains 85mg’s of phosphorus. Some of you may seeing where I am going with this.

As seen at the clinical study here, the total phospholipid content of the Tiger Nut Tuber was 3.1–5.4% higher, when compared to Soy Bean Oil, which is the component used to make soy lecithin.

As seen at the clinical study here, the total lipid content of the Tiger Nut Tuber, showed that choline was the most abundant of these phospholipids at 33%.

As seen at the very professional informative YouTube video here, they state that 100 grams of Tiger Nuts contain up to five times as much choline as 100 grams of liver.

What we are dealing with here, is another great tasting food, that is loaded with these crucial phospholipids and choline, which are so important for the health of our brain, endocrine glands, spiritual faculties, our gut, and so much more.

Now, the most popular benefit of Tiger Nuts, which is seen all across the internet, and is in multiple clinical studies, is that it increases your libido.

In Spain, they make a drink called Horchata De Chufa. Chufa is another name for Tiger Nuts. The drink is simply composed of Tiger Nut Milk, with the possible addition of a sweetener and lemon. You make Tiger Nut Milk in the same way that you would make Nut Milk. You blend it in water and simply strain out the contents. Many people include dates as the sweetener in their Horchata De Chufa. The taste is even better than Almond Milk.

Horchata De Chufa (Tiger Nut Milk) is known to be the ultimate Libido drink. In fact, I was watching a Youtube Videos on it, and one woman was saying, “be careful. After you drink this, you must be ready with your partner.” lol

As seen in the clinical study here, they introduce the study by sharing, “Cyperus esculentus tubers (tiger nut) are one of the ancient food sources known to humanity. It is traditionally used in the Middle East to stimulate sexual arousal in men. However, there has been no scientific evidence about its assumed aphrodisiac properties. This study aimed to investigate the influence of tiger nut on the copulatory behavior of sexually active male rats.”

The results of the study were, “Tiger nut stimulated sexual motivation in both highly and moderately active rats, and improved sexual performance, indicated by increased intromission frequency and ratio. Serum testosterone levels increased significantly after tiger nut administration. Lastly, phytochemical analyses revealed the presence of quercetin, vitamin C, vitamin E, and mineral zinc in tiger nut.”

They were uncertain what the components were within the Tiger Nut that causes this increase in Libido. They theorized that it is the Quercietin, Zinc, and Vitamin E, which is contained within the Tiger Nuts. However, I am betting that it was due to the Phospholipids that created this aphrodisiac effect.

At the study here, they evaluated the enhancing effect of dietary supplementation of tiger nut and walnut on erectile function in normal male rats. The groups with supplemented diet containing tiger nut and walnut showed significantly increased sexual behavior, hormone levels, and antioxidant activities. These enhanced activities could be part of the mechanism by which the nuts exert their aphrodisiac properties. The results suggest the potential ability of tiger nut and walnut to promote erectile function and be useful functional foods for both animal and human nutrition.

At the study here, and here, they introduce it by sharing, “It is generally believed that Cyperus esculentus (tiger nut) has some fertility boosting effects. However, scientific validation of some of the fertility boosting potentials as well as the ameliorative effect of tiger nut on Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (Enlarged Prostate) is lacking.”

So, in this study, they induced an enlarged prostate in male rats. They immediately administered Tiger Nut Meal in half of the mice. The effect of the tiger nut on sperm morphological toxicities were also examined. Sperm abnormalities like those with bent midpiece was examined.

For testosterone, it was observed that after the initial decrease as a result of the induction of infertility, tiger nut meal administration significantly increased the testosterone level by 7x. The effect of tiger nut meal on semen analyses namely, normal sperm cells and sperm motility showed a significant increase following the induction of infertility. Tiger nut meal also significantly ameliorated the abnormality of sperm and thus, restored the morphology of the sperm cells such that it can enhance fertility. A significant reduction of weight of the prostate also occurred in the groups fed Tiger Nut Meal. They concluded that administration of tiger nut significantly ameliorated the abnormalities and thus, restored the morphology of the sperm cells such that it can enhance fertility.

At the clinical study here, they introduce it by sharing, “Studies have implicated alcohol consumption as a factor leading to male infertility. Tiger nuts (Cyperus esculentus) on the other hand, have been shown to possess the potential to boost male reproductive indices. This study was carried out to investigate the effect of tiger nuts on alcohol-induced testicular toxicity in male Sprague-Dawley rats.”

They concluded that, “the administration of tiger nuts improved the testicular architecture, semen parameters, and antioxidant enzymes in a dose-dependent manner. Supplementation with tiger nuts following alcohol administration produces a reversal of the deleterious effect of alcohol on the testis in a dose-dependent manner.”

