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Organic Ceylon Cinnamon, 8oz

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Our Cinnamon comes directly from the Ceylon cinnamon tree. After being dried at low temperatures, it is carefully milled into fine powder to retain the high nutritional value and allows for maximum digestion and absorption when consumed. Our Organic Cinnamon Powder is raw, pure, all-natural, and has low levels of coumarin.

The Ceylon variety is more difficult to find and is sweeter in taste. Like in the case of turmeric where many of its benefits are attributed to curcumin, in case of cinnamon most of its health benefits are attributed to a compound called cinnamaldehyde.

This organic Ceylon Cinnamon powder is grown in Sri Lanka (previously called Ceylon). Ceylon Cinnamon has a mild sweet taste and unique aroma and has negligible amount of Coumarin. The typical Cinnamon Cassia that we are used to has a high amount of Coumarin, which some say can be toxic and irritating to the human body. Ceylon Cinnamon has between 2-5 ppm of coumarin compared to Cassia (2000-5000 ppm). Our Ceylon Cinnamon has about 0.001 milligram of Coumarin per teaspoon. Cassia has 1000 times more Coumarin than Ceylon Cinnamon.