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6 New Juice Powders, oh man

Just when you thought that it couldn’t get any better than this.

We have six new different Juice Powders available today from the exact same company that produces our other Juice Powders. Furthermore, we are fully stocked on all of our previous six juice powders.

As you guys know, this company makes the best juices in the world in the powder form. There is nothing else that even comes close to these Raw Organic Juice Powders in terms of nutrition and potency.

I never really told you that I don’t carry every single juice powder that they have available. Well, that just changed. They have six other juice powders, and we now have them all available for you today at the ‘At-Cost’ pricing.

All right, no more teasing, here is a list of the six new juice powders that we have for you today:

Orange Juice Powder
Lemon Juice Powder
Kamut Grass Juice Powder
Oat Grass Juice Powder
Five Greens Juice Powder
Tart Cherry Juice Powder <I>(Major Sleep Aid, and More)</I>

Let’s start with the citrus juice powders, because the Grapefruit Juice powder seemed to be the most popular one from the other six juice powders.

Firstly, This Grapefruit Juice Powder that we have in stock now, is the most fresh batch we’ve had yet, because they literally just juiced it. I thought it was going to be delayed, but the testing surprisingly got done super fast.

I know a few people had some issues with the clumping of the Grapefruit Juice powder. This mainly happened to people in a humid environment like myself, because I live in FL.

However, we altered the prebiotic ratios a tad bit, and I am very hopeful and confident that it will eliminate the clumping.

One of the reasons why I say this is because I got a sample of the Lemon and Orange juice powders. I’ve had them for over a month and they haven’t clumped one bit here in this humid Florida weather. They have both stayed in the beautiful fine powder form. The Lemon and Orange Juice have about 5% more of the prebiotics within them compared to what the Grapefruit Juice Powder had, and we made the new Grapefruit Juice formula a bit closer to these two juices.

For some reason, I think that the Lemon Juice Powder is going to be the most popular juice powder this time around. It is absolutely insane, and I am so excited to tell you about it. Actually, it’s going to be a close race between the Lemon Juice Powder and the crazy <b>potent</b> Tart Cherry Juice Powder that I will discuss with you towards the end of this Newsletter.

Firstly, my entire family got sick, and all three citrus juice powders were a life saver, especially the lemon. You know how I was so excited about the Grapefruit Juice Powder’s mucus dissolving properties? You know that feeling when you have a sore throat and when you drink any kind of citrus juice, it just feels so darn good going down? The Grapefruit juice powder provided us that concentrated dense citrus, which heightened that wonderful sensation 10-fold while dissolving mucus like crazy.

Now, when you take the lemon juice powder, it dissolves mucus on a much higher scale, even more so than the Grapefruit Juice Powder lol. It is insane. It’s so intense when you eat it straight, but so good. I personally took it straight into my mouth from the bag a couple of times. Talk about a Rollercoaster of a ride. I would yelp out loud when putting the Lemon Juice Powder directly into my mouth due to how potent and concentrated it is. My daughters laughed at my yelp, then the concentrated lemon citrus would just go down my throat, and feel so good putting me in bliss.

All three citrus juice powders helped, but the Lemon Juice powder was the key to making us feel better fast. Oria likes lime juice, so when she was sick, she was just eating the lemon juice powder straight out of the bag and absolutely <b>loved</b> it. I didn’t get as sick as everyone else, but I did have pretty big aspects of getting sick. This lemon juice powder was a life saver for me.

I have always wanted to take Lemon Juice in my water every single morning, but for some reason the citrus from lemon juice would always feel like it was coating my teeth or something. No other citrus does this to me, and nobody else that I know of experiences this sensation with their teeth when they drink water with lemon juice but me. Even when I take the powder in water, I can feel that same lemon citrus on my teeth just like when I take the real juice, but nobody else in my family experiences that. Well check this out, I am now filling up a bunch of Blate Papes ahead of time with Lemon Juice Powder, and I can now finally take lemon juice with my morning water without any issue. I do miss the fun crazy taste due to using the Blate Pape wrappers, but it bypasses my teeth.

Why on earth do I want to drink Lemon Juice every single morning?

Well, Dr. Norman Walker only drank water once per day, and drank juices the rest of the day. Every morning he would drink one glass of hot water with lemon juice in it upon rising.

In his book Become Younger he writes, “I find that the lemon juice in hot water helps wonderfully to flush the liver and the kidneys. On the other hand I have found that by drinking it cold it helps to stimulate the peristalsis of the intestines and frequently helps the early morning elimination.”

Dr. Norman Walker shares how Lemon juice in hot water has an incredible cleansing effect on mucus, the liver, the kidneys, the gall bladder, the lymph, and the blood vessels. Drinking lemon juice in hot water every day is extremely beneficial. It has such a powerful cleansing effect on our organs, and it can even help dissolve gravel from our gall bladder, kidneys, and liver.

In my previous Newsletter introduction to the original six Juice Powders, I had shared that Dr. Norman Walker’s remedy of Carrot and Beet Juice together is a great way to build the blood and to help dissolve stones within our organs. He also added cucumber juice to that mixture in most areas of the book for dissolving the stones.

Well, in his Become Younger book he states, “Lemon juice, in the proportion of the juice of one lemon to a tumblerful of hot water, taken many times a day, supplemented with a tumblerful of the combination of carrot, beet, and cucumber juice three or four times a day, has helped a great many sufferers to experience with satisfaction the disappearance of both gravel and stones sometimes within a matter of a few days or a few weeks.”

If you remember from my previous newsletter, I shared Dr. Norman Walker’s theory where he said that these stones that build up in our organs are created from eating concentrated starches and sugars that have been subjected to heat. They contain inorganic calcium, and these inorganic calcium atoms are not soluble in water. These inorganic calcium elements accumulate, cause calcification all throughout the body, along with stones and gravel within our organs.

This next excerpt from Dr. Norman Walker is just a tad bit long, but it’s a great example of the power of how Lemon Juice in hot water cleanses our organs and system.

<I>”A perfect example would be to share the experience of a businessman well into his forties. He stood prominent in the business world having successfully placed on the highway to fortune, several of the large nationwide chainstores in this country and one or two in Great Britain. He has suffered acute pains for more than twenty years. X-rays were taken with and without idophthalein, which is a dye used to detect problems in what appeared to be the gallbladder area. The Dr.’s diagnosis was confirmed with the results of the tests. He was suffering from stones in his gallbladder. Fear and aversion to surgery was the only thing keeping his gallbladder where it belonged.

He was then told about the success of Juice Therapy, read one of the earlier editions of this book, and sought aid from a person competent and experienced in this treatment. It was explained to him, that in order to receive a relatively quick treatment with these juices that he may experience, for a short time, more agonizing pain than he had before. These pains could last for a few minutes or maybe even an hour or so at a time, but would eventually cease all together with the passing of the dissolved calcium. He drank ten or twelve glasses of hot water with the juice of one lemon in each throughout the day and about three pints of carrot, beet and cucumber juice daily. On the second day he did have some terrific spasms of pain for 10 to 15 minutes each. By the end of the week the crisis arrived and for about half an hour he rolled on the floor in agony; but the pain suddenly left him and a short while afterward stones passed out and caused a reaction like mud in his urine. That evening he was a different man. The next day he took a long trip—from New York to Washington and on to Canada—with me in my car, feeling 20 years younger and marveling at the simplicity of Nature’s miracles. This is not an isolated instance. Thousands the world over have testified with gratitude to the benefits derived from fresh-raw vegetable juices.”</I>

This example is just to show you the powerful cleansing effect of Lemon Juice in hot water. If it can dissolve stones like this, imagine how good it is at cleansing our organs and entire system if you take it every single morning! I bet it’s one of the many reasons why Dr. Norman Walker lived to be 100 years old.

