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Organic Sundried Tomatoes, 6oz


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Unsulphured. No oil. No salt. Only one ingredient: Tomatoes.

We have been many people’s go-to source for dried tomatoes over the years, because our tomatoes had zero other ingredients, no sulfites, no oils, no salt or anything. If you were lucky to find another dried tomato with no other ingredients such as salt, none of them had the really good flavor as our tomatoes did.

Unfortunately, as many of you know, my source dried up and I couldn’t get them anymore. For months people have been enquiring, and I’ve had it in my head to find a new source. One devoted customer named Dana said that if anyone can do it, it’s you Matt.

This is what Dana wrote on April 22nd, “matt i am counting on u to get some sun dried tomatoes back!! i just trashed some and cannot find any! help and why am i asking u?? because u ALL WAYS have best of the best! every time i get an order in i know all is super! thanks and always blessings!!”

Well low and behold, our new source of Organic Sun-Dried Tomatoes has been found.

I had Dana, the woman above who had faith in me, try them out in order to give me her opinion, and this is what she said.

”they r wonderful! super fresh and very very flavorfull! best i have found..or should i say YOU have found! would prefer the halves vs. pieces but they r great! i knew u would find the best! i tried to order more on my last order but they do not seem to be on ur website…guess u sold out.. thanks again as all ways! blessings”

As she said, they are super fresh, so they are even more chewy, and tastier than the last ones. They come straight from the organic farm. I’m doing this promotion on the slow web-traffic day Saturday today, because we only have 183 bags in stock. 183 is not enough for a big-time prime-time weekday Newsletter slot lol.

I’m pretty certain we are going to sell out soon. I will be getting more, but they are sometimes slow in processing my orders. However, I will stay on them like rubber and glue, wait a minute, that makes no sense. You know what I mean. I will stay on them like how a dog eats peanut butter!

Never mind.

If you miss out, I will get more, and I’ll do another Newsletter once they get back in stock.

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