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Organic Cocoa (Cacao) Powder (SW)


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60 servings.

The Mayans and Aztecs considered the superfood cacao a “gift from the Gods.” With its rich flavor, you’ll see why this great-tasting cocoa will transform your recipes into a gift everyone will enjoy.

Step into our pantry and discover the decadence of delicious cocoa. Our velvety cocoa is from 100% cacao and elevates ordinary fruit, trail mix, nut butters, coffee, baked goods, sauces, hot beverages, smoothies, cereal, and all other ordinary things into something supreme.

The unofficial favorite food in the world is chocolate. If you’re looking for that delicious, delectable, decadent flavor, Sunwarrior’s Pantry Cocoa is everything you need.

It is the same tried and true cocoa we use in our delicious chocolate protein powders. Sourced sustainably, it is simple, clean, and unrefined. The naturally occurring benefits of flavanols, copper, iron, and magnesium are what sets our cocoa apart from the rest. It’s not only delicious, but it’s also guiltless.

Spoon it into your culinary masterpieces and discover all the ways that cocoa can add the smooth to your smoothie, bliss to your baking, and decadence anytime your recipe calls for a little extra amazing.

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