Matt’s NEW Almond Butter, 16oz


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Get ready!

We just got in 420 jars of our Wild Jungle Peanut Butter, and 400 jars of my brand spanking new Almond Butter, which is now thin and liquid-like, just like the good ol’ days.

People are literally crazy over our Wild Jungle Peanut Butter. When it’s out of stock, I have many people writing in worried, because they need to continually have it on hand due to how ridiculously good it is. Some people write in begging me, stating that they’ll get 20 jars if I can get it back in stock.

The reasons why we have such long outages is because it takes a long time to make, and it takes a long time to get scheduled in to have it made. They hand-peel every last Wild Jungle Peanut, and I have them stone-grind the nut butters for as many days as possible in order to make them as thin and liquid-like as possible. They only have so many stone grinders, so it takes a long time to get scheduled in. Furthermore, Wild Jungle Peanuts are not always available, and at some point there will be a long drought of not having it available.

This is literally the best and healthiest Peanut Butter on the planet. One of the many reasons why it’s so good is because of how thin and liquid-like it gets. My Almond Butter used to be this thin and Liquid-Like back in the day when I had access to really good stone-grinders that could grind it to this consistency.

I have been heart broken ever since I lost that access.

However now, these guys who make our Wild Jungle Peanut Butter are also now making Matt’s Almond Butter! They have the best stone grinders on the planet. My New Almond Butter has been brought right back to how it used to be in the olden days. It is now once again extremely liquid-like and as thin as can be. Oh my gosh it’s so good. You will never experience another Almond Butter like this.

I have them stone-grind both of these nut butters for many days on end with these stone grinders. Since the Wild Jungle Peanut Butter is seasonal, we will at least always have My New Almond Butter on hand, which is very similar in terms of its thin liquid-like consistency. I think that you guys will go absolutely crazy for it, just like the Wild Jungle Peanut Butter.

This Wild Jungle Peanut Butter is a rare commodity. Not only are Wild Jungle Peanuts sparse at times, but you are not going to get Wild Jungle Peanut Butter, that is hand pealed, raw, and stone ground for numerous days like this. If you weren’t aware, if a nut butter is not stone ground, then there is a good chance that it is not really Raw. This has got to be the best, and healthiest Peanut Butter in the world.

As many of you know, we stone grind my Almond Butter for as many days as possible, in order to make it extremely creamy and liquid-like. Many say, that my Almond Butter is the best Almond Butter in the world.

This time around, we are using truly raw certified organic Jumbo Heirloom Almonds from the beautiful island of Sicily.

We also have these Almonds available ‘At-Cost’ alongside the almond butter, in both the raw form and sprouted form.

These Jumbo Almonds are otherworldly, unlike any you have ever tried before. They are fresh, creamy, non-bitter, slightly sweet, with a deep hint of amaretto; a light marzipan flavor.

This is a brand new fresh crop, so it’s a great time to get them.

As many of you know, most (if not all) “raw” almonds available on the market today are actually pasteurized via a steam or chemical process. They may not be “roasted”, but they are certainly cooked. This extra processing lowers the nutritional integrity of the nut, destroying the enzymes and compromising the key nutrients such as the healthy fats, protein, magnesium, and Vitamin E.

Our almonds are truly raw – no heat and no chemicals.

Once harvested, our almonds are dried via a traditional sun drying process under the warm Sicilian sun. Instead of immediately de-shelling the almonds, our partner farm keeps the nuts in the shell just prior to shipping for ultimate freshness, which preserves both the nutritional integrity and the flavor, and extends the shelf life of the almond.