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I know that we have carried this Thai Coconut Blossom Sugar, which is certified organic, in a glass jar, for quite awhile now.

However, I have never really gone into the inner depths of what this decadent product actually is. Furthermore, we have it on special for only $5.95 each when you get a 3-pack through the month of March.

It’s pretty much Coconut Blossom Sugar paste that literally tastes like caramel fudge.

Since it is a paste, and not a powder, there are less steps needed in order to process this Coconut Blossom Sugar. It is derived from the fresh sweet nutritious sap of the coconut blossoms, and it is thickened under controlled heat in order to avoid overcooking, which would affect the nutrients and acidity. In order to get regular Coconut Sugar, you would need to take it one step further and process it at even higher temperatures in order to get the powder.

As far as I know, it’s pretty much impossible to get Coconut Sugar in a raw state. However, this is as close as you are going to get. It has a higher nutritional content compared to other Coconut Sugars. It is high in Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, and Potassium, and is a natural source of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and amino acids (especially glutamic acid).

It contains only 12% sugar, and has a low glycemic index of only 35.

It is so tasty, that many of our customers snack on a spoon-full directly from the jar.

In fact, Dan here below, who took a spoon-full straight into his mouth, sent in a testimonial with all sorts of pictures. Oh my gosh, he’s dipping one of our Truly Raw Indonesian Cashews in the Coconut Blossom Sugar Paste. I wonder if that’s a Jumbo Cashew or not.

Girl in a jacket

Dan writes:

Hi Matt

I consider this coconut blossom sugar to be what true coconut manna is. When I first tried a small amount, perhaps a half a teaspoon, I let the nectar mix in a bit with my saliva (gross but how we health enthusiasts do things) for a bit and then swallowed.

What came after was a swift inhalation of air almost akin to that of going underwater in a swimming pool momentarily and having that feeling of your sinuses being completely cleared out up into the skull. It felt a bit odd, but I actually feel more clear and somewhat euphoric. Next, I proceeded to take a bit more of this nectar this time, about another teaspoonful, and I’m feeling rather blissful. I would not attribute this to any type of sugar rush due to the low glycemic index, but rather some feel-good complex saccarides and phytochemicals crossing the blood brain barrier and working some magic. I don’t know, that could all be psychosomatic, but what I do know is that this tastes unbelievably good. And the texture is wonderful – almost like decedent caramel fudge.  And finally, a colossal (really) raw cashew with a generous dollop of this coconut blossom nectar is an incredible combination.

I didn’t read the testimonial in its entirety until now lol. Looks like he did use one of our Jumbo Colossal Cashews lol. Oh my gosh. Classic.

We have this creamy and delicious Coconut Blossom Sugar that can be spooned directly from the glass jar for only $5.95 each when you get a 3-pack. We also have our regular Coconut Sugar Powder on special for the same exact price.

Thai Coconut Blossom Sugar, 9.5 oz/270 g Glass Jar

Certified organic, low heat processed, 100% pure

Our Coconut Sugar is unique on the market, it is creamy and delicious and can be spooned directly from the glass. It is derived from the fresh sweet nutritious sap of the coconut blossoms; thickened under controlled heat to avoid overcooking which would affect the nutrients and acidity. Our sugar contains only 12% sugar, and has a higher nutritional content than other sweeteners; it is high in Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, and Potassium; it is a natural source of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and amino acids (especially glutamic acid). Due to an extremely LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX of 35, it is delicious in desserts, smoothies, and pastries. A small portion serves as a healthy and energizing treat.
Our Coconut Sugar is a sustainable product and helps to support local communities in Thailand. Like all natural products, colors and consistency may vary slightly. Similar to honey, crystallization can occur over time. Best if stored at room temperature. Our sugar will begin to melt above 90 degrees F. Oxidation occurs on surface areas after opening. Separation can occur. Best if used within 3 months after opening.

  • certified organic in USA, Europe, Asia
  • same day harvest and processing
  • strict quality control
  • 100% pure grade A, unfiltered, unbleached
  • not mixed with other Palm Sugars.

(for Raw Food Purists: this is not a fully raw product, but it is far less processed than ordinary crystallized coconut or palm sugars seen in the health food store).