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We are going to talk about more than just products today, so it’s key to read until the end if you can. However, do you guys remember back in the day, when Dr. Oz got wind of this weight loss clinical study at the link here, which was accomplished with a simple Superfood? This clinical study had such a dramatic effect on women’s weight and waistline, he decided to replicate the study with his own studio audience, who also had these similar incredible results.

In this clinical study above, researchers tracked overweight women who consumed 3-4 teaspoons of Yacon Syrup throughout the day for 4 months. After just four months, the women lost on average 33 lbs, and 4 inches (10 centimeters) from their waist. At the same time, the placebo group gained an average of 3.5 pounds, and they also saw no significant changes in their waist circumference. During this four month period, they made zero changes in their diet.

On top of all this, there were several other extremely beneficial effects noted in the Yacon Syrup group. Their body mass index (BMI) decreased from 34 to 28 (from obese to overweight), their stool frequency increased from .28 per day to .99 per day, effectively curing them of constipation, fasting insulin levels went down by 42%, insulin resistance, a major risk factor for Diabetes and Heart Disease, was reduced by 67%, and LDL (the “bad”) cholesterol went from 137 to 97.5 (a 29% decrease).

Overall, the women who took Yacon Syrup had dramatic improvements in both body weight and metabolic health, while the women taking the placebo pretty much stayed the same.

After Dr. Oz got a hold of this research study, as I stated above, he conducted his own test study using the same parameters with his own audience members. They got very similar results in weight loss and waist circumference based on the timeframe that they did it for.

I found a portion of the Dr. Oz Yacon Syrup TV Show at the link further below. In this video below, you will see one woman excitedly shout out, “I lost 13 pounds with no diet and no exercise!” Also in the video Dr. Oz gives the reasons why he thinks these women had such dramatic results with not only weight loss, but also all of the other health benefits that I mentioned above and below from taking Yacon Syrup.

Why would Yacon Syrup produce such dramatic results for weight loss, waistline, blood sugars, and BMI?

Well, there is no other Superfood that comes close to what Yacon Syrup is and consists of.

Firstly, it is referenced in that study above, “FOS are sugars found naturally in many types of plants, but never in concentrations as high as in Yacon Roots.” Now Yacon Syrup, is even more special due to the way it is concentrated from the Yacon Root. Additionally, the state of this FOS within the Yacon Syrup is I believe more useable compared to any other food.

Yacon Syrup is obtained by concentrating the actual juice of Yacon Roots, which contains anywhere from 40-70% FOS, and it is then concentrated into a syrup. The FOS then turns into a state where it easily ferments in the colon, making it ready to be completely utilized by the colon.

In fact, in this clinical study above, it states, “Yacon FOS are completely fermented in the colon by a group of beneficial bacteria that form part of the intestinal microflora. These bacteria (especially of the genus Bifidus and Lactobacillus) improve the gastrointestinal function.” This is exactly what makes Yacon Syrup so special and the best Superfoods on the planet for the colon. The FOS in our Yacon Syrup is completely fermented and utilized, by the typical beneficial bacteria species that are already found in our colons; Bifidus and Lactobacillus. It’s the perfect combination for colon health.

Furthermore, the Yacon Syrup FOS are able to resist the hydrolysis of enzymes in the upper part of the human gastrointestinal tract, and it is not digestible by the human intestinal tract. Therefore, it goes straight to the colon, where it becomes fermented and fully utilized. Crazy amounts of short-chain fatty acids (SCFA’s) are produced during the fermentation process, butyrate, acetate and all of the Postbiotics are created naturally at such a potent rate.

Taking our Yacon Syrup is literally like taking liquid FOS syrup, that bypasses everything, and goes directly to the colon coating it in the most useable FOS available making magical things happen. This is why I believe it’s the best Superfood available for the colon.

In fact, I believe it is the best thing that you can take for Leaky Gut. In the clinical studies here, and here, they concluded that “Yacon reduced pH, intestinal permeability, and the oxidative stress associated with colon cancer. Yacon is a rich source of FOS which improves the intestinal barrier and mucosal immunity, particularly in healthy animals.” This FOS syrup, which goes directly to the colon improved the intestinal barrier and mucosal immunity.