So, now every morning I am taking the Lemon Juice Powder with my water. It helps to flush my liver, kidneys, and cleanse my lymph and blood vessels. Since it cleanses the kidneys so well, it helps cleanse out the harmful by-products that are created from some of the foods that we eat. For example, when we eat meat, uric acid is a byproduct that is created within our systems. When we eat excessive amounts of meat, like I do with fish, uric acid can build up in the kidneys and cause all sorts of problems in the long-run. Drinking lemon juice in hot water every single morning is just a great way to flush the liver and kidneys and clear out these types of by-products out on a daily basis.

Yes, you don’t need lemon juice powder in order to do this. You can literally just squeeze an organic lemon into your water. However, I do love the fact that this Lemon Juice Powder is super concentrated and you can easily do a lot at one time. Furthermore, it can just be convenient. I almost lost my mind when shortly after I ordered these new Juice Powders, a woman asked me if I could get Lemon Juice Powder. I was astonished at this coincidence, and that is when I knew it was going to probably be one of the most popular juice powders. I asked her why she wanted the Lemon Juice Powder, and she wrote the following:

<I>Hi Matt! Greetings from Music City!<br>
When I don’t have fresh lemon on hand, I would <b>Love</b> a quality lemon powder to:<br>
1) Add to warm water in the mornings to open up my liver – even when traveling!<br>
2) Carry in my purse to add to any bottled water I may have to buy out and about (should my carry bottles get empty.)<br>
3) Have in a restaurant situation. I just about <b>always</b> ask for a mug of hot water and a slice of lemon <b>on the side</b>. But, who really believes that lemon was washed? Ugh! Can’t even think about it!<br>
I’ve snooped lemon powders on Amazon (for prepping purposes, actually, should fresh fruit not be available at some point.) But I wouldn’t buy them, because I knew they were all “dead”.  If I wanted “dead”, I’d just buy some Tang or something, right?<br>
So…pretty please, can you offer us some <b>healthy</b> lemon powder?  That would be amazing!  (As would <b>Orange</b>!)<br>
<b>Fun Fact:</b> I’ve transferred some of my various juice powders into little 4-oz glass Mason jelly jars & labeled each one. They’re in a clear acrylic box with a clear lid, on my kitchen counter, at the moment.  (I drape a cloth over the box to keep things dark.) I can’t tell you how fun it is to “unveil” my treasure box and see those bright colors, and consider what concoction to make this time. (I already had organic coconut water powder in my fridge, so I’m set!)<br>
<b>Also</b> must share – I’ve made a smaller toiletry-sized travel set with 5 of them (plus my coconut water powder) In a couple of weeks, they’re going with me to the beach!   <br>
Huggies, and I ain’t lyin’!<br>

It seems like I’m not the only one who knows how Lemon Juice in hot water is great at cleansing the liver! This combination of lemon juice in hot water is invaluable with respect to cleansing the system on a daily basis. KC, now you can make a really cute 12-box set of different colorful juice powders, of even more bright colors, and consider even a greater array of concoctions to make lol.

Dr. Norman Walker also drank a glass of Orange Juice every single day as a way to make sure he got enough of his daily Vitamin C. He said that Vitamin C is not produced from within the body so you have to get it from outside sources. This is why he drank a glass of Orange Juice every single day. If you can’t juice raw organic oranges, grapefruits, or lemons in the morning, you can now simply just take these raw organic citrus juice powders.

I now add the Orange Juice Powder, and a tablespoon of Grapefruit Juice powder to my freshly squeezed orange and grapefruit juice drink every single morning. The Orange Juice Powder just adds even more dense citrus crystals, which feels so good going down your throat. Furthermore, I get more Vitamin C and it provides a really nice sweet taste to the juice. Again, these citrus juice powders were invaluable at helping my entire family get over a cold.

Now let’s dive into these three new Grass Juice Powders that we have for you today, which are out of control potent and good.

In addition to our Raw Organic Alfalfa, Wheatgrass, and Barley Grass Juice Powder, we now have our Raw Organic Kamut Grass, Oat Grass, and our 5 Greens Juice Powder.

I know that many of you are going to be excited about our 5 Greens Juice Powder. It’s a combination of all five of our Green Grass Powders put into one.

The ingredients in this Raw Organic Five Greens Juice Powder is exactly as follows:

20% Alfalfa Juice Powder
20% Barley Grass Juice Powder
20% Wheatgrass Juice Powder
20% Kamut Grass Juice Powder
20% Oat Grass Juice Powder

You can now get all five of our Green Juice Powders in equal amounts in one spoonful. Talk about convenience! You don’t have to open up 5 different bags in order to make this powerful and potent combination.

If you thought our Wheatgrass and Barley Grass Juices were potent, wait until you try our new Oat Grass Juice Powder and our Kamut Grass Juice Powder. You will be flying after you take a dose of both of these due to how potent they are.

Kamut Grass is known to be more of a heirloom variety of wheatgrass. The nutritional profile is very close to that of wheatgrass, but the nutrition levels are elevated a tad bit more in most areas with the Kamut Grass. However, there are also a good handful of nutritional levels where wheatgrass is a bit higher.

It’s great to get a wide variety of all of the different grasses, because each one of them has a different potent nutritional profile, including different flavonoids, polyphenols, and other valuable elements that we don’t even know about. For example, the Oatgrass Juice has more Calcium and Magnesium than both Kamut and Wheatgrass juice. However, Alfalfa Juice Powder has the most. The Oat Grass Juice Powder has more Potassium than all of the the other grasses, and so on. They all excel and exceed in different areas of their nutritional profiles, and they all provide different health benefits due to the different elements that they provide.

Every single one of these grass juices are grown with their roots going deep down into that volcanic mineral rich soil in Utah for many months on end. This makes them the most mineral rich and potent grass juice powders available to mankind.

All right, let’s move on to this next <I>bad boy</I>, which is another one of the most exciting juice powders that we have for you here today.

The final crazy potent Juice Powder that we have for you today is the Raw Organic Tart Cherry Juice Powder. I am pretty certain that this one is going to be the most popular.

You may have started to notice Tart Cherry Juice popping up all over the place, including in your local health food store and online. Tart Cherry Juice has become one of the most popular and healthiest drinks out there due to its impressive nutritional profile, and the health benefits that it provides. One of the reasons why tart cherry juice has become such a popular natural remedy over time is due to how it helps issues related to inflammation, how it helps pain and muscle recovery, how it may reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, and how it promotes better sleep in a <b>big</b> way.

Check this out!

Tart Cherry Juice Powder has a big impact on melatonin levels. Several studies show a positive relationship between tart cherry juice consumption and better sleep, which is largely attributed to the juice’s effects on melatonin levels. A study published in the European Journal of Nutrition at the link <a href=”https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/22038497/” target=”_blank”>here</a>, found that when 20 volunteers consumed either tart cherry juice concentrate or placebo for seven days, those consuming tart cherry juice had significantly higher melatonin levels. Additionally, participants in the tart cherry juice group experienced significant increases in time in bed, total sleep time and sleep efficiency.

That is big time! This Raw Organic Tart Cherry Juice powder is like a rare gem.

On top of that, a serving of tart cherry juice also provides about 30 milligrams of magnesium, an essential mineral that helps enhance sleep quality and improve insomnia. Tart cherry juice also contains antioxidants and an impressive lineup of nutrients, including copper, potassium, manganese, magnesium, iron, and vitamin A.

As seen at the clinical study <a href=”https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6413159/” target=”_blank”>here</a>, drinking tart cherry juice has been proven in studies to reduce inflammation biomarkers that are commonly seen in people with chronic diseases. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, tart cherry juice is often used to alleviate pain and swelling, promote faster muscle recovery after exercise, and relieve joint stiffness.

I seriously need to be taking this Raw Organic Tart Cherry Juice powder every single day.

As seen at the clinical study <a href=”https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5872786/” target=”_blank”>here</a>, the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of tart cherry juice make it a useful remedy for pain relief for both acute and chronic pain disorders. People who suffer from joint pain, arthritis, gout and any other inflammation-induced pain disorder may find relief from tart cherry juice consumption.

There are also studies showing that Tart Cherry Juice reduces bad cholesterol and may lower blood pressure. Furthermore, Tart Cherry Juice supports muscle recovery in athletes in a pretty big way.

