3-Pack – Wild Jungle Peanut Butter, 12oz (ORIGINAL WITHOUT SKINS)


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Oh man! Our Raw Organic Wild Jungle Peanuts are finally back, and we also created a 100% Raw Stone-Ground Wild Jungle Peanut Butter with them. These Wild Jungle Peanuts are super fresh, as they just came in from Ecuador right now.

This Wild Jungle Peanut Butter is a rare commodity!

These guys in Sedona Arizona, who stone-ground these Wild Jungle Peanuts for 3 days straight, are very hardcore and particular about their Raw Products. They are heavily into Raw Chocolate, Superfoods, and some Nut Butters.

At first I only had them create 150 jars, but then I realized that was not going to be enough for you guys. Therefore, I had them double the quantity. I asked them if they could still ship all 300 jars out on the same day that they were originally planning on shipping out the original 150 jars, but they said:

No Matt, we can’t do it by Monday, we will have to delay the shipment, because we spent at least 3 days pealing the peanuts for the first 150 jars.

lol, they literally spent an entire week hand pealing every single one of these jungle peanuts, in order to make all 300 jars of our Wild Jungle Peanut butter, simply because it tasted better. I didn’t even ask them to do this.

This Wild Jungle Peanut Butter is a rare commodity. Not only are Wild Jungle Peanuts sparse at times, but you are not going to get Wild Jungle Peanut Butter, that is hand pealed, raw, and stone ground for 3 entire days like this. If you weren’t aware, if a nut butter is not stone ground, then there is a good chance that it is not really Raw. Furthermore, if it’s not Stone-Ground, it won’t be as smooth and silky as this Wild Jungle Peanut Butter. This has got to be the best, and healthiest Peanut Butter in the world.

Furthermore, these 12oz jars of Wild Jungle Peanut Butter are ‘At-Cost’ for only $16.45 each when you get a 3-pack, and the 16oz bags of straight Wild Jungle Peanuts are only $12.95 each when you get a 3-pack.

Many people in the health movement avoid traditional peanuts, because they are normally not raw, and those hybridized peanuts also contain high amounts of Aflatoxins, which are a common fungal contaminant in peanuts worldwide.

Jungle peanuts are heirloom peanuts that have been preserved and harvested in remote areas of the Ecuadorian Amazon Jungle for hundreds of years. Since they’re grown in their natural environment instead of on large-scale mono-crop farms, wild jungle peanuts are naturally free of these aflatoxins. Additionally, they are 100% Raw.

Jungle peanuts are a nutritional revelation containing all 9 essential amino acids, methionine, minerals including magnesium, phosphorus and manganese, are loaded with protein, heart-healthy oleic acid and mono-unsaturated oil, vitamin E, and so much more.

Add these protein-rich nuts to your favorite trail mix, granola, salad, or just eat them by the handful.