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Orgono Living Silica Collagen Booster Gel (5.07fl ounces/150ml)


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LIVING SILICA® Gel is a topical professional strength collagen-boosting formula, designed to supply a vital essential nutrient transdermally with the highest bioavailability. Silica allows to preserve and regenerate elastin and collagen fibers that contribute to the suppleness and flexibility of joints, and helps fight cartilage aging and acts synergistically restoring your whole body, skin, and joints from the inside out. It is an all-natural solution, ideal for the external application onto the skin that supports long-lasting benefits.


The effectiveness of silica depends on its bioavailability. ORGONO ® LIVING SILICA® uses a unique form of silica that is backed by research to have an absorption rate of 64%, which is 3.75 times higher than other types of silica.

Remember, that if a body cannot absorb a nutrient, it cannot use it! LIVING SILICA® is more effective in replenishing your body’s silica levels than other silica supplements. This makes it highly efficient in performing its strengthening and recuperative roles in the body.

What is Living Silica®?


This unique formula has powerful collagen-boosting, energizing, detoxifying, strengthening and overall health-supportive properties.


LIVING SILICA® has clinically tested for a wide range of tissue functions, from improving hair, skin and nail health to boosting recovery and offering joint and tendon support. If you’re looking for an effective supplement with proven results, look no further!


LIVING SILICA® is made of natural quartz, which contains carbon – the living element that makes it unique and more bioavailable than other supplements in the market. It absorbs 10X times better than common silica, and 4X more than most supplements available.


Most silica supplements cause side effects, such as demineralization of the bones and kidney stones. LIVING SILICA® is a clinically proven formula that’s completely safe, as the body readily removes any excess.