Freeze Dried Durian (one kilo bag)


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No oil. No additives.

Yep! We just got Freeze Dried Durian, Mangosteen, and Jackfruit in stock!

People either love the Durian or they hate it lol.

Me and my family love it! Immediately I had two of the kilo bags sent to me here, for me and my family. Our little one Lia (Leandra), loves it the most and eats it straight from the bag. However, when I make durian ice cream out of it, our bigger one Oria loves it the most. One other thing that I love to do, is to add it to almond milk with other things to make a raw food cereal. It’s so good.

When they get here in a week, I’ll do a video with them, and I’ll show you how to make the durian ice cream. It tastes just like frozen durian. When you pick durian at the Asian Market, it is super expensive and there is a 50/50 chance that you picked a good one due to its ripeness. The really cool thing about this durian, is that it is all picked ripe at the perfect time.

We really like the Mangosteen too. When you get one of those rare seeds in the mangosteen flesh, it just tastes so good. The jackfruit is good too.

As usual, we are offering these newly arrived products ‘At-Cost’ until the end of the month. Leandra loves it so much, that I ordered a couple of small bags on Amazon from a couple of different sellers for like 20 times the price. Additionally, one of them had maltodextrin in it. ugh.

Our Durian is just one ingredient, Durian.

From Thailand.