Liquid Chlorophyll


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  • Liver & Immune Support – Liquid Chlorophyll drops are essential in helping build strong liver function, in turn helping build a strong immune system. Unlike chlorophyll capsules or chlorophyll pills, our liquid is best for maximum absorption.
  • Helps With Body Odor – Our Liquid Chlorophyll works as body odor supplements go, for it naturally helps with body sweat and bad breath. Chlorophyll internally breaks down odor-causing compounds by helping detoxify your body.
  • Delicious Peppermint Taste – Our organic chlorophyll is a great tasting liquid that you’ll actually look forward to taking. Take it directly in your mouth, add to your water or your juice smoothie, it’s just the boost you need.
  • Advanced Detox Cleanse – Promotes your body to help rid itself of toxins and support higher metabolic functions and enjoy sustained energy.