Lastly, Tart Cherry Juice contains Anthocyanins an antioxidant flavonoid, which protects the body from chronic disease. Anthocyanins can enhance exercise performance and recovery, and improve cognitive function, including memory, coordination and motor skills. As I’ve stated in previous newsletters, Anthocyanins are in Maqui and Acai too and they may be responsible for many of the benefits that these berries provide. However, this one is a concentrated potent absorbable juice powder! Anthocyanins are what gives these tart cherries and other berries those deep red and purple colors.

I am so excited about this stuff. Keep in mind that this is without a doubt the most potent Raw Organic Tart Cherry Juice Powder available to man. It is super concentrated and the potency is out of this world, just like all of our other Juice Powders. Whatever elements within the Tart Cherry Juice that causes melatonin levels to rise and inflammation biomarkers to go down, are extremely potent and concentrated in this juice powder. I can’t wait to see what it does for everyone in terms of helping your sleep and health issues!

As you can see in the pricing chart further below, all of the prices are at the same ‘At-Cost’ pricing as before, and we priced the new group of Raw Organic Juice Powders similarly. However, we grouped them into two different groups, called “Original Juices” and “New Juices”. There will be Variety-Packs and 3-Pack-Variety-Packs just like last time, but there will be separate ones for both groups of juices. If you want to get one of these variety-packs of all the new Juices, the variety-packs listing on our website will say (New Juices) in the title. If you want to get one of these variety-packs of all the original Juices that we offered before, the variety-packs listing on our website will say (Original Juices) in the title.

Same as before, we have everything in 3-packs, where you get 10% more off of each juice. If you get one of the single Variety-Packs where you get one of each juice, you get even an additional 10% off of the 3-pack price. If you get a 3-pack-variety-pack of either group of juices, where you get 3 of each juice, you get another 10% off the single variety pack price. That’s a lot of 10% off’s! However, we’ve got even one more new 10% off for this month only.

Now all of these prices will stay the same forever God willing. However, this time around for only the month of July, I’m taking it even one step further with a 3-pack-variety-12-pack. If you get three of all 12 juices (36 juices in total), you will get another 10% off the 3-pack-variety-pack price, which is the biggest discount that we have ever offered. The prices of all these juices within this gigantic pack will range from only $13.09 – $16.37 per juice.

I know that I didn’t make a single Variety-12-Pack, where you just get one of every single juice powder. However, if you want to do that, you can just order a single variety-pack of each; the (New Juices) and the (Original Juices).

Below is a detailed chart of the pricing for all of the different 3-packs and Variety-packs. However, continue reading on after this for more important information.

(New Juices)
Kamut Grass Juice powder, 3-pack price $17.95, variety-pack price $16.16, 3-pack-variety-pack price $14.54, 3-pack-variety-12-pack price $13.09.
Oat grass juice powder, 3-pack price $17.95, variety-pack price $16.16, 3-pack-variety-pack price $14.54, 3-pack-variety-12-pack price $13.09.
Five Greens juice powder, 3-pack price $17.95, variety-pack price $16.16, 3-pack-variety-pack price $14.54, 3-pack-variety-12-pack price $13.09.
Orange Juice Powder, 3-pack price $20.66, variety-pack price $18.59, 3-pack-variety-pack price $16.73, 3-pack-variety-12-pack price $15.11.
Lemon Juice Powder, 3-pack price $22.46, variety-pack price $20.21, 3-pack-variety-pack price $18.19, 3-pack-variety-12-pack price $16.37.
Tart Cherry Juice Powder, 3-pack price $22.46, variety-pack price $20.21, 3-pack-variety-pack price $18.19, 3-pack-variety-12-pack price $16.37.

(Original Juices)
Alfalfa juice powder, 3-pack price $17.95, variety-pack price $16.16, 3-pack-variety-pack price $14.54, 3-pack-variety-12-pack price $13.09.
Barley grass juice powder, 3-pack price $17.95, variety-pack price $16.16, 3-pack-variety-pack price $14.54, 3-pack-variety-12-pack price $13.09.
Grapefruit Juice Powder, 3-pack price $19.95, variety-pack price $17.95, 3-pack-variety-pack price $16.16, 3-pack-variety-12-pack price $14.54.
Wheatgrass juice powder, 3-pack price $17.95, variety-pack price $16.16, 3-pack-variety-pack price $14.54, 3-pack-variety-12-pack price $13.09.
Beet Root Juice Powder, 3-pack price $20.66, variety-pack price $18.59, 3-pack-variety-pack price $16.73, 3-pack-variety-12-pack price $15.11.
Carrot Juice Powder, 3-pack price $22.46, variety-pack price $20.21, 3-pack-variety-pack price $18.19, 3-pack-variety-12-pack price $16.37.

I’ve ordered a really good amount of every single juice powder here. However, you never know how crazy it can get. I think we will be ok, but if we run out of a particular juice powder, putting that juice powder and all of the variety packs on back order, I will notify everyone in a Newsletter at that moment. Once you get that Newsletter, you can then determine at that point if you want to order or not. If you order, you will keep your place in the queue, and get them sooner rather than later.

I’ve streamlined the entire process to where if there is a delay, the wait time will be cut to 1/3 or more of what it was before. These professional bagging machines can bag everything that arrives in one day, versus taking a week or more through the previous process. Furthermore, we bring the bulk juice powders directly into my new warehouse fulfillment center for bagging. Lastly, the packers can pack hundreds of orders in a day. I don’t see delays going beyond 7-10 days, whereas before it took 2-4 weeks. I’m telling ya, we have an efficient machine going on here with this new Fulfillment Center!


Description on Original Juice Powders

You guys, I have not been this excited for a very long time about a product. What I am about to introduce to you today, are by far my favorite products that I have ever taken, and I plan to take them every single day for the rest of my life.

I kind of teased about these products at the end of last year, but these go way beyond anything that I could have ever imagined.

I have actually, for decades, wanted to source a product like this, but they have never crossed my desk properly.

Today, we have 6 Raw Organic Juice Powders that will most likely shoot your brain into oblivion, and you should feel them like crazy, like I did. The colors, bright neon orange, deep green, beautiful deep red/violet, just wait until you experience these. They almost burn when they are put directly into your mouth, due to the life-force that they contain. All throughout this newsletter, I will share the benefits that I have received from taking them for only two weeks. It’s unbelievable, and I can’t get enough of them. I crave them.

I don’t even know where to start, I am so excited. These are not the typical green food and vegetable powders where they just grind down alfalfa, carrots, or wheatgrass. These are the actual Raw Organic juice powders, where the cold-press juice them first, eliminating all of the fiber, and then they are dried at really low temperatures. The powder is so fine, they are so concentrated and potent, and the way that they process them keeps the nutrients in tact unlike anything that I have ever seen before.

Whenever I take any of these Raw Organic Juice Powders straight into my mouth, they just dissolve instantly and disappear. Green Foods powders normally clump up, stick to your teeth, the roof of your mouth, and you have to chew. These extremely fine potent powders just dissolve instantly and literally just melt right in your mouth, because they are only juices with no fiber or other added ingredients. You will feel that they are assimilated immediately into your system, and the results of how you will feel afterwards will be very evident.

I am almost wondering if they are better than drinking real vegetable juices due to how concentrated and potent they are, and how mineral-rich, vitamin-rich, and chlorophyll-rich they are. That’s a bold statement, and don’t quote me on that, as I can hardly believe it myself. I truly know that you can’t get better than real juices, but after you try these, you may be double guessing yourself too. For the grass juices, these powders are definitely better than the juice, and I will explain why in the grass section of this Newsletter. I would actually say that in many instances that all of these Raw Organic Juice Powders are better than the real juices.

In fact, when you take one of these juice powders, shake it in water, and put it next to a fresh-squeezed juice, they are virtually indistinguishable whether you’re looking at organoleptic qualities such as the color, flavor, aroma, or the nutritional qualities. There is virtually no degradation in the product. We have for the first time ever, essentially preserved the natural qualities of fresh-cut grass and vegetables juice, and have created the best Raw Organic Juice Powder that has ever been seen before.