Yacon Syrup seems to be also really good at protecting and preventing tumors and cancer in the colon as I stated in the clinical study above, but also in this next study. At the clinical study here, it states, “A significant reduction in cell proliferation in colonic crypts and tumors and short chain fatty acids (SCFA) caecal contents was observed in the groups orally treated with 1.0% yacon. Therefore, the findings in this study indicate that yacon intake may reduce the development of chemically-induced colon cancer.”

All of this is why I believe that Yacon Syrup is truly the best Superfood for the colon.

On top of that, it’s really a good sweetener that not only tastes really good, but it’s also low glycemic, and in that first clinical study above, fasting insulin levels went down by 42%, insulin resistance was reduced by 67%, and LDL (the “bad”) cholesterol went from 137 to 97.5 (a 29% decrease). So I think this is the first time I have heard of an actual sweetener that is actually really good for blood sugars.

As you will see in this Dr. Oz video below, everyone talks about the taste. They all mainly took a teaspoon a few times a day like in the clinical study. Many people had it in their morning coffee and others took it in other liquids such as juice and water. Dr. Oz stated that he felt the taste was like a mix between figs and raisins. It’s a really good sweetener, which seems to have only positive effects on insulin.

Furthermore, this healthy sweetener doesn’t make you gain weight, but it helps you lose weight. As you will see in this video below, Dr. Oz goes on to say that 1 teaspoon of Yacon Syrup only has 7 calories so it’s the ideal sweetener replacement. Furthermore, he states that Yacon Syrup speeds up your metabolism. Remember, in this sweetener, these FOS are able to resist the digestion by the human intestinal tract. For this reason, they have a low caloric value for humans, and do not cause an increase of blood glucose level.

I can’t think of a better sweetener than Yacon Syrup lol. However, 1 teaspoon 3-4 times a day is all you need, which is the amount used in this study, and the amount used by Dr. Oz’s studio audience. If you take more, you may experience excess gas.

The last reason why Dr. Oz thinks Yacon Syrup works so effectively, is because it reduces and balances our hunger hormones and makes us less hungry. In this video he does an entire performance, putting a lady in a Bungee type appliance, and shows everyone an example of how our hunger hormones work, and how the Yacon Syrup balances them. At the clinical study here, it concludes that Yacon Syrup may increase satiety, and consequently, be helpful in the management of type 2-diabetes or control of the current high prevalence of overweight or obesity. Additionally, in this original clinical study from above, all the women reported increased satiety. The clinical study concluded, “yacon syrup supplementation was able to enhance satiety sensation. This subjective effect could be related to the delay in gastric emptying, an indirect action of FOS. This fact would contribute to weight loss.”

I know that many of you are going to order this Yacon Syrup for the potential weight loss benefits. However, please keep in mind that the other health benefits for your colon and lowering blood sugars are so profound here lol.

Here is the 6 minute video below of a portion of the Dr. Oz show, where he did this Yacon Syrup study and discussed its benefits. The first 10 seconds are really choppy, but it gets much better after that. Please make sure you finish reading this newsletter after this video link if you can, because we talk about another product, and then I share the most important dietary advice that I have ever given in my life.

Here is the Dr. Oz video at the link below:

There aren’t many natural products that one can recommend for either Diabetes or straight weight loss. However, if you want to take our new Brown Seaweed Extract along with the Yacon Syrup, I truly believe that both together can help with both of these tasks significantly well. In that long Newsletter essay on Brown Seaweed Extract that I shared last week, I left out the fact that our BSE is loaded with Fucoxanthin. There are many clinical studies on humans and animals suggesting that the Fucoxanthin in Brown Seaweed Extract significantly resulted in the reduction of body weight.

Now, at some point I’m going to have to create an entire Newsletter alone on the Fucoxanthin in our BSE. For now, at the clinical study here, one study conducted on humans shared the effects of fucoxanthin on weight loss. The combination of 300 mg pomegranate seed oil, and of 300 mg brown seaweed extract containing 2.4 mg fucoxanthin, significantly resulted in the reduction of body weight and liver fat content in obese women who were treated for 16 days.

In that study above, 300mg’s of their Brown Seaweed Extract contains 2.4 mg’s of Fucoxanthin. Our COA shows that 300mg’s of our Brown Seaweed extract contains more than double the Fucoxanthin content compared to theirs, at 6mg’s instead of 2.4mg’s. We’ve always got the best stuff!