Those are all of the studies sharing how Tiger Nuts can help with Libido, Sperm enhancement, and protection of the sex glands. I’ve got two more quick, one sentence, studies below before we move on and get a little crazy here.

There is a study at the link here, where Tiger Nuts have immense therapeutic potential for the treatment of neurodegenerative cognitive impairment. Furthermore, there is also a study at the link here, where they use Tiger Nut Milk without the sweetener. It created a major fast positive change (3 days) in the gut microbiota composition just by the intake of one dose per day of this tiger nut milk drink.

They don’t know why all of these benefits are happening within these clinical studies. They just make assumptions on the reasons why. However, if you remember, these are all benefits that occur from taking Phospholipids (Lecithin). That is why I believe that it is the Phospholipids that are producing all of these beneficial effects. Remember, the mucousal lining of the gut is primarily made up of lecithin, and lecithin is a pre-cursor to Acetylcholine. Hence, the Neuroprotective and gut benefits. Remember, phosphates are needed all throughout the brain and glands, including the sex glands.

Now, let me share an unexpected message that I got from an older man, who has much prestige in his health community. In fact, he owns a health food store. Below was his response to my epic Sunflower Lecithin Newsletter lol. He states below:

“Just finished reading your latest email…ooops I mean book. I’m kidding. it was long but very engaging. So, I have something to add to the benefits of Lecithin that you did cover lightly but it might be worth a separate email or more appropriately to a private sub-list. I’m not intentionally being freaky here so let’s get that out of the way – but lecithin taken in the proper dosage for at least six weeks has a Major effect on ejaculation and the male orgasmic experience. I know your message was actually in regard to being more celibate and I get that for sure but it also has another benefit that is also in demand. I have so many “testimonials” from my male customers that I am 100% confident it works. Ejaculation quantity is probably triple the normal amount and length and intensity of orgasm may be the same. We’re talking pornstar-level here. I know, odd thing for an old guy to talk about with you but after a few good friends of mine shared their experience I decided to try it and it’s crazy true. So, not sure if you even want to get into all that with your customer base but it’s legit. The key is not forgetting to take it for even one day and doing it for at least 4 weeks. Most say six weeks. Anyway, had to share buddy! I hope you are doing well my friend!”

As I stated in my original Newsletter, Sunflower Lecithin replenishes our seminal fluids within our sex glands better than any other food or substance available to man. What he is saying is accurate and true.

If you remember, there was that clinical study on Sunflower Lecithin where it improved the quality and motility parameters of rooster sperm, and was great on fertility. Additionally, above we shared multiple Tiger Nut studies that helps with the building of sperm in many ways.

I know that the tone of my Sunflower Lecithin Newsletter was about not practicing sexual excess. I just want you to know that I am not trying to take anyones fun away. Go ahead, have some fun, I’m here to help, and to provide you all of the tools that you need.

In fact, if you want to take this Libido ‘Tiger Nut Milk’ Drink to the next level lol, then you’d want to add Sunflower Lecithin to it. All of the branded Tiger Nut Milk products that I have seen use Sunflower Lecithin as the emulsifying agent. Not only will it make your Tiger Nut Milk more creamy and taste better, but it is going to boost the libido contents 10-fold. I wouldn’t be surprised if this mixture of Tiger Nuts Milk along with Sunflower Lecithin has a huge libido Synergistic effect. Many have been asking how they could use the Sunflower Lecithin. Well, this Tiger Nut Milk drink would be an ideal way to get loaded up on this Phospholipid nutrition.

In fact, the Phospholipids are in the oils of the Tiger Nuts. Therefore, when you are making this Tiger Nut Milk drink, you are extracting all of the phospholipids into this milk liquid, and you are discarding the fiber. With the Sunflower Lecithin added, it is just going to be pure absorbable emulsified phospholipid juice. It doesn’t get better than this.

Between the Tiger Nuts and Sunflower Lecithin, the Phospholipid and choline content will be through the roof, and I bet it will taste pretty darn good. I’m going to have to make this Horchata De Chufa Con Sunflower Lecithin (lol) drink myself. Just for the record, I am doing it for the crazy delicious Phospholipid content and not for libido purposes lol. You can use our new medjool dates to sweeten the drink as well, because one serving of our Medjool Dates has about 10mg’s of choline lol.

I know that many of you are going to be getting these Horchata De Chufa ingredients for your husbands lol, but let’s get back on track here.

Remember, Tiger Nuts are just a really good snack food, which tastes incredible. They are very nutritious and provide many health benefits. For that alone, they are worth getting.

Today we have a pound of them ‘At Cost’ for only $10.95 each when you get a 3-pack, for the best Tiger Nuts on the planet.