I have always wanted to carry individual Raw Organic Juice Powders like these, to where I could make multiple combinations like Dr. Norman Walker did in order to get different benefits. When I first got them, I was experimenting with them all in decent quantities, and I was just wide-eyed buzzing like crazy. I had 4 hours of sleep that night before and was exhausted, but these juice powders just took that exhaustion away.

I am telling you right now, you want to try these Raw Organic Juice Powders. I haven’t had a vegetable juice in quite sometime due to my condition. However, now, I am drinking multiple different Organic Raw Juice combinations daily with these powders. I am putting them right inside of my daily coconut water drinks, turning them into super powerful alkalinized raw organic vegetable juice drinks. Remember, they are super concentrated so they are extremely potent.

Some of us can’t drink freshly juiced vegetable juices due to the gurgling and the gas it creates within our systems. When I drink Carrot Juice for example, I have orange carrot juice diarrhea all day long, along with feeling bloated and uncomfortable all day long. It’s very uncomfortable. However, with these juice powder, the “Liquid Factor” is gone. You are pretty much just getting a potent dosage of all the living nutrients contained within that juice. It’s literally like a natural medicine, and since there is no liquid involved, there is no bloating or diarrhea all day long. These Raw Organic Juice Powders are God Sent.

I am so addicted to these, and I crave them. After only one week of taking them, I feel like I am recovering faster, I am healthier, my mind is more sharp, my bowels are more regular, I have more energy, I feel like that I will even live longer, and my vision has improved immensely. In the Carrot Juice section, I will share with you exactly why I believe my vision is improving. My vision is not perfect, but I can even read smaller writing more easily now when before I couldn’t.

These Raw Organic Juice Powders provide me hope, and I hope that they will do the same for you.

Besides being so concentrated, there are many other reasons why these Raw Organic Juice Powders are so powerful and potent. Firstly, they are all grown in the perfect ideal conditions with extremely mineral-rich soils, with farming practices that are top-notch. In fact, what makes this farm ground so unique is the abundance of minerals. This valley was an ancient sea bed for an extremely long period of time, and afterwards they had about 20 million years of very heavy volcanic activity providing a mineral base. Furthermore, for about 30,000 of the last 40,000 years, this land was under Lake Bonneville. About 10.000 years ago lake Bonneville drained.

Since then, the severe watershed from big sections of rural central Utah have been draining into this Valley and evaporating all that time depositing a very rare abundance of minerals. So to sum it all up, they have the ancient sea bed, the extensive volcanic activity, the inland lake Bonneville, and then the severe watershed evaporation for all this time, which has all added up. They simply have a rare abundance of minerals and a very rich soil, and it is one of the best places in the world to grow vegetation, which is exactly where our Raw Organic Vegetable Juice Powders are grown.

Their farms are all certified organic, they don’t use any chemicals, no commercial fertilizers, all natural ingredients, and they do crop rotation in order to build and add to their soil. They have the utmost sustainable farming practices.

On top of that, the way that they process these juices to retain every last nutrient is absolutely unheard of.

They harvest everything when its abundant nutrients are at their peak. With the grasses for example, when spring and early fall arrive, the organic grass bursts to life and becomes a photosynthesis factory. They harvest these grasses just prior to the critical seed-producing jointing stage, when the tender shoots are at their peak of nutritional potency, enzymatic activity, and chlorophyll content. These freshly cut young grasses are immediately cooled and juiced at 35°F to protect and preserve all the enzymes, chlorophyll and other valuable constituents. Then, they are immediately dried using their exclusive BioActive Dehydration low-temperature process. The result is an extraordinary grass juice powder and vegetable juice powder that is bursting with nutritious energy.

Within hours of being harvested, everything is immediately cold-pressed juiced in order to preserve the nutrients, which makes them super easy to digest and absorb. This BioActive Dehydration process, dries the juices to a powder at temperatures less than 106 degrees, with a duration of less than 2 minutes. This incredible process causes virtually no thermal degradation to the botanicals. With zero thermal degradation, this process is so profound that all of these Raw Organic Juice Powders retain their nutrition at full potency for years on end. It goes beyond 3 years, but we put the expiration date at 3 years. This is an incredible shelf stable Raw Food. This is also why the colors of these Raw Organic juices are so vibrant.

This gentle drying process preserves the color, flavor, aroma, and nutrients of the fresh juice.

Now let’s get into the selection of the Raw Organic Potent Juice Powders that we have available for you today. Here is a list, and I am so excited to do different vegetable juice combinations with these Juice Powders.

Alfalfa Juice Powder
Barley Grass Juice Powder
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Grapefruit Juice Powder

You are probably wondering why I chose Grapefruit Juice Powder to offer alongside all of these vegetable juice powders. It is hands down, the best product in the world to remove calcification from the body. I am going to go into great detail on why in the final paragraphs of this Newsletter. When you take it, it is so very powerful, in such a different way than all of these Organic Raw Vegetable Juices.

The only other companies that I know of that attempted to bring a solo Beet Root Juice Powder and a solo Carrot Juice Powder to the market of a high quality was the Raw Food company called Hallelujah Acres and then also the Synergy Company. For the Hallelujah Acres company their products do contain carrot juice and beet juice powders. However, they also unfortunately included brown rice syrup solids as a second ingredient within these products, which is also just a fancy name for Maltodextrin. The Synergy Company uses a different company from ours to source their Carrot and Beet Juice Powders from. The Synergy Company actually hasn’t had their Carrot Juice Powder available for a really long time. The company that they use flash pasteurizes these juices for 30 seconds before they are dried.

What we have here today are all single ingredient Raw Organic Juice powders that just dissolve and melt right into your mouth. When you put them in your liquid, they dissolve immediately after shaking it, turning that liquid into a super alkalizing vegetable juice. They assimilate in to your system immediately. On occasion, when you shake it in liquid, you might get a little ball of powder that sticks togethers that doesn’t completely dissolve into your liquid. However, it’s like an extra chocolate chip right in your juice that just immediately dissolves and assimilates when it touches your tongue. If you stir the Juice Powders in your water and don’t shake them, you may get a handful of these little chocolate chip balls. It’s better to shake it with a lid rather than stir it, but I like the balls lol.

When you take these Raw Organic Juices Powders straight into your mouth, they just dissolve immediately, because they are literally juices with no fiber and nothing else added. I have tested many 100% juice powders in my day, and I know for a fact that they weren’t really 100% juice like it says on their label. You have to chew and chew and chew to get it dissolved in your mouth. Furthermore, you feel those ingredients afterwards, such as burping them up. However, with these Raw Organic 100% Juice Powders, they just dissolve immediately inside your mouth, and they are goodbye gone with no digestive stress. I’ll be telling a little story about this in the Carrot Juice Section further below.

These juice are literally like medicine and are super concentrated.

For example, don’t take a heaping Tablespoon of the Barley Grass or Wheatgrass Juice like I did lol. You can do it lol, but that would be equivalent to taking 24-30 one-ounce shots of Wheatgrass or Barley Grass. I didn’t think that out before I did it, and I had a little bowel cleansing action go down lol. They are so medicinal, concentrated and powerful, that you don’t need to take that much in order to get big results. The Raw Organic Carrot Juice Powder on the other hand is like a gentle vitamin drink, and your body will be able to handle higher dosages.

Let’s talk about all of the Juices individually now.

The Barley Grass Juice and Wheatgrass Juice Powders are a must, and are by far way better to consume than even the actual liquid Barley Grass or Wheatgrass Juice shots. These grasses in the health food store are grown on a sponge, while ours is grown in the earth on extremely mineral rich volcanic soil for a period of six months. Therefore, the roots dig deep down and absorb those potent trace minerals and other nutrients. The end result is that you get higher chlorophyll levels, vitamin levels, trace mineral levels, and many more phytonutrients compared to the standard Wheatgrass and Barley Grass juices. You will feel it when you take it. Try putting some directly in your mouth and you will see exactly what I am talking about.