I don’t want to veer away from Yacon Syrup too much here, but if you remember from my BSE newsletter at the link here, women who took Brown Seaweed loaded with Fucoidans in amounts typical for most people in Japan, systolic blood pressure decreased 10.5 mmHg after a month. I left out the fact that within this same study, the women had a mean decrease of 2.1 cm in waistline after the first month, and a further 1.8 cm decrease in waistline after 2 months. That is almost 4 centimeters in a waistline decrease in just two months. Maybe the Fucoxanthin had something to do with that, along with all of the other Brown Seaweed Extracts benefits. For example, the way it slows the digestion of white bread starch in this next study below, which we also mentioned last week.

In this clinical study here, Undaria, which is loaded with Fucoidans exerts anti-diabetic effects by stabilizing and slowing the digestion of white bread starch from processed carbohydrates, which may reduce the likelihood of dangerous postprandial glucose and insulin spikes. I would definitely think that would help significantly with the shedding of pounds.

For the Yacon Syrup and the BSE, one doesn’t replace the other. Yacon Syrup works through the colon, which is often referred to as the “3rd brain”, while the Fucoxanthin works through many other pathways like directly on white adipose tissue, and the other things we mentioned above. This is crazy to find two products like that that are so effective at reducing a persons waistline without any changes in their diet.

I obviously always first recommend making improvements in your dietary lifestyle, in order to help with weight loss and dealing with blood sugars. It’s very rare to come across two profound products like this that can actually have an impact even without making any dietary lifestyle changes. However, if you can make really small changes in your diet, in conjunction with taking these products, you may very likely be provided with even more exponential results. I always tell people not to go too extreme when making dietary improvements, or binging disasters generally happen. It’s not fun getting headaches, and feeling nasty withdrawals like a crack addict when you change your diet. So, even the smallest, tiniest, minute, permanent improvements in your diet, like changing one snack that you eat to a healthier one, or removing one item from one of your meals, or replacing that one item from your meal with something healthier, can help drastically, and can work with these products to even take your weight loss to an entirely new level.

I actually started writing a book on this concept called, “The Quantitative Diet”, where you quantitatively slowly make permanent improvements to your current diet, starting from where you are at, instead of just jumping into something that is going to change the entire construct of your body and make you feel miserable.

There are so many diets out there on the market today, ranging from the Keto Diet, Raw Vegan Diet, Paleo Diet, Macrobiotics Diet, Carnivore Diet, Vegetarian Diet, Vegan Diet, Makers Diet, and so many more.

The issue with all of these diets, is that they are trying to take away the diet that you have currently been on and adapted to for decades on end, and replacing your current diet with the Author’s dietary belief system. This can cause all sorts of chaos within the human body, which happens from detoxification, and an immediate drastic shift in your entire body’s digestive construct, microbiome, etc.

Generally, this type of drastic shift results in lots of discomfort and pain from intense cravings, which feels like intense energy and you might even get physical shakes, feeling cold with chills, unable to sleep due to intense energy, losing hair, gas, diarrhea, mucus, bloating, and so much more. Many times people will even get sick when making such a sudden shift.

Most of these diets are setting you up for failure, because the truth of the matter is that you literally end up feeling the way a crack addict feels, as they are forced to drastically come off the crack. The intensity of the withdrawals and cravings not only have the potential to be unhealthy and dangerous, but it generally results in us drastically flipping back to binging on the worst types of foods that we used to eat, in order to stop the intensified cravings and withdrawals.

The scar that is created from trying these FAD diets generally makes us not interested in diets anymore, but also makes us feel like a failure.

The beauty of this new Quantitative Diet approach, simply takes your current diet, and we slowly and quantitatively, make permanent dietary improvements from there. It’s kind of like my life’s work coming into fruition. I feel that this approach literally saved my life, and I believe it is one of the main reasons why I survived what I went through.

It’s not about what you eat, such as keto foods, that makes you more beautiful and healthy, like these other authors try to convince you, but it’s really about what permanent improvements can you make from the current diet that you are on that does it. In this Quantitative approach, we make small improvements slowly overtime, to where you don’t go back to crazy binging. There is no end goal to reach a Keto Diet, or a Paleo diet, or anything like that. Each small improvement is a huge success, which results in more beauty and health at each level, and over time we want to achieve the healthiest possible state we can to where we are set in old age. You can stay on your current diet forever, we are simply making improvements to it, and altering it slowly over time.

