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This Low Libido Kit Contains:
1 x Tongkat Ali 100x 1.8% Eurycomanone, 2oz
1 x Tongkat Ali 1×4, 2oz
1 x Ionic Angstrom-Sized Iodine, 18oz
1 x Black Maca Powder, 16oz
1 x Ionic Angstrom-Sized Zinc, 18oz


Ladies and Gentlemen.

Over the years, many people have continually asked me, “what do you have for a low libido?”

Well, I have stumbled upon an herb that is like no other for enhancing all aspects of libido in both men and women, as you will witness in the clinical studies further below.

This herb is Tongkat Ali.

However, this is no typical Tongkat Ali. It is 100x concentration, and includes just about 2% Eurycomanone, the active ingredient. It’s bitter, but it’s absolutely insane.

We actually have two Tongkat Ali herbs for you today. The 1×4, which is 4 times concentration, and then this bad boy here, which is 100x with 1.8% Eurycomanone. The 1.8% is extremely powerful lol.

The 1×4 (4 times concentration) will still have a good impact on libido, but when you extract the Eurycomanone like we have here, that’s when you really notice it.

We are going to dive into all of the science and clinical studies in a moment. However, taking the ‘Tongkat Ali 100x’s alone will most likely have a dramatic effect on its own due to its power, potency, and what it does for the body. However, we really want to get down to the root cause of a low libido. Therefore, I created an entire Low Libido Kit, to make sure that you have the endocrine system and hormonal support for your Libido. The full kit is your best shot at long-term healthy success. We have two kinds of Libido Kits; one for Men, and one for Women.

The Men’s Libido kit, has the potential to even help with Erectile Dysfunction. Granted, Erectile dysfunction is an extremely difficult one to remedy, but if anything is going to do it, it’s the Tongkat Ali along with the products within this Men’s Libido Kit.

Before we dive deep into this, the number one tip that I have for Erectile Dysfunction and Low Libido for men and women is; the longer you go without sexually satisfying yourself, the more virile and vigorous you will be on an ongoing basis. That goes for both men and women. This practice is very important to remedy Low Libido and Erectile Dysfunction, and that discipline should give you even greater satisfaction. Of course, healthy lifestyle choices are also important, including diet and exercise.

Ok, let’s move on.

As the body ages, it will inevitably face the loss of its sex hormones. For women, the experience is called menopause, and for men, it’s andropause. Much like men, the testosterone levels in women gradually declines over time. The rate of loss that they would experience after entering the fourth decade of their life is approximately 50% of their supply produced during their younger years.

This decline in sex hormone levels among aging women is typically sharp and rapid. The testosterone loss can also increase their ‘general morbidity’, which means the chance of developing a disease.

Women need testosterone in order to make estrogen, and that’s why it’s important for both men and women to take Tongkat Ali. As shown in many clinical studies, testosterone can lead to increased libido, no matter what your gender is. However, women only need half the dosage of the Tongkat Ali as the men need. Women may not require as much testosterone, but in healthy amounts it helps them maintain crucial bodily mechanisms, but also ensures their sexual health and well being. It can also make sexual pleasure more significant by increasing the sensitivity of women’s erogenous zones.

Ladies, there is no need to worry, because the beauty of Tongkat Ali is that it does not produce testosterone in the body. it is the only testosterone supplement that keeps testosterone from becoming bound. Once testosterone has been bound, then the body cannot absorb it. So keeping testosterone in its “free form”, and preventing it from becoming bound, allows your body to fully utilize the testosterone that your body naturally produces.

This is why Tongkat Ali is the best testosterone supplement in the world for a low libido. Nothing comes close to it in my opinion, and it’s the best natural approach one can take for a low libido. The clinical study in the next paragraph below shows that there was an increase in the “free form” testosterone levels. It simply allows the testosterone that your body naturally produces to go to work for you in a big way, especially with this crazy potency in our 100x Tongkat Ali.

In the clinical study here, both men and women senior’s (ranging from the age of 57-72 years) were daily given 400-mg of Tongkat Ali extract over a course of 5 weeks. It was observed that Tongkat Ali not only enhanced the levels of testosterone but also greatly promoted muscle strength in men and women. It was shown that women had an
increase in free testosterone levels
owing to the momentous reduction in the concentrations of sex hormone-binding globulin.

This is absolutely incredible, because high levels of sex hormone-binding globulin are associated with infertility, a decreased sex drive, and erectile dysfunction, especially when total testosterone levels are already low. Again, the Tongkat Ali has the potential to work wonders for a low libido.

There are plenty of studies all over the internet that shows an increased testosterone level has a great impact on sexual health and libido for both men and women.

