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AutoPure Car Air Purifier


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Remove any kind of bad odors from your car once and for all. Only ozone does it! The AutoPure plugs into any car lighter and produces very small amounts of ozone, which disinfects, eats odors and leaves your car smelling clean and fresh inside! Just plug it in, leave the car windows closed and forget about it. Open the windows briefly when you first get in to remove any excess Ozone and continue to clean and deodorize your car while you drive. Rids car of manufacturer’s and environmental chemical residues. Purifies the air, doesn’t mask it with perfume. Effectively Removes ALL odors from any Truck or Auto. Freshens stale air. Replenishes the air with oxygen.

180 day warranty!

Attractive and Compact On/Off Switch with green ON light.

Virtually Silent Operation Draws very little current and can be left on without fear of running down your car battery (up to 35 hours average).

The AutoPure SA -1000 is an attractive Air Purification which produces Ozone and Negative ions (1 million/second/cc). Totally maintenance free because it uses Plateless Ozone Technology – No Costly or Breakable Plates to be concerned with. It also is does not have a fan in the unit, meaning that it is completely silent when operating. And, unlike other auto air purifiers which produce ozone, the AutoPure draws very little current which allows it to be left on at all times, including overnight while you are asleep! When you get in your auto the next morning you will have a completely deodorized vehicle interior. And unlike other “air purifiers” which only attempt to mask odors with overwhelming fragrances, the AutoPure actually destroys them, which only Ozone can do.