Organic Raw Cacao Powder, 16oz (20-22% Fat)


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All of our cacao ingredients are from 100% Criollo cacao beans that are all hand harvested from Peru.  

The hottest temperatures that all of these cacao products hit is 115 – 120 degrees during the fermentation process.  The reason we are able to keep the temperatures so low during the fermentation process, is because we spend a longer time fermenting the beans.  More time, more fermentation.

The rest of the processing of all the ingredients, is well below the even these temperatures.  In fact, when processing the powder, paste and butter, they are all pressed using cold temperatures, making it the most raw and best tasting cacao available out there today.  In fact, it’s the same cacao that is used on all of Rawmio’s truffle cakes, and raw chocolate covered nuts and fruits.

On top of all this, this cacao is fair trade certified.  

The cacao is sustainably harvested in distinct cacao production regions within Peru. We abide by all the anti-corruption, labor, ethical code of conduct as well as human rights, and environmental sustainability rules.