Truly Raw Indonesian Cashews, 16oz


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As many of you have experienced, our Truly Raw Indonesian Cashews are literally the best tasting, creamiest, most healthiest cashews in the world. They are one of the top selling products on our website.

As many of you know, our supplier likes to separate out the smaller broken pieces and offer them at an incredible discount on occasion. Well, he also likes to separate out a very small percentage of his crop into what he calls the Colossal Cashews. I never get those, because they are so darn expensive and it would raise your price by $5 a pound. Furthermore, he only has a small amount of them for the entire year. Therefore, it’s definitely not enough for the demand that I have. I always just order the normal size, which equates to the big majority of what they have available from the crop.

However, he is out of the standard size of our Cashews until mid-February. He only has available right now a small amount of these huge Colossal Cashews, which I just took all 300 of, and a bunch of the Cashew Pieces, which I got 500 of.

As you can see, I decided to get them both and offer them to you ‘At-Cost’. Both the Colossal and the pieces are the same exact Truly Raw Indonesian Cashews that we normally have, but either in the larger (Colossal) size or in pieces depending on which you choose.

They are all the same incredible raw cashews from the Islands of Indonesia and are processed with extreme cold in order to freeze and stabilize the oil in the shell. Most cashews are processed using extreme heat to neutralize the caustic and toxic cashew shell oil.

However, ours the cashew shell is hand sliced and opened using a special knife. This keeps the toxic oil off of the nut and all of the nutrients locked into this creamy, tasty, versatile nut. The cashews are slowly sun-dried then finished off with some warm blowing air to get a nice crunch.

We have both available right now ’At-Cost’ through the end of the month or while supplies last. We are just using the same Cashew Labels that we always use, so please don’t expect the bag to say “Colossal” or “large” on it.

At some point we will be left with only the Cashew Pieces until Mid-February once the new batch finally arrives.