Hair Loss Kit – 3 Month


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The 3 Month Kit Includes:
6 x Saw Palmetto
3 x B12 Probiotics
3 x Quintessential 3.3
3 x Ionic Angstrom Zinc
9 x Unfortified Nutritional Yeasts
3 x Orgono Silica, 1000ml
3 x Camu Powder

Oh man, it’s been awhile. The Hair Loss Kits are back, and they are new and improved! The biggest improvement is a magical hair loss cactus, which I will share with you further below.

This is a long one, so let’s just dive right in.

Sometimes we hear of a certain miracle nutrient that we need in order to grow our hair, such as Silica, B Vitamins, Trace Minerals, or something else. In some instances, they actually do work. However, there are many components that go together in creating beautiful healthy hair and skin. If you are missing one of them, there will be a lacking component for reaching the potential pinnacle of the perfect formation of your hair and skin. That’s why if someone tries a specific nutrient and it’s a miracle nutrient for them, it’s because they nailed the one hair growth nutritional component that they needed, and Bam!

This kit encompasses all of the key nutrients for growing hair from all natural superfoods and the most bioavailable natural supplements around, and also heavily targets, better than ever before, the hormonal issues associated with Hair Loss.

This is a very powerful kit that has the potential to stop hair loss in its tracks, stimulate hair growth, and give you fuller, thicker, and shinier hair. Furthermore, it has the potential to help with many other aspects having to do with your beauty, such as your skin and nails. Additionally, you are doing your body a favor, and giving it a full spectrum of all the nutrition it needs.

Over the years I have had countless people come to me about their hair loss problems. Hair loss is a huge issue within the health community, and among Vegans too.

When a person improves their diet, they change their entire body construct. Detoxification creates gas and toxins, which pours into the system. When we start to eat different healthier foods, a change happens in the gut microbiome, things are digesting differently, sometimes a complete elimination of animal products occurs, and it can easily cause a ruckus in the body, resulting in thinning of the hair and even hair loss.

One of my forte’s in life is to figure out all the nutrient combinations that work really well together in order to help people with all sorts of conditions and issues.

The last time we offered these kits, people had incredible results. Here are a couple of testimonials.

Matt, I just want to say thank you so much for helping me with my hair problems. I have had so much hair loss over the last 10 years and it was so discouraging. I purchased the superfoods hair loss kit from you a few months ago. within a few weeks I had people telling me my hair looks so much fuller. I experience very little hair loss now. I used to pull out gobs of hair after washing and now it’s just a few strands and sometimes no strands at all. I love the orgono living silica and the DIM products. Thank you so much, Sharon B
Hi Matt, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your advice and products you offer. I always love what I get from you, and recently after watching the hair loss hangout, I immediately ordered the kit that literally did magic! I had a horrifying skin condition on my hands, which I have never had in my entire life. From early January this year I noticed first some weird wrinkly areas around my eyes (thought I was tired and stressed), and then all my hands started to crack and got covered with ugly red dry patches all over, I could hardly move my fingers. I got a couple of most expensive creams I could find and a month of applications would not improve the condition for a hit. My blood test shows perfect results, and my doctor did not give me any other advice saying I was fine. Right after I got my hair loss kit, I started taking all the things exactly the way you explained, and on the third day my hands became nice and smooth like a child’s. I could not believe it, but ever since I do not put a drop of lotion, do all the washing and cleaning with no gloves, and my skin looks and feels perfect! I cannot stop touching it, white and smooth, and all the cracks are completely gone, not a single trace of there was any problem at all. My eyes are actually not so puffy, and the skin is so much smoother. I feel like I am finally woke up! I got way more energy and do not skip my gym visits. And I definitely could feel something was missing in my system. I can’t thank you enough, and I am sending love to your wonderful absolutely amazing beautiful family. Anna O’Neil
All we are simply doing is supplying the top nutrients needed for the production of collagen and hair growth in their most bioavailable form. When I say bioavailable, boy do I mean bioavailable.

