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Today we’ve got another one of those potent medicinal herbs, which works as well as pharmaceutical drugs in many circumstances.

We used to carry our Guggul extract quite awhile ago. When all of the chaos happened in my life, some products faded away, and I’ve been bringing them back one at a time.

A professional nutritionist named Gaylene Kuintzle, who I have much respect for, attended one of my retreats back in the day in Vilcabamba, Ecuador. She started using our Guggul as her thyroid medication when pharmaceutical drugs wouldn’t work. She has been begging me since forever to get this product back, and we finally have it.

You’ve got to see this testimonial from her below.
“I had hashimotos years ago and I tried all kinds of things to get my thryoid back to normal. I had been on medication for 3 years and just took myself off. It was a lot of hard years trying to get my body balanced. I wanted so badly not to be on medication. I had adrenal fatigue etc. There were many herbs that helped but it wasn’t till I took your guggul that the rest fell into place. I had been taking my temperature in the morning because that was what I was told to do to know whether my thyroid was working fully.

I started the guggul four days before I had a doctors appt to take blood tests (I had conceded that I probably needed medication.) My temperature by the 4th day was in range for what they said was normal. That day I drove a 1 1/2 hours to my doctor appt and had my blood test. When I went back she said my T3, T4 and reverse T3 were all normal. Even though my TSH was high. She didn’t recommend hormone replacement.

It is my thyroid medication at this point. (much better than a drug form) I tried the medications again before I found your guggul but they made me sick. Thank you for providing a great product.”

I did a YouTube video interview with Gaylene 4 years ago, sharing about how she healed her thyroid condition with our Guggul.

If you are interested in watching that video, you can do so at the link below:

Guggul is well known to possess thyroid stimulatory effects. There are numerous clinical studies supporting the use of Guggul in helping to balance Thyroid levels.

At the clinical study here, T3 resin uptake, protein bound iodine, as well as free thyroxine index in the media were observed to be significantly increased. They concluded that Guggul may be useful in the management of hypothyroidism and its associated disorders like, hypercholesterolemia, hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis etc.

At the clinical study here, it states that Guggul potentially ameliorates hypothyroidism in female mice. Guggul reversed induced hypothyroidism in mice, showing that it has the potential to stimulate thyroid function.

At the clinical study here on humans, they investigated the management of hypothyroidism employing a Guggul formulation. Results showed that this treatment significantly improved signs and symptoms associated with hypothyroidism, such as weakness, fatigue, and muscle aches.

At the clinical study here, it shows Guggul’s thyroid stimulating action. It brought about an increase in iodine-uptake and enhanced activities of thyroid peroxidase and protease as well as oxygen consumption. It ameliorated hypothyroidism through its ability to increase thyroid hormone in vivo.

I mainly wanted to share Guggul’s benefits in regards to the thyroid. However, just like Shatavari, Guggul has immense therapeutic potential against several diseases.

Below, I thought that I would go a little bit deeper into talking about just a few of them, including Arthritis, Acne, and Obesity.

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis which affects a wide range of people. Since Guggul has been reported to exhibit high affectivity against arthritis in numerous animal studies, its effect was evaluated in numerous clinical studies on humans. In one such study here, Guggul extract was administered to 30 patients with knee osteoarthritis. The patients receiving drug treatment reported a decrease in knee pain and swelling of the knee joint as well as increased knee flexion. Additionally, those treated with Guggul increased their walking distance.

In a similar study here, 30 patients with arthritis were treated with Guggul for 1 month which resulted in remarkable improvement in the total WOMAC scores of the patients condition. The Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Arthritis Index (WOMAC) is widely used in the evaluation of Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis.

Again, there are also a crazy amount of studies done on animals with arthritis producing profound results.

Not only does it have the potential to work really well on Osteoarthritis, but it has the potential to help with rheumatoid arthritis as well. At the studies here, here, and here, the induction of experimental arthritis in rabbits was modified to provide a better model replica of human arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis, treatment with guggul decreased the thickness of joint swelling, reduced the infiltration of leucocytes into the pleural cavity, suppressed the pro-inflammatory cytokines and increased beta-glucuronidase activity in vivo. A study on rats at the clinical study here, had similar results.

Now let’s move on to the effectiveness of Guggul in treating Acne. Guggul has been shown to be effective in both complementary and alternative treatments for nodulocystic acne, a severe form of acne affecting the face, chest, and back. In fact, at the clinical study here, 21 people found that taking 25 mg of guggulsterone orally was as effective as tetracycline, an antibiotic commonly used to treat acne. Additionally, people with notably oily skin responded significantly better to guggulsterone than the tetracycline treatment.

At the study here, they found that taking guggul orally for 6 weeks helped treat acne without causing any major adverse effects. At the clinical study here, it was also shown to be effective in both complementary and alternative treatments for nodulocystic acne.

Now let’s take a look at something called Covibesity lol.

At the clinical study here, they suggested taking Guggal for what they called Covibesity (rise in obesity rates due to the pandemic). They suggested Guggul, because it is one of the major bioactive compounds in Aryuveda that plays a major role in lowering cholesterol, managing atherosclerosis, and it has also shown its effectiveness in regulating appetite. Therefore, they thought Guggul would be one of the best therapies for COVID pandemic induced obesity. They also stated that the Immune boosting capability of guggulsterone is also worth noticing, as it can help in controlling the cytokine storm which is one of the major inflammatory responses to SARS-CoV-2.

They cited the clinical study here, how the anti-obesity activity of guggulsterone is attributed to the two following different pathways.

a. Direct activity on 3T3 L1 adipocytes that results in mitochondrial biogenesis, upregulation of UCP1 and cellular consumption of oxygen.
b. Adipocyte begins through M2 polarization and subsequent catecholamine release.

They concluded that this pandemic seems to be evolving with time, so strategies must be developed to tackle CoviBesity. Since guggulsterone proves to possess a great anti-obesity effect, we would recommend the use of guggulsterone isomers to the most vulnerable section of the society.

I know that there was a lot of scientific terms in there that are difficult for most of us to understand. Here are a couple more easily understandable studies on Guggul helping with Obesity.

At the human study here, 58 people with obesity noted that guggul burned an extra 5 lbs, on average, compared with the non-treated group. At the test-tube study here, Guggul induces the breakdown of fat, thus reducing the volume of fatty tissue. Another rat study here, found that guggul had positive effects on the appetite-regulating hormones ghrelin and leptin. One more study here, of an Aryuvedic herbal formulation containing Guggul with three other herbs reduced both skin-fold thickness and body circumference.

On top of these four conditions, Guggul possesses multiple pharmacological activities, especially hypolipidemic, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor effects, cardioprotective, neuroprotective, hepatoprotective, and so much more. It’s also really good for Diabetes, Bowel Diseases, Gingivitis, Chronic Kidney Disease, Breast Lumps, Asthma, Memory Impairment, many kinds of Cancers and Tumors, Dementia, Depression, Gastritis, Pancreatitis, and so much more. At the clinical study here, it shares all of the details and studies in regards to all of these diseases and conditions.

Guggul, similar to Shatavari, has the potential to help treat a wide array of conditions and diseases in a natural way avoiding the typical side effects as seen in Pharmaceutical Drugs. I mainly wanted to share Guggul’s benefits on thyroid health, but I thought that you guys might appreciate a few more of the more common conditions that it helps.