However, let’s look at a couple of clinical studies on how specifically Tongkat Ali profoundly impacts men.

At the link here, a 12-week study was conducted on 109 men ranging between the ages 30 to 55; it was observed that Tongkat Ali had a great impact on sexual health and libido. In comparison to the placebo, it resulted in increased sperm motility, increased semen volume, enhanced libido and improved erectile function.

In another 12-week study on a sample size of 26 men at the link here, Tongkat Ali was examined for its effect on sexual performance, fulfillment, and well-being in samples. It was observed that when compared to placebo groups, not only was the sexual performance improved but subjective libido scores were also increased resulting in increased hardness and erection time.

There are many more studies that I can site showing similar results.

Testosterone is a major key to longevity.

There’s an old saying, “Show me your hormone profile, and I will tell you your age.”

If you are 25 years old and very low in testosterone and estrogen, you would appear to look like someone who’s at least 60 years old. If you are 65 years old and your testosterone and estrogen levels are high and within an acceptable range, then you will appear to be 25 years old. Therefore, if you want to have the hormone profile of a 25 year old at any age, then supplementing with Tongkat Ali is the best place to start.

Now, the reason we are offering an entire Libido Kit, is to address the entire process of Sex Hormone health, which includes to make sure that your entire Endocrine System is functioning optimally.

The Tongkat Ali will support the natural production of your testosterone levels by allowing it to be fully utilized.

However, we want to make sure that your entire endocrine system is functioning properly so you are actually producing sufficient quantities of sex hormones so the Tongkat Ali can go to work in its full capacity. Otherwise, you won’t produce a sufficient amount of testosterone and estrogen for the Tongkat Ali to be fully optimized.

The other two products in this Libido Kit are our Ionic Angstrom-Sized Iodine to support your metabolism and endocrine system, and obviously Maca for hormone balance.

Hormones are like the conductor of the symphony of our body. The most important gland for this is the thyroid, so it is important that it is fed properly with Iodine. Otherwise the entire endocrine system does not function properly, and you won’t produce the proper amount of sex hormones for the Tongkat Ali to be fully utilized. The thyroid is the key in order to spark up the endocrine system. Every drop of blood travels through the thyroid every 15 minutes and if the thyroid is not fed with iodine, then the entire endocrine system does not start, nor does it function as it’s supposed to.

I would say about a billion people on this planet are deficient in Iodine. It’s not just the thyroid that needs iodine, but every cell in our entire body needs it. If your thyroid is working, and you don’t have any thyroid symptoms, it doesn’t mean that you have ample amounts of iodine for all of your cells. The thyroid is like the Hub, and will utilize most of the Iodine, and a lot of times there is not enough left over for your cells. Unfortunately, the current RDA’s for Iodine are way too low. It’s recommended that we need about 150 mcgs per day, but people in Japan who consume high levels of seaweed are consuming 100x’s that amount. They have very low rates of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and prostate cancer.

A lot of people are deficient in iodine, and unfortunately it’s just not in our foods anymore, unless you are consuming foods from the ocean. Furthermore, if you are eating a lot of flour products, which most contain bromine, it has the ability to deplete iodine. When you take Iodine, it actually helps to detoxify bromine, fluoride, mercury and lead. You will see higher levels of all these toxins and metals coming through your urine when you take Iodine. Basically, when you are eating flour products that contain bromine, the iodine is being wasted on the detoxification of the bromine within these flour products rather than being utilized by your body.

Iodine also has the ability to shrink cysts developing in the breast tissue, cysts on the ovaries, cysts in your uterus, and of course cysts even on the thyroid. These cysts that are created, if they just don’t have enough iodine, over time they develop into nodules, and they can then develop into cancer. That’s why iodine has anti-cancer properties. Iodine also helps to reduce hot flashes, as well as heavy menstrual cycles, because it helps to balance estrogen. Furthermore, it can help reduce cystic acne, which is sometimes related to too much estrogen.

The Iodine in this kit is the Ionic Angstrom-Sized one, it’s tested and it’s super clean, so you don’t have to worry about consuming high amounts of metals and things from ocean foods. This Iodine is instrumental in getting your hormonal health optimized.

This kit is amazing! The Iodine will help your thyroid and endocrine system to naturally produce your sex hormones, and the Tongkat Ali, will make sure it gets utilized to a capacity that has never been seen before.

The last portion of the Libido Kit, is our cherished Maca. They call it the Peruvian Viagra, and it can naturally increase testosterone.

Maca is the best hormone balancer that I know of. Many postmenopausal women cannot live without it once they have started taking it. Maca gives you a lot of energy, and I believe it’s because it helps to balance the endocrine system.