Generally, when a person has hair loss issues, it’s either a nutritional deficiency or a hormonal issue. This kit handles both of these situations head on.

First we are going to start with the Nutritional aspects of hair growth, and then we will discuss the Magical Hair Loss Cactus, which target the hormonal side of hair loss unlike anything I have ever seen before.

There are so many different nutritional elements that go into growing hair, and if you are lacking in just one of them, it can cause an issue with the entire hair growth process.

First and foremost, we are going to target the greatest deficiency of all time that practically all Americans suffer from. Minerals. Minerals are the number one deficiency in the world, and this is a big reason for hair loss. The soils are depleted and they are spraying stuff all over it. There are no RDA requirements for minerals, so nobody is doing anything about it. The mineral product inside this kit, is the number one product I recommend to people in general.

Without minerals we can’t grow hair. Many people are worried that they are not getting enough collagen or protein to produce hair, skin and nails. However, that’s not the problem. The issue is that we are lacking minerals. All of us are most likely eating enough protein, it’s extremely easy. Our body then breaks down the protein with enzymes into amino acids. Enzymes then takes those amino acids, and rebuilds tissues, tendons, ligaments, and collagen, within the body. However, the enzymes need minerals to activate this process. If you don’t have the proper amount of minerals, then you are not going to produce collagen properly, and this can be a reason for hair loss. So, It’s the minerals that activate the enzymes to rebuild collagen. You are most likely getting enough collagen and protein, you are just not getting enough minerals.

There are 94 total trace minerals, and we want to make sure that we are getting them all in order to grow our hair efficiently. Unfortunately, the plant kingdom doesn’t contain all 94 trace minerals. However, the ocean does, and has all the minerals the body needs. That’s why seaweed is so important, and that’s why the Japanese have such long life spans.

This product Quintessential is the most bioavailable mineral product available on the planet, and I truly believe it is 10,000x’s more bioavailable and absorbable, compared to almost all full-spectrum mineral supplements on the market. This is one of the few products that I take every single day, and will continue to do so until the day I die.

They get this mineral supplement, from this one area in the ocean where Zooplankton and Marine Phytoplankton congregate. The Zooplankton eat the Marine Phytoplankton along with the ocean water, and they filter all that through their digestive system secreting a saline solution. It transforms all of the minerals into an organic bioavailable form making it extremely bioavailable. Under a microscope it is very close to the human blood molecule, increasing its usability and absorption rate.

In 1904, Renee Quinton, a French biologist and physiologist, helped thousands of people of all ages to regain an optimal state of health using this Marine Therapy to rebuild damaged cells by means of seawater. Athletes have used this for decades to help with hydration and performance.

This product is 100% clean. I get the nucleotide tests all the time. It’s done in laboratories, and everything is cleaned out. With this product, you are going to get every mineral the body needs.

B Vitamins are next on the list and they work really well together with minerals for skin and hair loss conditions. If you are deficient in B vitamins, then your hair is most likely going to fall out. If you go to the medical websites, and look up all of the Vitamin B deficiencies, the majority of them will say hair loss.

For example, Vitamin B6 is like the spark plug that gets everything to work well, and it helps to synthesize collagen. Biotin B7 helps with the metabolism and growth of protein, and strengthens the hair as well, making it thicker. It also enhances the keratin, which is the type of protein that the hair, skin, and nails are made out of, and gives it strength. B12 is a cofactor for many different proteins in the body, including your hair, skin and nails. If you are deficient, you are going to have a hard time fully developing the protein necessary for you hair, and other aspects of your body. When your B12 levels drop below 300 ng/l, you will have symptoms including hair loss, breathlessness, lack of energy, palpitations, bleeding gums, mouth ulcers, and tingling in the hands and feet.

