Organic Raw BLACK Maca Powder, 16oz


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Maca is a root vegetable, cultivated for thousands of years in Peru, used as a tonic for stamina, fertility and libido. modern research has shown that Maca can alleviate symptoms of stress, fatigue, menopause, PMS, depression and lack of libido.

From Peru.

All of our Macas are the best of the best. The Black, Red and Yellow Macas that are available, are all in their Raw Form. Our Gelatinized Maca contains all three colors of Maca just as they are grown in the field. Therefore, each bag contains about 8% Black Maca, 12% Red Maca, and 80% Yellow Maca.

Gelatinized Maca are generally better for people who have digestive issues as all the starches have been taking out.

Six different clinical studies were done on Yellow Gelatinized Maca, where it was administered to premenopausal women who were having night sweats, hot flashes, and an unbalanced hormone system. It reduced the night sweats and hot flashes, increased and balanced out hormone levels, and increased estrogen which plays a critical role in bone health – to where bone density markers went up.

Yellow Maca has also been shown in clinical studies to help with erectile dysfunction, fertility, and athletic performance.

Red Maca reduced the prostate size in male rats in clinical studies.

There are 5 clinical studies on Black Maca, which shows it has the potential to improve memory and learning. Red Maca was used in one of these studies and also had beneficial effects on memory.
In rats, Black Maca increased daily sperm production while also improving sperm motility which is the ability of the sperm to get to the egg. Black Maca also reduced blood glucose levels in another clinical study.

Black and Red Maca also did well at making bones stronger in clinical studies.

So remember, for the Gelatinized Maca, you are taking out all of this dead space out from the maca so you probably have 3 – 4 x’s more of the active components (secondary metabolites) compared to the raw maca in a more absorbable crack-celled form.

So why would anyone want to take the raw maca over the gelatinized maca?

Well… The Maca in it’s Raw form has the Enzymes in tact. Also, the sugars and starches are also in tact. Therefore, for someone who wants a whole food, wants to build muscle mass, wants enzymes and a whole food in their smoothies, then the raw maca is definitely the way to go.

Additionally, when you go to these maca fields and when you look at the maca coming out of the ground, the greens are extremely wild, and when you try to pull it out of the ground it’s extremely hard to get out of the ground. It’s really hard to uproot and it’s known in the doctrine of signatures shared by herbalists that when something is hard to uproot it’s really strong and has resilience and it gets passed on to the human body. If getting the live energetic components of a food is important to you, then you’d want to take the Raw Maca.