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Organic Papaya Seed Powder, 4oz Parasite Killer


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Ready to get rid of some parasites?

As many of you know, Papaya Seeds remove parasites from the body extremely well. Papaya Seeds are known by cultures all throughout the world, as something to use when you get parasites. If they ever feel like something is going on in that tummy of theirs, and it’s not good, it just doesn’t matter what it is, they take Papaya Seeds. They simply open up the Papaya, eat all the seeds, and all those terrible little critters just come right out of there.

If you’ve got parasites, even if you suspect it, or even if you don’t, papaya seed powder is really one of the best ways to get rid of them and get them out of there.

If you wanted to take it to the next level, simply fast after taking the Papaya Seed powder, and it will clean you right out. It will cleanse your body and digestive tract incredibly well. Small little fasts are really healthy to do on occasion, and Papaya Seed Powder is a great way to start that fast off, and to start that cleanse.

You don’t have to do a super cleanse in order to take advantage of the Papaya Seed Powder to remove parasites, but I just wanted to share how to do it that way in case you wanted to.

In fact, if you want to just slowly take small amounts, Papaya seed powder is often used as a healthy substitute for Black Pepper Powder. A lot of people have a lot of problems with black pepper due to things such as allergies. It’s very common to use papaya seed powder as a substitute. It does not have the spicy taste of black pepper, but it more has the same texture as it.

On top of all this, Papaya Seeds have antioxidant properties with high amounts of flavonoid and phenolic acid compounds. They are excellent for the liver, kidney health, and assists with cleansing them. Papaya Seeds are anti-inflammatory and have anti-viral properties. They regulate the amount of sodium in the blood, therefore helping to control blood pressure. Lastly, Papaya seeds have something in them called papain, which is a digestive enzymes, and enhances digestion and gastrointestinal functions.

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