People that are deficient in B vitamins will have problems with protein in general, and problems building collagen. Since the hair is collagen, we want to include B Vitamins. The best way to get your B Vitamins is through two aspects, our B12 Probiotics and our Unfortified Nutritional Yeast. The B12 Probiotics are a fermented probiotic, supports gut health, and is the most bioavailable B12 on the market, The serving size of 1/2 teaspoon will give you all the required B12 that you need in a day. The Nutritional Yeast is a bioavailable great tasting food source that will supply you with the rest of your B Vitamins. The Nutritional Yeast is really good at relaxing you and getting stress out of the body, so it’s actually good for cortisol serum levels as well. The 3 tablespoon serving size, will provide 40% of your required Iron, 30% of your required Zinc, and 40% of your required Selenium, which are all really good for your hair.

Unfortunate Note:
As I’ve been researching and putting this kit together, I’m embarrassed to say this, but our nutrition facts are off on the Nutritional Yeast bag, and being updated on the next run. I had our actual supplier send me the correct version of the Nutrition Facts, and you can see these incredible nutrition facts percentages in the image below. The next time you order, our pouches will be updated to these percentages, for example our bag says 4% iron and it’s really 40%. Ugh:

Can you believe that nutritional breakdown of our Unfortified Nutritional Yeast? That is absolutely insane.

Next is Silica, and this is the number one mineral responsible for manufacturing collagen. It makes your hair very shiny, gives your hair strength, and protects the hair from splitting. It prevents wrinkles, and makes your skin and nails stronger and tougher. Silica is supposed to be extremely abundant in the human body. If it’s not abundant, then you are not going to efficiently have the beautifying aspects required for your hair, skin, and nails for which it is responsible for. It’s pretty much, the beauty mineral.

Orgono Silica was made for bioavailability and absorption. When compared in clinical studies to any other silicic acid, colloidal silica or any plant based silica supplement on the market, this one was shown to be way more bioavailable. You’ll probably notice that your hair, skin, and nails will just start growing and become very strong if you start taking it.

Vitamin C is next on the list and is an essential component for making collagen, and your hair is part collagen. Vitamin C makes your collagen extremely strong.

For example, if a person gets Scurvy, which is a Vitamin C deficiency, they will get little bald spot hair patches as a symptom. Other symptoms is their gums will start to recede, their gums will bleed, and their teeth may fall out, because they can’t manufacture collagen properly. One of the reasons why micro-hemorrhaging happens in the cardiovascular system is due to a lack of Vitamin C. When you are making collagen, you want the skin and the arteries to be really tight. When you are not getting enough Vitamin C, it won’t form properly and then there will be holes there, which causes the micro-hemorrhaging.

Vitamin C is one of those vitamins that the body can’t produce on its own and you have to get it from outside sources. It’s critical to get a full spectrum Vitamin C every single day. For, example, as you may know, I’m a big fan of Dr. Norman Walker who lived to be about 100 years old. He made sure to drink 8oz of Orange Juice, every single morning, in order to get his daily needs met of Vitamin C. It’s critical to get a full spectrum Vitamin C with all of its proper components or it won’t serve our purpose here.

Camu powder is a Superfood, which has the highest amount of Vitamin C compared to any other food on the planet, and you are getting the entire Vitamin C complex in its natural food form. The entire Vitamin C complex is not just ascorbic acid. It contains bioflavonoids (Vitamin P), which is the factor that supports the connective tissue around the arteries and the veins. It also contains Vitamin J, the “Anti-Pneumonia” Vitamin, which helps your lungs increase oxygen, making it easier for you to climb up stairs without getting out of breath so easily.

The Vitamin C full complex also comes with Copper inside of it in an enzyme form called Tyrosinase, which is there as a precursor to help build the adrenal hormones, is critical for building collagen, and avoiding split ends. The reservoir of vitamin C in the body is held by the adrenals, and we want to make sure that we don’t burn them out by taking too much ascorbic acid. When you take Camu Powder, you are getting the full spectrum of Vitamin C in its natural form and you don’t have to worry about this problem. The last component of this Full Natural Vitamin C complex is Vitamin K, which has to do with clotting factors. You may get bruising if you don’t have enough of this component. The ascorbic acid found in over abundance in many supplements on the market isn’t even the active ingredient in Vitamin C. Its purpose is to simply protect the other components mentioned above.