The Men’s Libido Kit contains Black Maca, while the Women’s Kit contains Yellow Maca.

In the clinical study here, Yellow Maca was shown to act as a toner of the hormonal processes by a decrease in Follicle-stimulating Hormone, and an increase in Luteinizing Hormone secretion, which stimulated production of both ovarian hormones, Estrogen and Progesterone, and resulted in a substantial reduction of menopausal discomfort felt by women participating in the study.

This study is one of the reasons why it’s so helpful for women going through menopause, and there are many more studies showing the same results with Yellow Maca.

For the Men’s Kit, we’ve got the Black Maca.

There are several clinical studies showing how Black Maca affects both sperm production and sperm motility in mice.

At the clinical study here, Black Maca affects sperm count as early as 1 day after beginning of treatment.

In the study here, they found that black maca increased epididymal sperm count after 84 days of treatment and It also concluded that compared to other colors of maca, black maca appeared to a have more beneficial effect on sperm counts and epididymal sperm motility.

Lastly, at the clinical study here, Similar results were found with an increase in daily sperm production.  This study found that sperm motility as well as sexual dysfunction was affected positively by adding black maca root to the animals’ diet over the course of 12 weeks.

The beauty of this Libido Kit, is that we are not adding any testosterone at all, we are giving your body the ultimate support to produce and utilize it on its own. The Iodine will help your thyroid and endocrine system to work efficiently enabling you to finally produce your sex hormones optimally, both the 100x and the 1×4 Tongkat Ali’s, will make sure that these sex hormones gets utilized to a capacity that has never been seen before, and the Maca will bring it all together and give you the best possible hormonal support taking it all to the next level.

All of the dosages are on the label of the products. The Iodine simply take on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, and the rest can be taken however and whenever. Keep in mind though that the Tongkat Ali 100x is bitter, and that’s where all the magic is. You may want to just put that in a small shot glass with water so you can take it quick, versus putting it into a smoothie where it will make the entire smoothie bitter. The regular 1×4 Tongkat Ali, can definitely go into smoothies with the Maca no problem without ruining the taste.

I am so confident, and so very hopeful that this Libido Kit will give you and your loved one amazing results. This is not just a Low Libido Kit, but it is also really good for your over all health, youthful look, and longevity. Please don’t abuse this Libido Kit and fry yourself out sexually with your new found raging hormones and libido. We are trying to get the hormone profile of a 25 year old here. As I said before, the longer you go without sexually satisfying yourself, the more virile and vigorous you will be on an ongoing basis, which will result in greater satisfaction.

After further Research, I have added the Ionic Angstrom Zinc to the Men’s Low Libido Kit due to the research and information below:

A lot of people have come to me in regards to getting help with prostate issues, so I started studying how to help heal the prostate naturally. Out of all of your tissues, the prostate has the most concentration of zinc compared to any other tissue that you have. In the Studies here and here, they show the relationship between the prostate and Zinc.

Zinc levels are much higher in a normal prostate, whereas an enlarged prostate gland, mild hypertrophy, and chronic prostatitis contains about 35% less Zinc. Then cancer of the prostate has an average of 70% less Zinc compared to a normal prostate.

Having a deficiency of zinc could also lead to hypogonadism, where you have smaller testicles, and a smaller output of testosterone, because you need Zinc in order to make testosterone. In fact, people with low testosterone are usually Zinc deficient. Your sperm is rich in zinc as well. Sperm travels through a tube into the area of the prostate where you have additional glands that produce fluid with the fluids of the prostate gland, all mixing together into semen. I now have to make an addendum to the male libido kit and add our Ionic Angstrom Zinc to it. I regret and I’m sorry for not having this information when I created it.

At some point, I’m going to be doing an entire Newsletter on the prostate. The Saw Palmetto, our Ionic Angstrom Zinc, our Serrapeptase, and possibly Red Maca are all really good for an enlarged prostate among other things. Just to summarize, if you are not consuming enough Zinc, that is most likely going to effect the size of your prostate, your testosterone, your libido, your sperm count and viability, and eventually your urine flow. I wasn’t kidding when I said that Zinc was involved in nearly every function and activity of the human anatomy. You can see why I now regret not including this in the Men’s Low Libido Kit. The little things in life that absolutely crushes me. I feel like I have to include the Zinc and Quintessential (Sea Water) in every kit I create in the future.

There is no going wrong with this kit. If you can spring it, I definitely recommend getting the 3 month kit at the discounted price. Rebuilding your Endocrine System and Hormonal Health is not an overnight thing, especially when it’s been depleted for years on end.