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Angela’s Healing Skin Salve is back.

If you remember from many years ago, we brought a bunch of Angela’s Salves in from Ecuador and offered them to you in our store.  This time, we had the medicinal plant ingredient, Matico, which Angela personally harvested in Ecuador, brought to us here, so we could make the salves here.

When Angela first started creating these salves, I thought it was just a new hobby making the typical skin cream salves.

At first I thought it was a “coincidence” when a person told me that they used this salve to help heal a rash right on the inside of their leg. They stated that whenever they get a rash like this, it would usually take weeks to heal, yet the salve started the healing process immediately…

She sold them in the Vilcabamba town, and whenever I went there people were always randomly coming up to me on the street raving about how Angela’s salve has helped them heal in some way.  Some people would even buy 12 at a time to stock up as they said they couldn’t live without them.

So finally I realized that these salves were the real deal, and there is truly nothing out there that heals the skin like this.  There have been multiple times, where I got a sunburn on my face and it was so red that I was scared.   I would apply the skin salve, and the next day the redness was practically gone and it looked super healthy.  In fact, one woman sent me before and after pictures of her sunburn and how the salve helped her in the same way too.  I could actually feel the medicinal plants going to work on my sunburnt face.  It kind of burned like a menthol cooling feel.  It was so soothing.

Since then, whenever I have a skin issue, I just put her salve on, and it goes away.  I once used it for chapped lips and it worked.

Angela has lots of testimonials from Vilcabamba, but when we sold it many years ago in our store, testimonials also started pouring in.

One woman wrote:

P.S. I Love Love Love Angela’s Healing Salve, Omg!   it is The perfect, skin soothing butter I’ve ever used.  I have horribly dry face skin that gets “rashy” from the dryness, and This cream/butter is a miracle in a jar, it has helped immensely, and reduced the redness by 90%…thank you so much for offering this wonderful, healthy balm.

One man wrote:

I busted my leg in Ecuador! The stitches from the hospital were not tight at all and even after a few weeks the incision had not sealed up. Angela suggested I try some of her healing salve on it and I woke up the next morning and it was as if the salve had turned into a layer of skin and sealed up my incision! It was wild!

I’ll put many more testimonials in the description of the product on our website, and in them you will see that one woman said that nothing else works for her Rheumatoid Arthritis, eczema has been healed, one woman said her baby got diaper rash and it was gone the next morning, others had the same sunburn healing success that I had, one woman’s feet were really dry and peeling and she had a big improvement, and so much more.

People use this Salve to help with all kinds of skin issues, from stings to bruises to bites to cuts, scratches, knocks, sunburn, rashes (including diaper rash) and even just to moisturize!  If it heals sunburns the way it does, I can confidently say that it would be the best beauty product out there for the face due to how it heals the skin the way it does.

So what’s the miracle salve mixture?  The number one key ingredient is the matico.

Matico might not be familiar to most people, however, so let me share a little about this amazing plant. Matico (Aristeguietia glutinosa) is found only in Ecuador and is regarded there as a wonderful aide for healing all kinds of conditions from ulcers and inflammation to cuts, bruises, insect bites and even shock.

Angela personally hand-harvested the matico leaf in a sustainable way to use in these salves.  She dried them in Ecuador in the dehydrators, and someone was coming to the states from Ecuador so we had them bring the plants down.  It was enough to make over 500 jars.  Keep in mind that this medicinal matico herb comes from the pristine mineral-rich lands in Vilcabamba, Ecuador that we are making the salves with.

The other two plants she uses in the salve is comfrey and plantain, plus olive oil and cacao butter and rosemary and lavender essential oils. That’s it! Super-simple and yet super-effective for skin healing.

Comfrey and plantain are well-known skin helpers that have been used by herbalists worldwide for centuries. (Angela says, btw this is the green plantain leafy plant that grows all over on people’s lawns, not anything to do with bananas, in case you were wondering… 😉

So I asked Angela why she thinks it’s so effective, because there is literally no product on the market that I know of that actually truly heals the skin like this, and how on earth could it work for Rheumatoid Arthritis?

She said,  It’s oil based and not water based, so the active ingredients get to sink into the skin, and it sits there for awhile, and doesn’t just wipe off.  Additionally, it creates a barrier so that’s why it’s good for nappy (diaper) rash.

She said that maybe it’s the magic combination, or the market doesn’t have matico here, or most likely it’s because I make it so concentrated.  If people make it for commercial reasons, they don’t use as much of the herbs to minimize costs and maximize profit.  I always make it really really really potent, with the active herbal ingredients.

Additionally it’s super fresh.  The herbs are wild and not burnt down to ground these herbs.  The matico for example is hand harvested and the juices of the plant are still in tact from using a dehydrator.

You guys, it’s so concentrated that it burns the skin with healing properties when you put it on in damaged areas. A tiny amount goes a really long way and is really helpful.  These jars are 4oz, so you get an entire jug of healing goodness for the skin.

Now don’t get me wrong, we do have a lot in stock, almost 600 jars, but this is just a one time deal for now and then it’s gone.  I’m not sure how long in the future we will happen to go to Ecuador, hand harvest more, then come back with it successfully through customs and make more.

Trust me, you want as many jars of this as you can get your hands on.

Here are a some testimonials from people who’ve already been using the salve with success:


“I tried the salve on different bug bites, cuts and scars and they healed a lot faster.
The salve has replaced the antibiotic cream that we were using for several years! It’s more natural and made with Love (that’s a very important secret ingredient!).
It also smells wonderful and the whole family is using it.

I would highly recommend it, in fact I already did…”


“I used Angela’s salve for our baby’s eczema and bum rash because I knew I could trust Angela to make something that was safe for my child and because it works! Angela’s choice of herbs is also perfect for healing a perineal tear from childbirth. I am using it for perineal massage and the more often I use it, the better I feel. Thanks Angela!”


“Angela’s salve is a daily staple in our home. It is used for bug bites, scrapes, dry skin, and massage. I love the rich creamy texture and knowing that it is 100% natural. Just a small amount can be applied to a large area to deliver potent medicinal benefits. I can see this herbal salve work to nourish and heal topical afflictions!”


“This salve seems to work miraculously on sunburn, and is very soothing also as a facial cream. I love it!”


Applied salve same night i got the sunburn and the pain was gone by the following evening. These photos were taken 3 days apart.

Here are my results ~

Pretty incredible


We would like to purchase some more of your Salve before I leave. Have you replenished your cocoa butter supply? We’re still turning people onto it and it’s relieving all kinds of skin problems, temporary and chronic.

We’d like to get 8 jars if you have them.

Thank you and love to you and your family.

M & T

I was in the JF today and Maria showed me 2 of your salves on the shelf (don’t know why I couldn’t see them lol) and says that she has 3 in the back room.

So, I bought 1 of them and she now has 4 left.  And, she said that people really like them, which I’m not surprised about as I also think its wonderful.  For instance, my feet were really dry and peeling during the pranic initiation retreat that I was just on and when I got home, I put on your salve a couple of nights and – a big improvement.


Hi Angela –

I’m having a terrible time with eczema & fungal infection on my hands.  Disasterous reaction to the dermatologist’s cream.   Your salve is the only thing I can tolerate.  Almost out of it.  I know many people that like your salve.  Hoping you have or can make more?  My best to you & yours in these “interesting” times.


Thank you angela for the AMAZING salve! Miss kaya has diaper rash from the poopies and i used some on her and this morning, GONE! im so amazed. its real magic!