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Coracao Confections Variety Pack – One of Each 9 Flavors


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Each variety box includes one of each of these confections:
Berkeley Bar (2 oz – 2 in Box)
Salted Caramel Bar (2 oz – 2 in Box)
Hazelnut Cream Bar (2 oz – 2 in Box)
Almond Butter Bar (2 oz – 2 in Box)
Superberry Bar (2 oz – 2 in Box)
Almond Butter Bar (2.5 oz)
Caramel Bar (2.5 oz)
Mint Meltaway Bar (2.5 oz)
After Dark Fudge Bar (2.5 oz)

At Coracao, we make every bar and truffle from the purest ingredients on Earth. This is chocolate & candy as nature intended.

100% Certified Organic
Minimally Processed
Cane Sugar- Free

As important as what we put in, is what we leave out. On average, conventional chocolates have 20+ ingredients. Coracao chocolates contain an average of 6 organic real foods.

We source certified organic Criollo cacao from Ecuador and Peru. Criollo is a rare, ancient, and flavorful cacao. Only 3-5% of the world’s cacao is Criollo making it a true treasure. We know paying farmers a fair wage incentivizes sustainability and ensures quality cacao. That is why our cacao farmers are paid at or above Fair Trade wages.

We sweeten our chocolate with coconut sugar, one of the world’s most sustainable sweeteners. Coconut sugar is the sweet nectar of the coconut tree flower blossom. The nectar is drained from the coconut tree flower bud every three months. After the nectar is collected it’s kettle boiled to evaporate the moisture and gently ground into fine golden crystals. Studies have shown coconut sugar to be 48% lower on the glycemic index than cane sugar.

We choose local organic almonds from Kashiwase Farms, located in Winton CA. Kashiwase practices sustainable farming that supports local honey bee populations. We soak, sprout and dehydrate these almonds for an incredibly nutrient dense crunch. We stone grind all our own chocolate and nut butters in-house.


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