Pili Nuts, 16oz


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Polynesian Pili Nuts – raw, wild-crafted, organic, whole kernels, vacuum sealed

The Pili Nut is an exotic delicious kernel from an evergreen self sustainable tree that is grown on islands where there is tropical or subtropical climate. Raw, the taste may be compared to a combination of Pecan, Pine, Brazil and Walnut. Roasted it has a nutty flavor and crispy texture. Nutritionally, Pili nuts are high in calcium, phosphorus, fats, proteins and Vitamin B’s. Pili Nuts are delicious combined with cacao, coconut milk, and vanilla in fresh smoothies, icecreams, chocolate pastry, and cereal. They can be processed into rich nut milks, creams, pesto & pate’s, added to salads, dressings, rice and pickles.

Our pili nuts come from a small co-op where most of the farm work is done by hand. Income remains in the community.

These pili nuts come with the skin on them and you can eat the skin.