It starts with mapping out what you think that your current diet is at this moment and time. When you map out your diet, put in everything, including all of your meals, drinks, snacks etc. Then you have to follow that map for 1-3 months and not go beyond that. I would assume that most people think that they eat less than what they actually do, and just doing that first step alone of mapping your current diet out, and following it for 1-3 months would probably be a huge dietary improvement lol. I would bet that if you mapped out your diet like this, and tried to follow it perfectly to a T, you may actually find yourself at the refrigerator at midnight realizing that you really want to eat that snack right now, which is not on that original map that you created. When creating your first dietary map, try not to kid yourself or you may be in for some serious suffering. Stay on this mapped out diet for 1-3 months, there is no rush in this process, as we don’t want to lose our rhythm and binge.

What we are doing is creating a Quantitative approach so you can easily take very small steps in permanently improving your diet over and over again. When you go slowly like this, it’s so easy and gentle on your body, that you generally just start to feel better and better without much detox “crack addict” withdrawal feeling downside. That’s if you go slowly like I’m suggesting.

After 1-3 months of following the diet that you mapped out, make one small improvement to that original map no matter what it is, and stick with that for another 1-3 months. It could be removing a snack of some kind, or replacing the snack with a healthier one, or just eating half or 3/4 of that snack, or putting two McDonalds Patty’s on one bun instead of putting them on two buns like you normally do lol. If you are on a really bad diet, it’s not about eating healthy, it’s about making small permanent improvements from where you are at, Quantitatively, very slowly, over time. Any small permanent dietary improvement is a huge success, and the key to long-term health. It can provide miraculous results, and maybe in one year as you start to feel better, this passion will create a snowball effect, because it does get easier over time. For many people this is way more effective than just jumping into some crazy Keto diet that will change their entire body composition and make them feel utterly miserable.

More examples of small dietary improvements that you can do are, after eating those two patty’s on one bun instead of 2 buns for 1-3 months, switch that bun to a tortilla for 1-3 months, then go down to coconut wraps or no bread items and just throw gobs of sauce on those patties. It may take a year to get rid of the buns and tortillas to adapt to being happy from just eating the patties alone with gobs of sauce. 1 year is great and fine. Daily consistency is key in the Quantitative diet, as we quantitatively, and slowly make permanent dietary improvements to your current diet over a very long period of time. If four permanent improvements happen in one year, that is huge. Six improvements, congratulations. 10 improvements, “Forget about it” (New York Accent 😉. Multiply that by 10 years! I hope that multiplication concept just clicked in your head lol. If not, 4 improvements in 1 year equals 40 improvements in 10 years. Do you see the exponential progress? The goal is to be set in old age with health so you are in the best shape possible, and this slow and easy approach can get you there. If you are 77, don’t worry, you’ll be set for old age at 87 years old.

Anyway, my point here is, while taking Yacon Syrup and BSE at the same time with no other changes may very likely produce some really good positive results. However, if you can make any very small permanent improvement in your diet like I am suggesting here, while taking the Yacon Syrup and BSE at the same time, this has the potential to produce even crazier results.

I am so passionate about this approach. Everyone is always saying it’s so difficult to improve their diet, and it is. However, this approach is so simple, so gentle, so easy, has so much leniency, and will work. The detox and withdrawals of this approach would be so minimal, especially compared to any fad diet approach. Any small permanent improvement is less of a burden on the body, only gives you more energy, more health, more weight loss, and very little detox. This approach shouldn’t make you feel bad due to the very little detox that you will experience, and it should only give you more energy than you have now due to there being less of a burden on your body, due to consuming less food. This “Quantitative Diet” is brilliant lol.

You don’t need this book that I may never write lol in order to do this. If I gain the desire and strength to tour again across the USA, carrying endless boxes into the night and across many states, then I will need to finish this book for that tour, and I will write it then. I gave you the concept and all of the information that you need above, to where you can easily do this on your own.

Anyway, our Yacon Syrup, and our Brown Seaweed Extract (BSE) are two very rare products that have the actual potential to help with not only shedding pounds but also help with blood sugars on their own. I believe the two together could work synergistically bringing these goals to the next level, especially if you make any kind of small consistent ongoing dietary lifestyle improvements. Small improvements are the way for most, and you can do it.