The last item for the nutrient section of our Hair Loss Kit is Zinc, which is a vital mineral for hair growth. Dr. Norman Walker, who I just mentioned before, took a homeopathic zinc tablet every day. He stated that Zinc is used in so many processes of the human body, and isn’t that easy to get.

Zinc is involved in working with 100’s of different enzymes, especially with making proteins. Your hair is protein. If you are deficient in Zinc, you are going to have a problem with getting good hair growth, your hair is going to come out extremely thin, and you won’t get that thickness you really want. Furthermore, without sufficient Zinc, your hair will dry out. Zinc is very important for your hair, skin, and nails.

We have added the perfect Ionic Angstrom-Sized Zinc Mineral supplement to the Hair Loss Kit that you can take every single day. This is a liquid extremely bioavailable Zinc that would be just as good, if not better than what Dr. Norman Walker took back in his day.

Everything that we have just discussed, should take care of all of your nutritional needs, in regards to your hair growth and enhancing your beauty. We also have both of our Marine Phytoplanktons as ‘add-on’s’ to this kit. You don’t need them, but if you want to take this to another level, I will discuss it just further below.

This next section of the Hair Loss Kit targets hair loss from hormonal issues, which would be the other possible cause of hair loss other than nutrient deficiency. Hormonal hair loss issues can be from Alopecia, Male Patterned Baldness where you have receding hair, or just thinning of the hair in general.

The cause of these hormonal issues is generally from high levels of DHT, which is an extremely powerful testosterone. In your body there is an enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT. DHT is a very powerful testosterone, which has been shown to cause hair loss and shrinking of the hair follicles until they are completely gone. The enzymes that converts testosterone to DHT are called 5-alpha-reductase. What we need to do here in order to prevent hair loss from hormonal issues, is to take a 5-alpha-reductase enzyme inhibitor. This will stop that conversion of DHT to testosterone from happening. That will reduce DHT, and it helps hormonally to get your hair back. It’s also good for the prostate, unwanted facial hair, and acne.

One of the most exciting improvements of this kit, is that we are using a cactus called Saw Palmetto. It has got to be the most effective 5-alpha-reductase enzyme inhibitor available. It actually has many studies on it, such as the one at the link here, showing that it inhibits this enzyme, and the amount required for activity is comparatively low. You are going to get two bags of the Saw Palmetto, one for taking internally, and one for topical use. Wait until you see the following studies just below!

However, you have to be very careful, because there are a lot of fake Saw Palmetto’s out there. Real Saw Palmetto only grows in one place in the world, and ironically that is Northern Florida and Southern Georgia right near me. You can get Saw Palmetto from all over the world, but it’s not the real thing. Saw Palmetto should be dark in color. If you see anything clear on the market, like a clear oil, that’s fake, and it’s not going to address the problem in the same way. We are actually one of the only companies that has a monograph of the Saw Palmetto, which means that it has been shown by Pharmacopeia that they have identified it as the real thing.

Our Saw Palmetto is like liquid gold, and is CO2 critically extracted, so it’s extremely pure stuff. Inside these precious gel caps, you are getting Pure Saw Palmetto liquid goodness that will support the hormonal issues around your hair better than anything else out there. Each gel cap contains the perfect 320 mg. In the clinical study here, only a 200mg dose of Saw Palmetto reduced hair loss in 60% of men with androgenic alopecia compared to a placebo.

One bag of our Saw Palmetto has 30 gel caps to last you a month. However, the kit contains two bags, because it can actually be used topically to enhance hair growth more effectively than anything else out there. This is crazy. In the clinical study here, nearly half of the 25 participants increased their hair count by 11.9 percent after four months of treatment using it topically. In the clinical study here, this review of 7 studies found that oral and topical supplements containing saw palmetto improved hair quality by 60%, raised total hair count by 27%, and increased hair density in 83% of people with hair loss.

