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Our Camu Powder is back.  This is the highest natural form of Vitamin C that I know of on the planet.   Any camu powder that tastes sweet is loaded with maltodextrin.  Our Camu Powder is 100% camu powder and it has a bitter taste.  However, all you need is a little as it goes a very long way.

Lower Blood Pressure & Lose Weight with This

Now I can really conclude that this month is Peruvian Superfood Powder ‘At-Cost’ Month. You can probably tell that we got our Peruvian Superfood import in this month lol.

Now we are adding our very potent Vitamin C Superfoods ‘At-Cost’, which includes our Camu Camu Powder and our Acerola Cherry Powder. As you will see further below in the clinical studies, that Camu powder has the potential to lower your blood pressure and help you lose weight.

Firstly, no other food that I know of on the planet has more Vitamin C compared to Camu Camu Powder. Following behind Camu Powder is Acerola Cherry Powder which is also off the charts with Vitamin C.

The Raw Food Pioneer, Dr. Norman Walker, who studied how to get nutrients from food better than anyone else I have seen before, discusses the importance of taking Vitamin C every single day. He stated that Vitamin C is one of those rare nutrients that the body can’t create on its own, and that you have to get it from outside sources. He would make sure to drink Orange Juice every single morning to accomplish this task.

In fact, every morning, I do the same thing and drink the juice from oranges every day. However, I may not have oranges on hand on any given day, or maybe all the oranges available in my area aren’t really that ripe and good to eat. What I love about Superfoods in general is, you get super nutrient dense foods, in their perfectly ripe state. Instead of drinking 8oz of orange juice, hopefully from ripe organic oranges, you can instead take a 1/4 teaspoon of perfectly ripe Camu Powder and get the Vitamin C needed for the day.

Furthermore, some may not like the sugar or acid from Oranges and the large 8oz quantity you need to drink. Everyone’s digestive system is different, and taking a small 1/4 teaspoon of an all natural organic ripe Camu Camu Powder and/or Acerola Cherry Powder may be the choice for others. It’s always good to get a variety of different foods and switching up between Acerola and Camu will help you take advantage of their different elements that they provide. They say that these Vitamin C Superfoods have 50 times + more Vitamin C compared to an Orange.

Acerola Cherry and Camu Powder are Whole Food Superfoods. I would highly recommend making this my choice of Vitamin C compared to the typical over-the-counter supplements that are high in ascorbic acid. When you take these Superfoods, you are getting the entire Vitamin C complex in its natural form. The entire Vitamin C complex is not just ascorbic acid. It contains bioflavonoids (Vitamin P), which is the factor that supports the connective tissue around the arteries and the veins. It also contains Vitamin J, the “Anti-Pneumonia” Vitamin, which helps your lungs increase oxygen, making it easier for you to climb up stairs without getting out of breath so easily.

The Vitamin C full complex also comes with Copper inside of it in an enzyme form called Tyrosinase, which is there as a precursor to help build the adrenal hormones. The reservoir of vitamin C in the body is held by the adrenals, and we want to make sure that we don’t burn them out by taking too much ascorbic acid. When you take Camu Powder and Acerola Cherry Powder, you don’t have to worry about this problem. The last component of the Full Natural Vitamin C complex is Vitamin K, which has to do with clotting factors. You may get bruising if you don’t have enough of this component. The ascorbic acid found in over abundance in many supplements on the market isn’t even the active ingredient in Vitamin C. It’s its purpose is to simply protect the other components mentioned above.

The title of this Newsletter is ‘Lower Your Blood Pressure with This’, and I stated this for a reason.

When you take these Superfoods as your choice of Vitamin C, not only do you get Vitamin C in it’s full all-natural complex, but you also achieve many other benefits cited in many clinical studies.

One of the best ways to help your blood pressure is obviously to improve your diet. That works the majority of the time and that is my number one recommendation. However, for a food to do this type of trick, is pretty profound.

In the clinical studies on Camu here and here, test-tube and human studies have observed that the berry may help reduce blood pressure by promoting the dilation of blood vessels.

Feel like losing a little bit of weight? In the clinical study here and here, Animal studies indicate that the berry may reduce body weight by increasing the number of burnt calories and positively altering gut bacteria.

At the clinical study here, research in 23 healthy people showed that Camu Camu may minimize the spike in blood sugar after eating a high-carb meal. Lastly it has Antimicrobial properties. In a test-tube study, the peel and seeds of camu camu reduced bacterial growth of the potentially harmful bacteria Escherichia coli and Streptococcus mutans.

It’s always good to switch up different foods to get a wide variety of nutrients. For example, Acerola Cherry also contains a good amount of calcium, iron, phosphorus and lots of B Vitamins.