This is why I am thinking that all of our Raw Organic Vegetable Juice Powders are better than straight juices. For example, when you juice carrots, are you getting those dried up Bunny-Luv Organic Carrots from the health food store, or do you buy them directly from a farmer from the farmers market? How is the farmers soils and farming practices? These are all really good questions to ask. Every single one of our Raw Organic Juice Powders are grown and processed in the most perfect ideal conditions. I can’t get over this bright red-violet Beet Juice Powder, or any of them for that matter.

After I took the Barley Grass Juice powder for the first time, I got such a high in my brain, and it literally cut all my mucus away in my sinus cavity. The Wheatgrass Juice Powder has a very sweet yet very deep dense green intensity to it. The Wheatgrass and Barley Grass Juice Powders are two extremely healing grasses, which are backed with so many clinical studies that help heal the body from all sorts of ailments. Keep in mind, these clinical studies were done on the Wheatgrass Juice grown on a sponge. I can only imagine the results that they would get in clinical studies if they used this Raw Organic Wheatgrass Juice Powder, which was growing in the most mineral rich soils for 6 months straight.

These grasses are just loaded with so much nutrition it’s unbelievable, and have a magical therapeutic effect. They are extremely powerful, and I rotate these Grass Juice Powders into my drinks every single day. I drink many coconut waters in a day, and I add the Juices to them in order to make many different Vegetable Juice combinations. It is always great to get a wide variety of different absorbable nutrients from many different absorbable foods like this. I can’t believe what we’ve got here.

The Raw Organic Vegetable Juice Powder combination that I am the most excited about taking is the Alfalfa and Carrot Juice together in my coconut water. I can just live off of this stuff forever. Not only does it taste really good, but when you hear the benefits here of this combination, you’ll see why I’m most excited about it. I’m excited about everything lol, but let’s begin here.

Dr. Norman Walker, the father of Vegetable juicing, and a man who lived to be about 100 years old, states in his book that Alfalfa is one of the richest sources of trace elements that we have. These trace elements are obtained from deep in the soil where the Alfalfa roots reach down 30 to 100 feet.

Keep in mind that our Alfalfa is growing in a mineral rich volcanic soil, where its roots are going extremely deep (up to 100 feet) into the earth absorbing the vast mineral trace elements. Dr. Walker goes on to say, “When fresh alfalfa is not obtainable, then the powdered can be used in salads in quantities of about one quarter teaspoonful per portion, or in similar quantity in one pint of fresh vegetable juice.”

If he only had this particular Alfalfa Powder to experience lol. I can’t wait for you to try these. The Alfalfa really “burns” with life-force when taken directly into your mouth.

Dr Walker goes on to say that, “One of the richest chlorophyll foods we have is alfalfa. It is a food that builds up both animals and humans, all things considered, into a healthy, vital, and vigorous old age, and builds up a resistance to infection that is almost phenomenal.

Alfalfa is best taken with carrot juice, in which combination the individual benefits of each juice are intensified. It has been found very helpful in most troubles with the arteries and dysfunctions connected with the heart.

Besides benefit to blood and heart conditions, chlorophyll is most useful in the relief of respiratory troubles and discomforts, particularly is in the sinuses and in the lungs. Mucus is the underlying cause of sinus infection and pains, as it is of bronchial and asthmatic conditions, including hay fever.

To carrot and alfalfa juice, lettuce and green pepper juices may be added to enrich the combination with elements particularly needed by the roots of the hair. Drinking this combination daily, one pint a day, may help the growth of hair to a remarkable extent and restore it to its natural color.” If you look in his Vegetable Juice book, he gives juice combination remedies to all of the different ailments. He actually points to Alfalfa Juice as the remedy for hair growth.

In his Diet and Salad book, Walker states that nearly all of the vitamins are found in Alfalfa, he says, “Nearly all the necessary vitamins are found in lettuce and this vegetable rates third highest in value, carrot being first, alfalfa second.” He goes on to say, “Of specific value, I would point out the rich quality, quantity and proper balance of Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Chlorine, Sodium, Potassium and Silicon in Alfalfa. These elements are all very much needed for the proper function of the various organs in the body.”

Above he states in different sections, how Alfalfa is the top plant in the world for containing the most amount of chlorophyll, the most amount of vitamins (2nd to Carrots), and the most amount of trace elements compared to all other vegetation. That’s pretty much all of the most critical nutrients needed by the body. When you taste our Alfalfa Powder, you will know that it is the most powerful chlorophyll food available to man. You can see why I love this combination, and I am probably taking a tablespoon to 1.5 tablespoons of the Alfalfa in a day. I built up to about .75 of a tablespoon of the Alfalfa twice a day.

I am certain that our particular Raw Organic Alfalfa Juice Powder is even better than both Chlorella and Spirulina. Not only does it have a crazy amount of Chlorophyll, but the most important thing is how much more effective the Alfalfa Juice Powder is at being assimilated and absorbed. The Alfalfa Juice digests immediately, which includes the Chlorophyll and all of the other vital nutrients that it contains. When I consume Spirulina or Chlorella, I burp it up for hours. It’s more like a food and it takes part of my appetite away for my next meal. The Raw Organic Alfalfa Juice Powder, and all of the other juices for that matter, just assimilates and are gone and digested for good in just a few minutes. You will feel as light as can be. It is like night and day the difference in absorption rates.

Furthermore, on top of the chlorophyll, our Alfalfa is loaded with more minerals and vitamins compared to almost everything else available. From here on out, I will be taking this Alfalfa and Carrot juice powder combination in at least one or two of my coconut water drinks every single day. Again, it’s really important to get a wide variety of nutrients, and that is why I am so excited to rotate all of these different juices around.

In fact, as crazy as this sounds, I have even moved my Marine Phytoplankton dosage to be taken with my meal. I only have so many open spaces during the day to use these Juices that I had to move the Marine Phytoplankton to be taken during my meal lol. On top of that, I even add Carrot Juice Powder to that drink with the Phytoplankton during that meal lol. The Marine Phytoplankton is such a powerful food, I can still feel it when I take it with my meals.

When I say that these juices are concentrated, for all the grass juices, 46 pounds of fresh grass are concentrated into every one kilo of all of our Grass Juice powders. Every single one of our Raw Organic Juice powders is a crazy amount of pounds of vegetation to juice depending on what the water content is. That is why one tablespoon of our wheatgrass juice powder, equals 25-30 1oz liquid wheatgrass juice shots. That is how concentrated they are.

Let’s now go into how beneficial our Carrot and Beet Juice powders are, and then we will conclude this masterpiece with how the Grapefruit Juice Powder, which has the potential to decalcify the body more efficiently compared to anything else on this planet. I am so excited!

Unfortunately, there was a little glitch that happened with the Carrot Juice Powder. However, a really good solution presented itself. I’ll explain everything further below in great detail after I discuss its benefits.

As many of you might know, Dr. Norman Walker’s favorite juice on the planet was carrot juice. He always drank it in conjunction with practically every other kind of juice, as he stated that it provides a Synergistic effect where it enhances the benefits of all the juices involved. I actually use the Carrot Juice Powder in almost every single combination that I do.

I know that many of you were super excited to try our Astaxanthin in order to help improve your vision and eye health. We actually got a good amount of testimonials of it helping many people with their vision among other things. However, there was one person who wrote in, who said that he is still struggling with his eye health even after taking the Astaxanthin.

This can happen for various reasons, because there is more than one cause of eye degeneration. The Astaxanthin works on our vision health from an Antioxidant protective perspective. However, it’s just as critical to make sure you are getting all of the nutrients that are needed for your eyes too.

Since I have been taking this Raw Organic Carrot Juice Powder in pretty high dosages, my vision has improved greatly and I can read small writing when before I wasn’t able to.

In Dr. Norman Walker’s books, he talks about how many people have improved their eye health and vision with carrot juice. He told stories about pilots passing their vision tests, and he summarizes it in the paragraph just below.