Within our extremely pure CO2 critically extracted Saw Palmetto Liquid Gold here, is a little bit of Pumpkin Seed Oil, to enhance its absorption. Pumpkin Seed Oil is rich in Vitamin E, Zinc, Omega 3 and 6 Fatty acids, and Phytosterols. As I stated earlier, Zinc is a necessity for hair growth, and Phytosterols is also a 5-alpha-reductase enzyme inhibitor. Using our Saw Palmetto internally and topically, is literally the best possible product available for addressing the hormonal aspects of hair loss. In the instructions section just a bit further below, we will discuss how to use the Saw Palmetto internally and topically. It’s so easy to use topically, and you can feel it going to work.

Real quickly, when I cut open my first Saw Palmetto gel cap to use topically, I licked my fingers and I couldn’t believe how potent and strong it was. I even got a nice energy buzz in my head. There is nothing else like this on the market. With the pumpkin seed oil, it’s just so easy to apply it all over the scalp, and it helps it absorb right in. I could literally feel the tingling on my scalp knowing that it was going to work. It almost felt like tingling menthol on my scalp. My dad is as bald as a ping pong ball glistening in the sun lol, and I am so excited about this stuff that I am personally going to get like 10 bags and use it on my scalp every night before going to bed. My scalp just feels so well nourished and healthier after applying it to my scalp for a few days.

After taking all of these items from the Hair Loss Kit above for 1-3 months, I’d be surprised if you didn’t notice some kind of a difference.

Although not needed, If you want to take this Hair Loss Kit to the next level, we have both of our Marine Phytoplanktons as add-ons, along with Dastony’s Sprouted Pumpkin Seed Butter, that you can get alongside the Hair Loss Kit. All three of these items are on special this month along with the Hair Loss Kit.

Both Marine Phytoplankton strains (Nannochloropsis Gadtana and Tetraselmis Chuii), will address the nutritional side for hair loss in a big way. However, the Tetraselmis Chuii SOD strain will also address the hormonal side of hair loss from a completely different angle.

The Nannochloropsis Gadtana Marine Phytoplankton strain is mainly for the nutritional side, and contains every vitamin and mineral ever discovered. It’s crazy full spectrum getting you all the nutrients you need, and really good at maintaining over all health. Inside every serving you receive approximately 67,500,000,000 single cell plants that contain every vitamin and mineral ever discovered. It also does something incredible on an energetic level as we’ve seen from all of the testimonials. If you want this Nannochloropsis Gadtana add-on, it will help to make sure there aren’t any gaps in your nutrition enabling optimal hair growth.

The Tetraselmis Chuii Marine Phytoplankton strain, will address the nutritional and the hormonal side from a completely different angle. Instead of targeting overall nutrition, it targets B12, but also the very powerful Antioxidant, Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD), on a level that has never been seen before in any single given food.

At the clinical study here, it states, SOD is an antioxidant enzyme that is important in almost all cells exposed to oxygen (which includes the hair and skin), decreased levels or activity of SOD can cause oxidative stress status of body cells including hair keratinocytes.

Since our hair is exposed to oxygen, SOD is one of the most powerful antioxidants that protects our hair follicles against cellular stress, free radicals, and environmental factors. It’s considered the first line of defense against oxidative stress which causes visible signs of aging, and hair loss.

To further this point, at the clinical study here, it states, the red blood cells of patients with androgenetic alopecia, the SOD activity significantly decreased, but the other anti-oxidative molecules had no change.

What they are saying here is that people who have hair loss issues due to genetics, have less SOD compared to others.

At the clinical study here, they state, oxidative stress plays a major role in the aging process of the hair. It goes on to say that the body naturally possesses SOD among other Anti-oxidative molecules, protecting it from free radicals by reducing and neutralizing them. With age, the product of free radicals increases, while our SOD and other Anti-oxidative molecules decrease. This imbalance leads to progressive damage of cellular structures, resulting in aging of the hair, a decrease of melanocyte function or graying, and decrease in hair product or alopecia.

