Organic Carob Powder 1lb


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Carob powder is a superfood powder that comes from a pod on a tree, and is loaded with antioxidants.   Many people use carob instead of cacao, because it has a chocolate flavor without the stimulating properties of cacao.  Furthermore, it doesn’t contain oxalates like cacao, which has been said to block the absorption of calcium, and on top of that It is loaded with calcium.  Carob also doesn’t include Tyramine, which is also in cacao.  Tyramine is known to be a trigger for migraine headaches if you get them.  Also there is no theobromine in carob powder, which is dangerous to dogs.  Many dog treats are even made out of carob powder to give them that chocolate flavor without the danger.  Lastly, it is know to help people with diarrhea.

*Roasted Carob Powder

Try these ways to add carob powder to your diet:

  • add carob powder to smoothies
  • sprinkle carob powder on yogurt or ice cream
  • add carob powder to your favorite bread dough or pancake batter
  • make a hot carob drink instead of hot chocolate
  • make creamy carob pudding
  • make carob brownies