Dr Walker says, “Carrot juice nourishes the optic system particularly, as evidenced by the many young men who applied for admission as pilots to the schools of the army and navy but were rejected at their first physical examination because of defective eyesight. A few weeks later, after drinking an abundance of fresh raw carrot juice daily, they were examined again. They were accepted with the requisite of perfection of eyesight. If this were to happen just once, it would no doubt be considered a phenomenon. If it were to happen only twice, it would go down into the annals of healing history as a coincidence. When it happens repeatedly, however, there is certainly sufficient reason to place doubt in the background and realize that there are more things in heaven and earth than even the most educated mind can conceive.”

Dr Walker goes on to say, “Raw carrot juice is a natural solvent for ulcerous and cancerous conditions. It is a resistant to infections, doing most efficient work in conjunction with the adrenal glands. It helps prevent infections of the eyes and throat as well as the tonsils and sinuses and the respiratory organs generally. It also protects the nervous system and is unequalled for increasing vigor and vitality.

It is a valuable aid in the improvement and maintenance of the bone structure of the teeth. One pint of carrot juice, daily, has more constructive body value than 25 pounds of calcium tablets. Dry skin, dermatitis, and other skin blemishes are due to a deficiency in the body of some of these food elements contained in carrot juice. This is also a factor in eye trouble, as in ophthalmia, conjunctivitis, etc.”

While a tablespoon of all the other juices are probably too much to take at one time due to the cleansing effect, I can just guzzle down this vitamin-rich carrot juice without a problem. However, I do admit that I’m practically doing a tablespoon of the Alfalfa Juice Powder twice a day though. I used to always guzzle down Carrot Juice for decades. It’s the ultimate Multi-Vitamin. Remember above, Dr. Norman Walker said it has the most vitamins compared to all other vegetation in the world. Due to how concentrated, vitamin-rich, mineral rich, and how sweet tasting that this Raw Organic Carrot Juice Powder is, makes this my favorite product in the world.

From taking all of these Raw Organic juices, my health has improved, and my vision has become sharper than it has been in years. It was stated above that both of the Carrot Juice and Alfalfa Juice is a great resistant to infection. I think this combination is one of the many reasons that I’m doing so much better. I feel so clean and empty of a hot soreness in my colon, and I think that it’s due to this juice combination being a huge resistant to infection. I take this juice combination once or twice every single day. Furthermore, as many of you know I have Osteoporosis, and I think it’s helping my teeth, bones, and joints in a very big way. I lost my ability to run as the impact on my joints and bones was too much now. However, I’ve been testing trotting around here and there during my really long walks, and I am seeing some improvement. He did say one pint of carrot juice, daily, has more constructive body value than 25 pounds of calcium tablets.

I just guzzle the Carrot Juice Powder down, because I feel that my body is starving for it. If you were to consume a total of 1 Tablespoon of our Carrot Juice Powder throughout the day, you would get 56000 IU’s of vitamin A, which is ridiculously incredible for your vision. That is about 1000% of the Recommended Daily Intake for Vitamin A. No wonder why my vision is improving.

Now onto this unfortunate glitch that happened with the Carrot Juice Powder. When they sent me samples of everything, they sent me the Carrot Juice Powder with Maltodextrin in it, and I didn’t even know it until I read the COA (Certificate of Analysis). With these Carrot Juice Powder samples that I got, I ended up consuming more than 100,000 IU’s of Vitamin A daily, which improved my vision and benefited me greatly. However, I was also unfortunately consuming maltodextrin, which isn’t the best for your colon health, and especially with my condition, I decided to stop taking it. However, I did reap the benefits while taking it.

This juice company is not used to people wanting the Carrot Juice Powder at full 100% Pure Potency. Not only is it the most expensive juice powder to make as it is, but to do it 100% pure like I want to do is even more expensive. Nobody in their right mind would order it from them at these prices; besides me that is. They told me that literally in the last two decades, they have only made a pure carrot juice powder one time. The good news is, they are creating me my own 100% pure batch of this ridiculously incredible Raw Organic Carrot Juice Powder. However, the unfortunate news is that they can’t make it for me until July, which makes it available in mid-August, because it has to be sent to the labs to get thoroughly tested in order to make sure it’s in perfect condition for you. Once I get this 100% pure Carrot Juice Powder in my hands, you will never see another Carrot Juice Powder better than this. You will actually never see another nutritious vitamin product in the world better than this, and I guarantee that.

I was devastated by this news about having to wait until August, as I’ve been working on this launch for literally six months already. However, a really good solution presented itself. We’ve got two Carrot Juice Powder options available now, along with all of these other incredible juices mentioned above and further below. We have the second best Carrot Juice Powder in the world option available, which is what the Synergy Company used when they had their Carrot Juice Powder available, and we also have this Carrot Juice Powder that improved my vision, with the Maltodextrin, and this is what Hallelujah Acres uses to make their CarrotMax juice powder. If maltodextrin doesn’t bother you, and you want to utilize this very potent Carrot Juice Powder now, it’s available to you. I am personally not a fan of Maltodextrin. I only have about 164 bags of the Carrot Juice Powder with Maltodextrin, and if it is popular I can get more rather quickly.

Just to be clear, none of the other juice powders have maltodextrin.

Let’s go into the details of this secondary Carrot Juice Powder, which has zero Maltodextrin, that we are offering to you today.

Back in the day, I used to go to all of the natural health trade shows. At these trade shows, the top two juice Powder companies on the planet are always present there. The top number one company that we are using, comes to these trade shows and they shake up their juices up in water. They show how their Raw Organic Juice Powders are indistinguishable from the fresh, including the nutrient breakdown. That is what we are offering you today with all of these other juices, and they are all absolutely incredible.

Retail companies normally just buy their Raw Organic Juice Powders in bulk, create green food and other formulas, and water these precious juices down with other ingredients big time. It’s similar to our Postbiotics. Companies purchase that bulk ingredient, water it down with other ingredients, and then repackage it. I just take the best single ingredients on the planet, and straight bag them for you lol. It might not be in a bottle with a fancy box, but this is how I keep the prices down on the highest quality Superfoods in the world, which are simply created just for you guys only. Nobody else is doing what I am doing.

I have honestly never seen a straight Beet Juice, Alfalfa juice, or Grapefruit Juice Powder before ever like this.

So back to my story, at these trade shows, there is another company that also offers juice powders, and they are the second best in the industry. It is far from first, but they are the second best. When this Carrot Juice catastrophe happened, this secondary juice powder company immediately provided me a sample of their 100% Carrot Juice Powder. When I got the Carrot Juice Powder sample in the mail, it was a completely different consistency compared to all of our other juice powders that we are offering to you today. The juice powder did mix into my coconut water, but not nearly as well.

Immediately, I said no, I was not willing to compromise, and I was prepared to wait until August to get and launch all of these juices. I thought to myself, even though it is second best, there is no way that I can let it replace this other gem.

But then; I started to take this secondary Carrot Juice Powder every single day, and I became absolutely undeniably addicted to it.

I know that nothing compares to the Carrot Juice Powder that we are getting in August, but this is definitely something you probably want to check out in the meantime. They use a completely different technology where they dry it through an infrared process. The consistency of the powder turns out completely different than the other juice powders. Instead of an extremely fine potent powder that just miraculously dissolves in your mouth and pops your eyes wide open, this powder is like little juice crystal slivers. The sweetness just melts in your mouth like rock candy and I can’t get enough of it. I mix it in combination with all of the other juice powders to get the benefits from the combination. However, on top of that, I also take little spoonfuls and chew down on these Rock Candy-like Carrot Juice crystals in between some of my gulps of juice lol. It just crunches, dissolves immediately, and disappears. It’s so good, and tastes just like sweet candy to me. If you had The Synergy Company’s Carrot Juice Powder, when they used to carry it, it’s the same exact thing.