So one of the reasons our hair degrades and turns gray as we age, is due to how our SOD anti-oxidative molecules, that our body naturally possesses, decreases with age. The SOD is one of the main antioxidants that protects our hair and skin due to it being exposed to oxygen.

The beauty about our Tetraselmis Chuii Marine Phytoplankton strain, is that when you take only 1/16 of a teaspoon, you will literally get 8250 units of SOD and .55 mcg’s of B12, which is a lot. If you were to take double that amount at 1/8 of a teaspoon, you will literally get 16500 units of SOD and 1.1 mcg’s of B12. These levels of SOD are unheard of, especially in an unprocessed Raw Super Food.

As it states above, people with genetic issues with hair loss have less SOD, and as we age the amount our body naturally possesses of SOD goes down. Here is a Superfood that is loaded with more SOD compared to any other food on the planet. It’s just a really good way to assist in the protection of our aging hair and skin due to the lack of, or decreasing amounts of SOD that we naturally possess.

The last add-on in our hair loss kit is Dastony’s Sprouted Pumpkin Seed Butter. Pumpkin Seeds are loaded with Phytosterols, which is also a 5-alpha-reductase enzyme inhibitor. It also has a good amount of Zinc, which we learned above is critical for hair growth. Therefore, the Sprouted Pumpkin Seed Butter, will address the nutritional and hormonal side of hair loss. We got their sprouted pumpkin seed butter, just to make sure that there is no phytic acid preventing absorption of the nutrients. It’s also at a super good price this month, $11.95 each when you get a 3-pack, instead of the normal $14.95 price.

Here is a quick run down of all the superfoods and bioavailable supplements within this kit:

Quintessential – All Minerals Needed by the human body in the most Bioavailable form available
Orgono Silica – Monomethylsilanetriol (MMST), proven an extremely bioavailable Silica
B12 Probiotics – Fermented Most Absorbable B12 Available
Camu powder – Most Potent Full-Spectrum Natural Vitamin C Food Source
3 x Unfortified Nutritional Yeast – Bioavailable B Vitamins, and loaded with Iron, Selenium, and Zinc.
Ionic Angstrom Zinc – Most Bioavailable Zinc
2 x Pure Saw Palmetto – The Ultimate 5-Alpha-Reductase Inhibitor for the Hormonal Side (Internal & Topical)

Possible Add on’s (Not needed, but are incredible):
Marine Phytoplankton (Nannochloropsis Gadtana) – Has a full spectrum of all the Vitamins, Minerals, and nutrition that the body thrives on.
Marine Phytoplankton (Tetraselmis Chuii) – Loaded with B12, and more SOD Antioxidants compared to any other food on the planet.
Sprouted Pumpkin Seed Butter – Works both as a nutritional and hormonal component for hair loss

Below are all of the instructions on how to exactly take the Hair Loss Kit. Save or print this email to refer to once your Hair Loss Kit arrives, so you know how to take it. There won’t be instructions included with the kit. I will also put this entire write up in the Hair Loss Kit product description in our store just in case you lose this email.


First thing in the morning on an empty stomach, take the recommended dosage of:

Quintessential (1 sachet)
Ionic Angstrom Zinc (1 Tablespoon)
Orgono Silica (1 Tablespoon).

You can add them all to your water and drink them down together. If you prefer, you can also just take them straight one at a time. Some people like to hold it under their tongue for optimal absorption.

Don’t consume anything else for at least 30 minutes or longer.

After the 30 minutes are up, take:

1/2 teaspoon of the Camu powder
1/2 teaspoon of the B12 Probiotics
1 gel cap of the Saw Palmetto

I like to put everything directly in my mouth and chase it down with water. Alternatively, you can put the powders in a shot glass of water and drink it down if that works best for you. Or if you like the taste, you can put it in an entire glass of water and drink it down. The Saw Palmetto, just swallow the gel cap with water. It’s not rocket science, just take them all together one way or another.

The Orgono Silica will give you over 60 servings. Take a second Tablespoon per day, later in the day on an empty stomach after your meal has been fully digested.

