Nattokinase Systemic Enzyme, 60 Capsules


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Enzymes have got to be one of the greatest supplement discoveries of all time. Generally speaking, the body has a sufficient supply of enzymes though the age of 27.  Several modern-day influences, such as less-than ideal food and nutrition, toxic environments, chemicals, and stress, contribute to this decline. As our natural enzyme supply diminishes over time, we may notice that we take longer to heal and “bounce back” compared to when we were younger. Without enzymes, we are more susceptible to diseases, we age more quickly, and our bodies degenerate faster. The discovery of being able to duplicate and multiply enzymes that are naturally present, but also limited in the human body, is a miracle. Systemic Enzymes can stem this tide and help replace what has been lost due to age and other factors.

We have many enzymes in the human body, which are designed to do different things. For example, our digestive enzyme blend consists of all the enzymes involved in digesting food. Science simply duplicated digestive enzymes in order to help people improve their digestion. Systemic enzymes on the otherhand, specialize in many other healing processes in the human body. For example, when they were researching to try to duplicate thrombolytic enzymes in order to dissolve dangerous blood clots, they found that after testing more than 200 natural foods that natto possessed a substance (Nattokinase) with a potency matched by no other enzyme for dissolving these blood clots.

It’s similar to how they discovered Serrapeptase, as the protease synthesized by the silkworm dissolves its strong fibrin-rich cocoon before it emerges as a moth. Due to its strength and its natural design for dissolving the fibrous tissue of the cocoon, Serrapeptase has been very therapeutic in the treatment of fibroids, scar tissue, systemic inflammation, and related pain. Nattokinase and Serrpeptase are the two most effective therapeutic systemic enzymes available on the market.

When taking these therapeutic enzymes on an empty stomach, they don’t get used up on digesting foods. Instead, these powerful systemic enzymes start to make positive chemical reactions happen in your body, because they are the catalyst responsible for making those reactions happen. They make normal chemical reactions in your body happen quicker so you can function better and heal faster. The more enzymes you consume, the more chemical reactions take place. I remember one raw food doctor who used to recommend them to cancer patients in extremely high dosages (tablespoons) on an empty stomach to expedite the process of dissolving tumors.

When the enzyme does one of these positive chemical reactions in the body by binding to a substrate and then transforming it into a final product for the body to utilize, the enzyme does not get used up, but it stays the same and active, ready to catalyze another reaction. Therefore, when you take a couple capsules of these systemic enzymes, it’s like throwing in an army load of hundreds of these catalysts into your body. They speed up chemical reactions and just go to work for you. They simply make positive chemical reactions happen over and over again. They are essential for thousands of roles including growth, repair, metabolism, healing, dissolving garbage, respiration, immune function, muscle and nerve function, and everything else you can think of.

Research shows that both Serrapeptase and Nattokinase possesses significant anti-inflammatory properties. They are both also known as proteolytic enzymes, which simply means that they “eat” or dissolve proteins in the body that do not serve a healthy purpose. Furthermore, they both also have fibrinolytic (fibrin dissolving) properties.

Fibrin is an insoluble protein necessary for proper blood clotting. Healthy levels of fibrin are required for blood coagulation and a functioning cardiovascular system. However, unhealthy levels of fibrin can build up in the body when we simply have any kind of inflammation, tissue damage/trauma, infection, cancer, acute coronary syndrome, strokes, and inflammatory diseases. Excessive fibrin build-up in the body can impair normal blood flow which may lead to increased blood viscosity, swelling, edema, pain, inflammation and more serious cardiovascular problems. These enzymes break down fibrin and other damaged tissues necessary for circulatory and cardiovascular health.
Resolving issues of excess fibrin and scar tissue may have a tremendous impact on pain and discomfort related to women’s reproductive health, joint pain, GI conditions, cardiovascular health, and any chronic condition related to inflammation. The proteolytic nature of these enzymes allows and helps the body naturally repair and maintain homeostasis; this is due to its ability to dissolve dead and damaged tissue, a by-product of the healing response.
These systemic enzymes also dissolve other rogue proteins, which can be a result of an inflammatory process that has moved from being productive to unproductive, an auto-immune condition that is unregulated and causing damage to healthy tissues, and protein-rich outer coverings of a virus that allow it to attach to healthy tissues and replicate.
These rogue proteins cause all sorts of damage when not kept under control, particularly resulting in neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and multiple sclerosis. These systemic enzymes have the potential to simply dissolve them. At the clinical study here, they concluded that both Serrepeptase and Nattokinase may have a therapeutic application in the treatment of Alzhemier’s Disease. At the study here, a different therapeutic proteolytic enzyme, which also dissolves protein, actually dissolved amyloid plaque that accumulates in the organ and cause toxicity in Alzheimer’s Disease.
If you want a clean blood stream, which will support better oxygen, blood flow, healing, and so much more, these Systemic Enzymes are for you. They are also widely known for helping the immune system respond to chronic or acute injury, they help against infection, and help in recovery after surgery. Remember, enzymes are required for practically every process and healing process in the body. You can research and discover so many more benefits.
While both of these Systemic Enzymes are similar on so many levels, let’s look the main differences between the two. Due to its strength and its natural design for dissolving the fibrous tissue of the silk worm cocoon, serrapeptase’s anti-inflammatory effects are widely believed superior to other proteolytic enzymes due to its ability to dissolve the fibrous and/or scar tissue related to the inflammation. Another primary benefit of serrapeptase is the reduction of pain attributed to the enzyme’s ability to block the release of pain-inducing amines from inflamed tissues. In fact, physicians in Europe and Asia use Serrapeptase as an alternative to aspirin, ibuprofen, and other NSAIDs.
The same way serrapeptase successfully targets excess tissue in the form of fibroids and scar tissue, nattokinase is especially therapeutic when targeting thrombi in the cardiovascular system. Nattokinase really manages arterial plaque buildup by helping to lower inflammation within the cardiovascular system. At the clinical study here, daily nattokinase supplementation was remarkably better at reducing plaque size (36.6% plaque reduction) that causes hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis) compared to statin treatment (11.5% plaque reduction) in 82 patients. Both Nattokinase and Statin treatments reduced total cholesterol, LDL (the “bad” cholesterol), and triglycerides. However, only nattokinase consumption increased HDL (the “good” cholesterol).

For cardiovascular support, you will probably want to choose Nattolkinase. Keep in mind though that Nattokinase, in particular, is very successful at improving blood flow and volume. Its use should be carefully considered and monitored if a person is being treated for blood coagulation problems. It should not be used by persons currently taking a prescription blood thinner, unless under the supervision of a healthcare provider.

I hope that I gave you enough information for you to decide which Systemic Enzyme is best for you. You may want to take both kinds of Systemic Enzymes so you can reap the benefits of each. Maybe instead of taking two caps of one, you can take 1 cap of each, or 2 caps of Nattokinase one day, and 2 caps of Serrapeptase the next day, or you can double up on everything lol.