4-Pack – Nut Butter Variety Pack (Stone Ground)


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Oh man! Everybody’s favorite product is back in stock, our truly raw Wild Jungle Peanut Butter, and he’s got a few friends to join him today.

The products that we are offering on special today are:

Wild Jungle Peanut Butter (Without Skins)
Wild Jungle Peanut Butter (With Skins)
Wild Jungle Peanuts
My Truly Raw Almond Butter
My New Decadent Pine Nut Butter (oh man!)
My Liquid-Like Brazil Nut Butter

All right everyone, close your jaws, and swallow your saliva.

This plethora of goodness is just one order away.

Last time, we left off taking a vote on whether we should make the Wild Jungle Peanut Butter with the skins or without the skins. They underestimated the cost of labor for hand peeling every last Wild Jungle Peanut, and the price would go up $2 a jar.

About 75% of the people voted to still hand peel the Wild Jungle Peanuts at $2 more a jar, and 25% of the people voted to keep the skins on in order to keep it at the same price.

Therefore, I did both. However, I got 75% more Wild Jungle Peanut Butters without skins, and only about 25% are with skins just as the vote went.

That’s fun.

You guys, the reason that this is the most popular product on our website, is because it is impossible to get a Peanut Butter like this. It’s made from Certified Organic Wild Jungle Peanuts, it’s truly Raw, and there are zero other ingredients added.

On top of that, it’s freaking stone-ground for many days in order to make it a liquid-like consistency. Stone grinding is the only way to make sure it’s truly raw. Furthermore, the consistency from stone-grinding goes way beyond any other Nut Butter in existence. Their stone grinders work better than any other company’s that I know of. They make it so thin and liquid-like, just like how I used to make it in my counter-top stone grinder.

People are just astonished that they could actually have a healthy truly 100% Raw Peanut Butter, which contains only healthy wild uncontaminated peanuts with no other extra ingredients added, and tastes better than any other Peanut Butter out there at the same time.

Yeah, I know, I should get a Nobel Peace Prize for this.

If you get one of the new Wild Jungle Peanut Butters with the skins, please report back to me and tell me how it is ASAP. I need this imperative information. Thank you.

Now check this out lol.

I’ve got these guys stone-grinding my Truly Raw Almond Butter now, and it’s the perfect liquid-like consistency that I have always dreamed of. It is truly, the best Almond Butter in the world.

Now check this out lol.

I just sent them Certified Organic Pine Nuts, in order to make us a Pine Nut Butter. Yes, this is a pricey product, because the price on Pine Nuts has skyrocketed, but I am certain that you won’t regret it. It’s literally 16oz worth of stone-ground liquid Pine Nut Butter!

I used to make the Pine Nut butter in my counter-top Stone Grinder like this. That Pine Nut Butter taste in this liquid-like form is as decadent as can be. How do you even explain the taste of Pine Nuts, besides decadent? Especially in this stone-ground form. It may even become your favorite Nut Butter like it did for me.

I actually used to just break open five different kinds of my stone-ground nut butters with a meal and go back and forth between them all. I tended to use the Pine Nut Butter the most.

Now check this out lol.

Next we have our Liquid-Like Brazil Nut Butter. Since the Brazil Nuts are so high in healthy fat, it becomes extremely liquid-like compared to all of the other nut butters, and it is absolutely amazing. When you keep this liquid Brazil Nut Butter in the refrigerator for a good amount of time, due to its healthy fat content, it starts to harden with crazy amounts of fat globules.

Oh my gosh, sticking the spoon directly into those fat globules, and putting them directly into your mouth was so darn good. I would just purposely let the Brazil Nut Butters sit in the refrigerator for longer periods of time in order to get this consistency. It could take some time for those fat globules to form.

Now check this out lol.

Oh, I’m having so much fun with this.

Our Wild Jungle Peanuts are back in stock and ‘At-Cost’ for only $12.95 each when you get a 3-pack.

Many people in the health movement avoid traditional peanuts, because they are normally not raw, and those hybridized peanuts also contain high amounts of Aflatoxins, which are a common fungal contaminant in peanuts worldwide.

Jungle peanuts are heirloom peanuts that have been preserved and harvested in remote areas of the Ecuadorian Amazon Jungle for hundreds of years. Since they’re grown in their natural environment instead of on large-scale mono-crop farms, wild jungle peanuts are naturally free of these aflatoxins. Additionally, they are 100% Raw.

We use these exact same Certified Organic Wild Jungle Peanuts, in both of our Wild Jungle Peanut Butters.

Here are the sale prices of each Nut Butter when you get a 3-pack. If you get the variety pack, where you get 1 of each Nut Butter, you get an additional 10% off. The Variety Pack includes the Wild Jungle Peanut Butter without the skins and not with skins:

Pine Nut Butter, 16oz – $35.82 (eek! Totally worth it.)
Brazil Nut Butter, 16oz – $20.95
Wild Jungle Peanut Butter without skins, 12oz – $18.95
Wild Jungle Peanut Butter with Skins, 12oz – $16.95
Almond Butter, 16oz – $22.95
Nut Butter Variety 4-Pack – Only $88.80
Wild Jungle Peanuts, 16oz $12.95

Nut Butter Variety 4-Pack includes ($88.80):
1 x Pine Nut Butter, 16oz
1 x Brazil Nut Butter, 16oz
1 x Wild Jungle Peanut Butter without skins, 12oz
1 x Matt’s Almond Butter, 16oz

All right everyone! Please enjoy this plethora of Nut Butter goodness. You can’t go wrong here.