Dastony Sprouted Almond Butter 8oz


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Today we have a very special treat for you. I got Dastony to run a special batch of their Sprouted Almond Butter, with our Sprouted Almonds!

I actually just had a woman write in recently, telling me how much she loves our sprouted almonds.

There are two main differences between my Liquid-like Almond Butter, and this Sprouted Almond Butter. Firstly, they use our sprouted almonds instead of regular almonds. Secondly, it is not stone ground for many days straight like mine is in order to make it a liquid-like consistency. However, it’s still very creamy and delicious.

A few people have asked in the past if my Almond Butter was sprouted. It’s not, however, it is stone ground for many days. From what I’ve read, this process should break down and remove the phytic acid. However, we now have this Sprouted Almond Butter available “At-Cost’ for you if it is a concern.

These Sprouted Almond butters are fresh off the press and they were just created this week.

Now, the quality of the Sprouted Almonds that we are using is insane.

These Sicilian Almonds are fresh, creamy, non-bitter, slightly sweet, with a deep hint of amaretto; a light marzipan flavor. You taste more almond with these particular almonds.

Furthermore, they are the freshest almonds available today. Once harvested, our almonds are dried via a traditional sun drying process under the warm Sicilian sun. Instead of immediately de-shelling the almonds, our partner farm keeps the nuts in the shell just prior to shipping for ultimate freshness, which preserves both the nutritional integrity and the flavor, and extends the shelf life of the almond. This is why our sprouted almonds taste so fresh, alive, and good.

As many of you know with the California Almond Pasteurization laws, most (if not all) “raw” almonds available on the market today are actually pasteurized via a steam or chemical process. They may not be “roasted”, but they are certainly cooked. This extra processing lowers the nutritional integrity of the nut, destroying the enzymes and compromising the key nutrients such as the healthy fats, protein, magnesium, and Vitamin E.

We bring these really fresh special almonds in from Italy to avoid this almond catastrophe.

Anyway, what we have for you today is simply a really good deal on a very high quality Truly Raw Stone-Ground Sprouted Almond Butter.

At Dastony great nut butter is the name, and simplicity is the game. Our butters are single-ingredient, meaning the true flavors of the nuts and seeds aren’t overshadowed by added salt, sugars, or oils. Our signature low temperature stone grinding process minimizes heat, friction, and oxidation, preserving vital heat-sensitive nutrients. This ancient method also produces the absolute silkiest, most decadent texture imaginable. Highly versatile, our butters are a pantry essential, lending added creaminess, flavor, and nutritional goodness to a variety of recipes.

Enjoy Dastony Sprouted Almond Butter:

  • *With a spoon, right out of the jar.
  • *On toast, breads, crepes and ice cream.
  • *Instant nut milk – simply blend with water.

Crafted in a facility that processes tree nuts and seeds but is free of dairy and soy. Note: Oil separation may occur, stir or warm if necessary. Certified Organic by OTCO

*Soaked and germinated in purified, reverse osmosis water, then low temperature air-dried