It’s kind of scary how addicted I am to this Crystalline carrot juice powder. From being on a Raw Foods Diet all my life, I am very sensitive, and my food options are very limited. My diet is so strict, that it almost seems dangerous if I eat something that is not a whole food or out of my norm. However, this Crystalline Carrot Juice Powder, I can guzzle down many mini-spoonfuls of it down without an issue. It’s a juice powder with no fiber and just disappears after you eat it. To me, it literally tastes like Rock Candy and I can’t stop eating it. Furthermore, there is no digestive discomfort. It’s a miracle food for me.

You are simply just chewing down on juice and guzzling down vitamins and nutrients all day long, as you get to eat this Rock Candy-like juice powder with zero digestive discomfort. It’s the ultimate Multi-Vitamin. What scares me though, is that I brought this into my late nighttime routine. However, I am having no issues doing this, as it’s just a juice with no fiber, and I am still healthy as can be. It’s like my body wants it, and I endlessly crave it.

I know that my taste buds are little off compared to others due to my very clean diet. However, I know that many of your taste buds are also off for the same reason. I think it may have taken a couple times of eating it, before my taste buds started demanding it. I even add it as a topping to some of my meals, which enhances the taste of it. You can even dip a banana in it, and it would be like little cupcake crystal sprinkles on top.

So what happened was, my Crystalline Carrot Juice Powder sample ran out, and I was hankering for more big time. I went on Amazon, and literally ordered every single USDA Organic 100% Carrot Juice Powder that I could find with no other ingredients, because I was certain I could find one company that uses this secondary juice company as their source of 100% Carrot Juice to hold me over until I could get more.

However, I couldn’t believe the junk that came to me from Amazon. They were all completely dry, they clumped to the roof of my mouth and my teeth, and they definitely didn’t melt in my mouth like these other Carrot Juice Powders. I had to chew and chew and chew and I couldn’t even get close to it dissolving in my mouth like our juice powders. Even though every Amazon order that I received said 100% Carrot Juice powder on the label, you had to chew down on this dry powder as if there was fiber or other ingredients in it. I was so disappointed by their integrity. This is why I don’t trust anything, but my own products. I couldn’t even swallow any of the junk that came from Amazon.

With the Carrot Juice Powder that is coming in August, I’ll be once again consuming hundreds of thousands of Units of Vitamin A a day. The 56000 IU’s of Vitamin A per tablespoon is based on this Carrot Juice Powder with Maltodextrin. This new Carrot Juice Powder coming in August without the Maltodextrin should be well over 70,000 IU’s of Vitamin A in a tablespoon since it will have zero fillers within it. That is crazy! I know that this Crystalline Carrot Juice option from the secondary company that we have today, only has a fraction of Vitamin A comparatively speaking. Instead of 100,000 IU’s of Vitamin A, I’m getting about 40,000 units of Vitamin A if I take the same quantity of juice powder. It’s still well over 600% of our required vitamin A in a tablespoon. However, I am taking higher quantities of it, because it tastes so good to me, and that makes up for some of the Vitamin A loss. On the Carrot Juice coming in August, you’ll probably think that you are on steroids giving you super power strength if you matched these quantities, which I’ll most certainly do.

I am literally hankering for this Crystalline Carrot Juice Powder, and I’m so excited to be getting more this week. It was actually right when I started hankering for it like this that I finally realized that I had to launch now, and get all of these medicinal juices into your hands, as we wait until August to get the best carrot juice powder ever seen in existence.

One last thing that Dr. Walker stated about Carrot Juice that was pretty cool, “By means of the latest super-microscopes, it has been possible to determine that the carrot juice molecule is exactly analogous to that of the blood molecule, a most interesting and revealing fact. No wonder we have found the juice of carrots so extremely beneficial.”

Ok, let’s now move on to the 100% Pure Raw Organic Beet Juice Powder from the top number one juice company. This Beet Juice Powder is unreal! It has got to be the most Medicinal Juice here. I guarantee that there is no other Beet Juice Powder available in the world like ours. After you take our Beet Juice Powder for the first time, You can then imagine what the carrot juice powder will be like that is coming in August. Your jaw will drop, and you will most likely be as excited as me for August. There will be no other product in the world like this Carrot Juice Powder once it arrives. I am so excited, I can’t wait.

I feel that each juice powder is helping with completely different needed aspects of my health. Since I’ve had this condition, I’ve always had an issue with my blood, and this Beet Juice Powder is an incredible blood builder unlike anything else available, and I definitely need that.

In Dr. Norman Walker’s book, he states not to drink too much Beet Juice at one time, or the cleansing effect might be too much. He says that you have to build up to taking more. The intensity of our Beet Juice Powder is nothing like I have ever experienced before. Since the “liquid factor” is gone, you can get away with more. However, it is so powerful, I would start at 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon at a time, and then build up to a teaspoon or more. 1 teaspoon is the serving size, but I suggest starting with less.

After studying all of Dr. Norman Walker’s work on Beet Juice, the two main benefits is it being an incredible blood builder, helping women tremendously with menopause, and secondly, is one of the best cleansing remedies available to man for gall stones, liver stones, kidney stones, and all of our sex glands. Of course he recommends mixing it with carrot juice to build the blood.

I am definitely going to be taking the Beet Juice every single day for this powerful cleansing aspect, but again, also to build up my blood.

Dr. Walker states, “This is one of the most valuable juices for helping to build up the red corpuscles of the blood and tone up the blood generally. Women, particularly, have been benefited by drinking at least one pint of a combination of carrot and beet juice daily. The proportion in this combination may vary from 3 to 8 ounces of beet juice, in one pint of the combined juices, carrot and beet.

For menstrual disturbances beet juice has been very helpful, particularly when, during such periods, it has been used in small quantities, not more than a wineglass at a time (say, 2 or 3 ounces) two or three times a day. During menopause this procedure has been found much more permanently helpful than the degenerative effects of drugs or synthetic hormones.”

If you want to remove stones from your organs and just do an overall cleansing, you can build up taking more and more of the Beet Juice Powder. I personally like to keep things easy on the body, and I feel like it is more effective to take the Beet Juice Powder in normal doses consistently for years on end versus going crazy with high doses of it for a short period of time. You guys; this Beet Juice Powder is so unreal, and so powerful, that I am positive that you will get the same benefits as you would from drinking straight Beet Juice. You will see.

Let’s now move on to our prized possession, our new ridiculously incredible Raw Organic Grapefruit Juice Powder, which is the number one decalcification remedy available to mankind. Pay attention closely as you read these final very important paragraphs of this Newsletter.

Due to years of eating inorganic calcium elements contained in processed breads, cereals, cakes, and other flour products, these inorganic calcium elements build up and cause all sorts of ruckus in the body. They are responsible for things like arthritis, varicose veins, cataracts, hemorrhoids, arterial plaque, stones in our organs, and so much more.

In Dr. Norman Walker’s book, he has all sorts of vegetable juice combination remedies for helping all different kinds of ailments. For arthritis, grapefruit juice is the number one remedy that he gives. Anything that has to do with calcification, the grapefruit juice is recommended by him.

Dr. Norman Walker states, “Because the afflicted cartilage has a magnetic attraction for inorganic calcium atoms, the blood deposits them in specific parts of the anatomy, such as in the case of hemorrhoids. In arthritis they solidify the cartilage and ligaments, while in hemorrhoids they form a coagulated blood fibrin. In either case, the eating of foods containing these inorganic calcium atoms does not create even the slightest suspicion of what eventually may take place.

Once an arthritic deposit has taken root, however, it becomes progressively menacing until actual bone distortion may take place. The enlargement of the joints is usually the first manifestation after the occasional shots of sharp pain at shorter or longer intervals make themselves felt. Once the incrustations of this calcium have established themselves, their headway becomes a matter of routine and their deposit becomes cumulative.”

Now the solution, is the Grapefruit Juice.

He goes on to say, “One of the most effective elements with which to help dissolve this inorganic, incrustated calcium has been found in grapefruit, in its organic salicylic acid content. Thus, one pint or more of fresh grapefruit juice daily helps to dissolve this accumulation of foreign matter.”

