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Raw Cacao Nibs, 16oz


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I’m am pleased to introduce our new Truly Raw Cacao Nibs.  Below is the description of our new cacao powder.  These cacao nibs are from the same cacao beans, and processed the same way as the cacao powder below.  However, instead of grounding it down into a powder, it is broken down into nibs and sun-dried.

I’m am pleased to introduce our new Truly Raw Cacao Powder (from Mexico) and Truly Raw Cacao Nibs (From Peru).

Until now, all raw cacao products have never been truly raw, because when the cacao bean is fermented, it goes above the raw temperatures.  There was no avoiding that in the past, and the purpose of fermenting the bean was to bring the natural chocolate flavoring out of the bean.  However, our supplier, ‘International Harvest’, has found a way to skip the fermentation process.  The secret is, they literally hand peel each bean, they keep the butter in the powder so it’s not obliterated, and lastly…  They sun-dry it!

In the past, the reason raw chocolate companies would claim that their cacao powder was truly raw, was because, for the first time ever, they found a way after the fermentation process to remove the butter from the powder at low temperatures.  Therefore, they considered their cacao powder to be truly raw, but truthfully, back then it was the closest you could get to raw cacao powder. It wasn’t truly raw, because the bean was heated up way beyond raw temperatures during the fermentation process.  Many Raw Chocolate companies, including Coracao Confections have taken raw off of all their products, due to feeling guilty about this situation.  If they used our new truly raw cacao products, they could literally put ‘Raw’ back on their chocolate.  Furthermore, most companies who claim their cacao powder is raw, actually lie, and when they remove the butter from the powder, the product is obliterated with heat at temperatures higher than the enzyme killing temperature, but to them, it is close enough.

What we do on this first truly raw cacao powder ever, is we leave the butter in it.  That’s one of the ways we keep the amazing cacao flavor.  Therefore, we don’t obliterate the product separating the butter out.  The last step we do in order to get the best cacao flavor in the world, is we sun-dry the powder making sure it doesn’t heat up beyond the raw temperatures in a heating appliance.

This product is electric.  Angela and I were blown away when we opened the bag.  All the little cacao powders were standing on hairs end like iron filings.  They were literally bouncing around the bag.  In the past when I was 100% Raw, I was really sensitive to all cacao products.  Now I don’t feel anything with cacao, until now.  When I eat this cacao powder, I feel the energy like crazy and I end up feeling really good.  This product is truly alive.  Angela loves buying cacao products at the super market with no sugar.  She now would rather just eat this cacao powder straight, and on other dishes, on an ongoing basis.  She was eating our daughters left overs, of blueberries mixed with almond butter, she added this cacao powder, and absolutely loved it.

Last time I stated that our cacao products were truly raw, I had companies coming at me left and right saying it was impossible due to the fermentation process, even though they said their cacao products were raw.  I just used to have a really huge following at the time, and I was always scrutinized from every direction.  It was a huge ordeal in the raw industry.  It was truly raw, in the sense that we found the best way to remove the butter from the powder.  At the time, I truly thought it was raw, but discovered later about the fermentation process.

Now this time, nobody is coming after me, because they know that ‘International Harvest’, my supplier, is the biggest in the industry and would never lie over something small like this.  They supply most ‘Whole Foods Markets’ and most of the Health Food stores across the USA, with dried fruits, nuts, seeds, and so much more.

The majority of all our dried fruits, nuts, and seeds, come from ‘International Harvest’.  That’s why they are the best and the highest quality.  Back in the day, when I first started, the owner Bob and his Manager Phil, took me under their wing and supplied me with all these foods.  We went through the FDA process, everything is correctly labelled, and actually approved by the FDA.  They wouldn’t even think to do this for anybody else.  I guess you could say that I got lucky.

Anyway, I’m extremely excited to bring this product to you, and I feel again that this is truly one of the best products that I have ever brought to the market.  The cacao nibs are also truly raw and processed the same way, but not ground down to a fine powder.