Organic Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil – 1 Gallon


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1 Gallon, serving size 1 tsp, servings: 265 per gallon.

We’ve found that the best coconuts in the Philippines don’t grow in one specific place, they grow everywhere and we find them. Our extra virgin coconut oil is a blend of Philippines’ best and is never subjected to heat so the natural flavor and aroma can do all the talking.

Use coconut oil as a substitute for oil and butter in the kitchen and as an external moisturizer.


Coconuts grow best in tropical environments with sandy, nutrient rich soils, plenty of rain and lots of sun. Coconut trees start producing fruit after growing anywhere from six to ten years, hitting peak production between 15-20 years old and reach up to 30 meters (98 feet!) tall.


As a coconut matures, its outside turns from bright green to yellow while the milk inside starts forming thick, flavorful and nutrient rich meat. Our producers know precisely when to start harvesting, cutting down each coconut with a long hooked blade attached to an extremely long piece of bamboo. After each tree has been picked all the fruit is gathered and sent to be husked and shaved.


We found a place in the Philippines that husks coconuts in machines that save all the fiber for various uses, utilizing every part of the coconut. Our coconuts are sent to this facility where they are husked and immediately sent to be peeled and cut in half, preparing the meat for a quick wash.


Our coconut oil process involves wet processing which basically means we don’t use heat at any point when crafting our product. After the coconut meat has been removed from its shell it is cleaned, shredded and placed in a centrifuge machine that spins at high speeds, separating the oil from the water (coconut milk).


Since we don’t use any heat at any point, we filter our coconut oil to remove unwanted bacteria and microbial growth. The first filtering process separates the oil from any remaining solids, the second filtering process purifies the oil and the final process clarifies the oil.