*Chlorella With Mucuna – 1000 tablets (250 grams)


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Chlorella is a green algae and the most powerful wholefood known. It contains the highest amount of protein, Chlorophyll and nucleic Acids of any food. It is also a food that anyone can safely consume. This Chlorella uses a Pressure-Release method of opening Chlorella’s cell wall. As the Chlorella cells pass through the specially designed Pressure-Release® chamber they rupture, or crack open, due to the sudden and dramatic change from a low to high pressure environment.

Mucuna stimulates the production of Dopamine, Serotonin, Melatonin and Human Growth Hormone in the brain, which promotes an elevated mood and rejuvenation in the body at any age. It also strengthens the immune system, improves libido and is known for improving the skin’s texture and apperance. Chlorella helps the body absorb and utilize the Mucuna more effectively.