Keep in mind that a ridiculous amount of pounds of Grapefruits goes into our Raw Organic Grapefruit Juice powder. Do you realize how much concentrated organic salicylic acid content that you can consume with our Raw Organic Grapefruit Juice Powder? The smallest amount contains so much salicylic acid content that it is crazy. We can now take a therapeutic dosage in order to help decalcify our body in a way, which has never been seen before until today. This may also help with our vision by deteriorating the cataracts, help with arthritis, arterial plaque, varicose veins and all of the other many issues caused by calcification.

This Raw Organic Grapefruit Juice Powder is extremely powerful, in such a different way compared to all of the other Raw Organic Vegetable Juices. When you take it straight into your mouth, it has such a powerful Grapefruit citrus potency. You feel it going down your throat, and it just dissolves mucus like you would not believe. I just took a teaspoon, and I can’t believe how empty my lungs feel, and how deep my breathing is. Once I get my new bags of Juices, I will be taking one Tablespoon per day in the morning with my orange juice. A 3-pack at 1 Tablespoon a day will last you 38 days. This is what I am going to be doing.

The one time I did take a Tablespoon of this Grapefruit Juice Powder in my Orange Juice was an absolutely incredible experience. The citrus potency of the Orange Juice mixed together with the citrus potency of the Raw Organic Grapefruit Juice Powder, just tastes so therapeutic and good. It’s therapeutic. You know when you have a sore throat and you drink citrus it feels so good going down? Mixing a tablespoon of the Grapefruit Juice Powder into orange juice was the biggest citrus hit like this that you can possibly imagine. If feels so good on the throat going down. It just dissolves all the mucus on its way. When I did this Tablespoon, it cleared my entire chest cavity of mucus. I think I could feel chest cavities clear of mucus that I didn’t even know existed lol. I then went on my walk and my breathing was just so deep, with everything being so clear. On top of all of this mucus dissolving, the multitude of Salicylic Acid contained within this Grapefruit Juice Powder, is just magically traveling through the ethers of my body dissolving all of the calcium deposits slowly but surely.

This raw Organic Grapefruit Juice powder, just has a very powerful dissolving aspect to it, and when taken long-term over time can provide incredible results with removing calcification from the body, and possibly increased longevity. There is not a better remedy available on this planet for dissolving calcification deposits, compared to our Raw Organic Grapefruit Juice Powder. Of course, you also want to remove the cause of the calcification, by improving your diet if you haven’t done so already.

This Organic Raw Grapefruit Juice Powder, may just very well be one of the most powerful medicines in the world. You do not want to skip over this juice when you order. It is probably another one of the reasons that I am feeling so much better.

There is no other product in the world that I know of that removes calcification. Furthermore, the grapefruit juice is a powerhouse at doing it. The only other products in the world that I can think of that would help with decalcification, are all of the other juices above that we are offering, especially the Beet Juice Powder. As we read, Beet Juice helps to dissolve and remove gall and kidney stones, which is a result of calcification. These Raw Organic Juice Powders, are true natural medicines like nothing else available today.

I don’t take the Grapefruit Juice Powder with any of the other Vegetable Juices. As many of you know, every morning I drink a small glass of Orange Juice that I juice from Organic Oranges in order to get my Vitamin C. I now add the Grapefruit juice powder to it every single day, enhancing it to an entire new level, providing me with the ultimate decalcification remedy. Furthermore, it provides an additional healthy Vitamin C hit in its whole form from a natural food to my daily diet.

I sometimes just take the Grapefruit Juice Powder straight into my mouth from the spoon, because I just love to experience the intense sensation. I love taking the other juices straight into my mouth also. You just have to be careful with both of these Carrot Juice Powders, or you might consume the entire bag lol. They both taste incredible.

Now the Raw Organic Grapefruit juice, unlike all the other juices above, actually contains a very small amount of a healthy Prebiotic within the bag. All of these vegetable juice powders, besides that one Maltodextrin carrot juice option, are single ingredients with nothing else added to them. However, for the Grapefruit Juice, we had to add a tad bit of Prebiotics to it. They were willing to go 100% pure for me, however, due to the natural sugars in Grapefruit, I would have been sending you all hard rocks of Grapefruit juice that you would need to chisel down lol.

I kind of wanted to do it because of how hardcore I am lol. However, it truly wouldn’t work. They had a million options, and we chose to add a very small amount of one simple healthy prebiotic to it, which will only benefit you greatly. In fact, it is actually one of the best Prebiotics (Acacia) available, because it is known as one of the only prebiotics to not cause gas or digestive discomfort. This Raw Organic Grapefruit Juice Powder is so potent and powerful, that you will not even know that the small amount of Prebiotics are in there. I put such a small amount of Prebiotics in there that you may get some minor clumps in the powder. Simply just pinch the bag and they will disappear.

As usual, we have everything in 3-packs, where you get 10% more off of each juice. However, on top of that, we have a variety pack, where you only need to get one of each juice, and you get even an additional 10% off of the 3-pack price. To take it even one step further, if you get a 3-pack-variety-pack, where you get 3 of each juice, you get another 10% off the variety pack price. That’s a lot of 10% off’s! The variety packs contain the carrot juice powder without the Maltodextrin. I’m literally going to get like 10 lbs to last me until August lol due to how much I love that Rock-Candy-Like Carrot Juice Crystals.

Here is a breakdown of all of the prices. When I say that the 3-pack price is $17.95, the $17.95 is for one bag of Raw Organic Juice Powder within the 3-pack, and it’s really three times that price for the entire 3-pack of three Juice Powders.

Here is the ‘At-Cost’ Price breakdown:

Alfalfa juice powder, 3-pack price $17.95, variety pack price $16.16, 3-pack-variety-pack price $14.54.
Barley grass juice powder, 3-pack price $17.95, variety pack price $16.16, 3-pack-variety-pack price $14.54.
Grapefruit Juice Powder, 3-pack price $19.95, variety pack price $17.95, 3-pack-variety-pack price $16.16.
Wheatgrass juice powder, 3-pack price $17.95, variety pack price $16.16, 3-pack-variety-pack price $14.54.
Beet Root Juice Powder, 3-pack price $20.95, variety pack price $18.86, 3-pack-variety-pack price $16.97.
Carrot Juice Powder, 3-pack price $22.95, variety pack price $20.66, 3-pack-variety-pack price $18.59.

Once the sale is over on April 1st, the prices will go back up to around $28 – $35 or so depending on the Juice.

As you can see, all of the prices are cut tremendously ‘At-Cost’ until the end of the month. These juices are seasonal and not always available, as you can see with the wait we have to do with the carrot juice powder. You may want to stock up quite a lot at these prices. Again the expiration date is 3 years out. This is a purchase that you won’t regret.

Each bag contains a hefty 4oz of concentrated Raw Organic Juice Powder. If you were to take 1 teaspoon a day, that would be 38 servings.

What we have here for you today is a true treat, and some of the best natural medicines available to humanity.

Again, some of us can’t drink fresh vegetable juices due to the digestive chaos that it creates within our systems. These Raw Organic Juice Powders are literally like a natural medicine, and since there is no liquid involved, there is no bloating or diarrhea all day long. They are God Sent. On top of that, making vegetable juice is no easy task with all of the prep work and clean up. You can easily travel with all of these Raw Organic Juice Powders, having your nutrition available to you at all times. Trust me, they are addicting in a very good way.

We now have these natural medicines, these extremely concentrated Raw Organic Juice powders, that we can simply add to our drinks such as water, or in my case coconut water, or anything else. I am truly excited that I am getting back into drinking Raw Organic Vegetable Juices of the most concentrated highest quality on a daily basis via use of these powders. I am also excited to see what this Raw Organic Grapefruit Juice powder can do for all of us.

With all of these unique Superfoods that we provide on our website, which aren’t really available anywhere else, I truly do believe that I will hit a ripe old age, despite my condition. I just feel so good since I’ve been taking these juices with so much energy.

I am truly addicted to every single one of the these Raw Organic Juice Powders, and I literally crave them all day long. I’m in love lol.