Quantum Balance Crystal Vortex Cone (QBC)


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Made of the same plant-based crystalline resin as our pendants, our Vortex Cones contain a spiral copper wire that directs the energy out of the tip of the cone.  The energy passes through a hand picked Atlantean Lemurian Recorder Quartz Crystal. It is 2 1/2-3 inches tall and wide.  The cone fits in the palm of your hand.

There are many different ways to use the cones. Some are using them to create a coherent energy field of peace in their homes or property by placing a cone in each of the 4 corners. Others are using them for trigger point massage therapy. Cones can be used in the car, meditation, offices, refrigerators, electronics, etc. Place a cone under your bed or on the end tables in your bedroom and a harmonic resonance field will be created for sleep.

See photo of a therapist massage table usage in Miami.

QBCs Environmental 12 Color Vortex Cones are recognized worldwide to be vitally important in upgrading, aligning and adapting our body, mind, spirit chakra system to a higher, coherent, structured energy flow.  The Cones act 24/7 as an energy amplifier emitting & receiving tool of vibration at different specific color frequencies that further resonates and shifts our energy to a forward momentum.

The cones are made with quartz crystals crushed and embedded inside plant base resin.  There is a copper wire inside each cone that spirals the energy clockwise in a vortex motion and it radiates out about 60 feet. The energy also passes through a handpicked recording quartz crystal in the tip of each cone.
Ultimate EMF Solution

Now more then ever & all bio energy systems, people, pets, plants, are being challenged and bombarded with 5G more than ever,.  This makes QBC Cones the perfect tool to balance, structure and vitalize the energy of our living & work spaces, so EMFs and all discordant energy don’t weaken our field and personal environment.  The cones aid us vibrationally to stay ahead of these disruptive scattered energies.

Color Frequencies
The other great aspect of the cones is the 12 color frequencies and this works on our bio field.  Our energy centers naturally resonate with specific color frequencies and quartz crystal vibrations and this shifts and unblocks energy and allows it to flow.
Video Playlist: Unlocking Your Chakras
Below is the playlist of the 12 videos on each of the colors of QBC.  Very informative and clear on the purpose of each color.  Besides the EMF protection, the color frequencies are powerful, too.  QBCs serve in many high vibrational ways and resonate with our spiritual self as well as physical self.  The videos go into more details on how to use the pendants as tools and wear the colors intentionally to create an optimal and balanced life style.