Sleep Deep, 2oz


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We’ve discovered these two new herbs that when used together have the potential to help a person sleep.

Well, not just sleep, but sleep deep; and stay asleep.

As I discuss further below, Angela and I tried it, and it’s absolutely miraculous.

To find this very effective formulation of herbs to help a person sleep, we searched all of the Indian and Ayurvedic herbs, but we didn’t really find anything. It was when we hit the Chinese Herbs that we found these two profound herbs called ‘Bai Zi Ren’ and ‘Yuan Zhi’.

We discovered that when you combine these two herbs together, the most profound impact happens.

If you use Yuan Zhi by itself, it will help you relax. If you use Bai Zi Ren by itself, it helps slow down your pulse and your heart rate, and helps you recover from stress.

When you put the two together, they just put you right to sleep, and it’s all throughout the night. It really works extremely well as we’ve given it to several different people now.

We have this formulation ‘At-Cost’ for you today.

Alongside this ‘Deep Sleep’ Chinese Herb Formulation, we also have our Valerian ‘At-Cost’.

If the reason you can’t fall asleep is because you have trouble with anxiety or anxious feelings, you may want to try our Valerian. The Valerian feeds the natural acids it contains to your brain so you can go back to sleep and not have to deal with those anxious feelings. The ‘Sleep Foundation’ found that After analyzing 60 research studies published over nearly 40 years, researchers determined that valerian root can likely reduce anxiety and improve sleep in many people.

The Valerian and the Deep Sleep Chinese Herb Formulation is available ‘At-Cost’ at the link below.

I’m really excited about our new ‘Deep Sleep’ Chinese Herb Formulation. This has got to be the most effective herb formulation that I have ever taken in order to help me fall asleep, and to help me recover from stress after a rough work day. As soon as I take it, it completely relaxes me, I get a smile on my face, and it gives me heavy eyes as it helps me fall asleep.

Anyway, I hope you have a really good nights rest, and some really good deep sleep.