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New Unheard of Algae Firms Skin

Not only has this new Superfood Algae never been seen before, and not only may it miraculously firm up the skin and its elasticity (which we will discuss in a minute), but we are also taking our immune system to the next level beyond mushrooms.

This new Superfood Algae is called Euglena, and what stands out about Euglena is its Polysaccharide Beta-Glucan content, called Paramylon.  Chlorella and Spirulina don’t even contain Beta-Glucans.  Mushrooms contain Beta-Glucans, and it’s the Beta-Glucans that make mushrooms so famous, as they are the main component of the mushroom that boosts immunity.

However, with mushrooms, you have to break down the mushrooms and Beta-Glucans in really hot water and high pressure.  That’s how we process our mushrooms at least, many other companies use solvents such as ethanol and additives, which gets left behind in the final product.  These processes break down the chitin, which contains the polysaccharide Beta-Glucans that make up the fungal cell walls.  Otherwise, there will be very little or no bioavailability of the Beta-Glucans. It works, but you are processing it heavily.

Euglena is the next technological advancement in alternative medicine for immunity support.

Euglena is the only species of micro-algae, whose cells have a cell membrane instead of a cell wall.  This makes it possible for the first time ever, to get high quantities of ‘Living’ Beta-Glucans that are actually absorbable with zero processing.  This allows our body to fully digest and absorb Beta-Glucans, providing a higher yield, with zero solvents.  In fact, studies show a digestive rate on Euglena at 93.1%!  Furthermore, it is a 100% Raw Food, and as usual, Euglena is the only single ingredient in the product.

To take it to another level, our Euglena is cultivated using a proprietary fermentation technology, which brings out the Beta-Glucans.  This makes the Beta-Glucan content greater than 55%!  This means that when you take our Euglena, at least 55% of that powder or capsule that you ingest, is literally Beta-Glucans; extremely absorbable Beta-Glucans.  This is unheard of.

With this fermentation process, the color of the algae has an orange/yellowish color, and it almost tastes like a nutritional yeast cheese.  It has a well-balanced balance of 59 types of raw nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and unsaturated fatty acids.   The chlorophyll content is much lower compared to other algaes, but the purpose for taking Euglena is for the profound high level of ‘Living’ Beta-Glucan content.  Euglena is much easier for me to digest compared to any other algae, I love the taste, and it is now my favorite algae.  Personally, I feel a difference when I take it.  It feels so good, like a well being buzz in my head.  I’ve been taking it multiple time a day lol.  It’s so easy on the system, and you can literally put it on salads, an avocado, or take it straight like me.

In the clinical study here,, a fermented Euglena, containing greater than 50% Beta-Glucans, just like ours was used.  The endurance-trained participants reported fewer sick days, fewer upper respiratory tract infections, fewer symptom days, fewer episodes, and lower global severity measured as area under curve for Upper Respiratory Tract Infection symptoms per person compared to placebo.  At the same time, other studies have found it helps to lower inflammation in the lungs of influenza virus-infected subjects; coupled with its ability to lower virus load.

My family and I were all recently sick, and when I took the Euglena, I immediately felt something going to work.  With all this virus healing and respiratory tract improvements, are you thinking what I’m thinking?  

Many clinical studies show immunity markers spike in charts when taking the Euglena, activating immune signaling pathways.

Furthermore, Euglena builds a strong fortress in our gut.  70% – 80% of our immune cells are found in the gut, and a lot of the immune cells are localized at areas in the small intestine known as the Peyer’s Patches. Peyer’s Patches house a variety of immune cells, including macrophages, dendritic cells, T cells, and B cells. Robust and vigilant Peyer’s Patches defend us against viral and bacterial infections. In March 2020, Prof Adachi of Tokyo Medical & Dental University, found that Euglena enhanced the Peyer’s Patches and increased the activities of the immune cells in our intestine. Peyer’s Patches decline rapidly with age so this finding offers a valuable insight into how we can maintain a youthful and robust immunity.

There are so many more clinical studies in regards to cancer, diabetes, extension of healthy life expectancy, improvements on brain functions and mental outlook, relieve symptoms from Rheumatoid Arthritis, enhance agility and reflex movements, reduction in inflammation, increased transit time, and so much more.

And as usual, there has to be a grand finale.

Euglena has the potential to tighten the skin and elasticity.

At the clinical study at the link here,, Euglena was added to skin fibroblasts through immune support pathways.  When the euglena activated the immune cells, it was responsible for significantly increasing the gene expression of hyaluronic acid.  Hyaluronic acid is one of the moisturizing ingredients necessary for maintaining skin firmness and elasticity. These results indicate that Euglena extract may boost immunity and, through it, maintain good skin firmness and elasticity. Lastly, they declared to pursue more research on taking it internally and topically to discover more of its impact on the skin.

So taking Euglena internally has the potential to activate the production of Hyaluronic Acid.

They are suggesting that the Euglena has the potential to improve the skin firmness and elasticity when taking it internally, and also topically.  In Japan, they have actually created an entire Euglena Beauty Face Cream Industry around it.  I personally think taking it internally is better, but Angela and I discovered a way to take it both internally and externally.

We experimented making a Euglena Algae face mask out of the powder.  We have the Euglena available in both powder and capsules.  We discovered that adding just a tad bit of water dissolves the Euglena into a liquid paste that you can apply to the face.  You can just feel it absorbing into the skin, and then it hardens.  It was like a healthy food mask, but with a potent Beta-Glucan Algae.  Just use single drops of water until it reaches the perfect consistency.  It’s way better than the watered down expensive Euglena Skin Creams in Japan.

We also tried mixing the Euglena with oils.  However, the fermented Euglena didn’t dissolve like it did in the water, and it was like an exfoliating granulated oil.   However, Angela suggested that if you wanted to sleep with it overnight, the oil may be the way to go. 

You can’t get this anywhere, not even on Amazon.  If you look really hard, you might find a $120 jar of capsules in Japan like I did.  As usual, it usually takes about 6 months to a year for other companies to catch on to my new innovations, and within 6 months to a year, other companies will have watered down versions of this.  Ours is just one straight potent ingredient, Euglena.

I am so excited about this new product, I literally been shoveling this new food down lol.  I feel it’s effect every time I take it.  I love the sense of well being it gives me.  I was on a Raw Food diet for 25 years, so I’m pretty sensitive to things and I feel them heavily. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t feel anything, but it is definitely going to work for you.  My current diet is still very clean, and I will share that in a video at some point soon.