Cavity Assistance Package


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This Cavity Assistance Package Contains:

1 x Frankincense Sensitive Toothpaste 30ml
1 x Neem Enamelizer Toothpaste 30ml
1 x Yogi Tooth Serum, 5ml
1 x Ozonated Healthy Gum Gel

Natalie Marie Collins, a customer and friend of mine, has reversed her cavities with the Living Libations tooth products mentioned in the video here. She got the idea from Nadine Artemis, the creator and founder of Living Libations.

What happened was Natalie got those Invisiline things on her teeth. She had really good teeth but then all of a sudden she got 8 cavities, and a hole in one of them. These tooth products are literally reversing the cavities, and she’s thrilled with it.

She’s had these cavities for a year now, but she knew in her heart that she didn’t need to go to the dentist, but needed to find a way to reverse what was happening. She knew there was a way, and then she heard Nadine talk about these products.

She told me that the tooth that has the hole in it is still healing, and she can’t believe that there is this rim of white around the actual tooth itself. She doesn’t know if that one can be saved, but the other seven teeth completely are. The bad one hasn’t gotten to the point where there is some emergency to pull it, it is healing nicely, and she still has a lot of hope with it.

She goes on to tell me excitedly that the seven other teeth completely are saved. The other seven teeth had little pits and stuff of the cavity, they are healing over with white, they are progressing, and it’s great!

She is so bummed that this happened to her, but is so grateful for these products, which saved her in her tracks. She is super excited for me to put out this video of her story, because she believes people need to know about it.

Anyway, I created this discounted ‘Cavity Assistance Package’ that you can order.

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