For the Nutritional Yeast, all that you need to do is consume a minimum of 3 tablespoons (serving size) per day anyway you want. You are going to get 3 bags of Nutritional Yeast in the kit to last you a month. Don’t consume it with the other products in the kit though. I personally like to take an avocado with salt, and I will pour nutritional yeast all over it. I also love to just pour it on my salads. It’s like cheese and everybody loves it. It’s unfortified and tastes more natural compared to any other Nutritional Yeast out there. You can also put it on any other meal that you eat throughout the day. All you have to do is take 3 tablespoons per day any way you want in order to get your B vitamins. As I stated earlier, it also has a great amount of Iron, Selenium, and Zinc.

Last but not least, I am going to share with you how to apply the Saw Palmetto Liquid Oil Gold to your scalp. I am so excited about this stuff lol.

Right before bed, simply cut open a gel cap with scissors. Smaller fingernail scissors works better, but any kind of scissors will work. Squeeze a little bit on to the tips of your 3 middle fingers (there should be enough to squeeze it on to your fingers 4 – 5 times). Next choose the area on your scalp that you feel needs the most attention, and rub those three middle fingers on the scalp over that area to apply the oil and rub it in everywhere. Next take the gel cap in your other hand, and squeeze more out on to the tips of your three middle fingers on your other hand. Then apply the oil to the next most important area and rub the oil in everywhere.

You should be able to do this process 4-5 times with one gel cap until your entire scalp is coated. Me personally, I first go to the to front side areas where male pattern baldness begins. I then go to the back top area where baldness also happens in men. For women, it may be to the side middle area where the hair is parted. After I apply the oil to these three areas, I then just start applying the rest everywhere along the scalp with my finger tips. It’s so easy to do because it’s an oil and you should be able to apply it to the entire scalp.

It will then absorb beautifully with the pumpkin seed oil. You should be able to feel it going to work. It does have a strong smell. However, in the morning once it’s completely absorbed, there shouldn’t be any smell left. Again, I’m getting like 10 bags of this stuff. I’m super excited.

Here are the instructions for taking the add-ons if you decide to get them.

Take one or both Marine Phytoplanktons on an empty stomach after your first meal digests completely 100%. You can add it straight in your mouth or take it with water.

The serving size for both Marine Phytoplanktons is 1/16 of a teaspoon. When you take it, you will know that is plenty due to how you feel. A little bit goes such a long way. The Tetraselmis Chuii SOD Marine Phytoplankton strain cost a lot more to make, and one bag only lasts 30 days at 1/16 of a teaspoon, while the Nannochloropsis Gadtana Marine Phytoplankton strain will last you 90 days at 1/16 of a teaspoon. If you decide to take a second serving of either Marine Phytoplankton strain, make sure it’s done on an empty stomach after your next meal is completely digested.

The pumpkin seed butter is similar to the Nutritional Yeast in how to take it. Simply eat it with meals. 1 Tablespoon a day will last you about 16 days for one jar, so consider your dosing based off of that.

What we are doing here, is we are taking really good care of yourself, and your beauty.  We are pretty much getting all of the nutrients that your body needs here, especially if you get the Marine Phytoplankton (Nannochloropsis Gadtana) strain. It’s a beautiful kit, it will help your hair, beauty, your nutrition levels and your health. It’s a Superfood Beauty and Hair Loss kit.

This Hair Loss Kit is heavily discounted. Normally $269.95, it’s $219.95 when you get the one month kit, and if you get the 3 month kit, which has 3 times more of every single product, it comes down to $199.99 for each month. We also have all the products available individually. All of the add-ons are on special this month including the Sprouted Pumpkin Seed butter, which is normally $14.95, and you can get them for $11.95 each when you get a 3-pack.

This is a very powerful kit that has the potential to stop hair loss in its tracks, stimulate hair growth, and give you fuller, thicker, and shinier hair, along with enhancing your skin, finger nails, and beauty on all level