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This new vibrant yellow/orange powder is bursting with aliveness when you take it directly into your mouth; like you can feel it burning with aliveness on your tongue. It’s 100% Raw, and I can actually feel the energy it provides me in my brain. It’s one of my new favorites now.

It’s one of those crazy medicinal berries with nearly 200 nutritional and bioactive compounds. In terms of nutrients, this fruit is rich in protein, amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, polysaccharides, carotenoids, polyphenols, fatty acids, phytosterols, and so much more. To name a few of the bioactive substances, it is loaded with flavonoids, phospholipids, procyanidins, steroids, proanthocyanidins, triterpenes, tannins, and 5-hydroxytryptamine.

Wait until you see what it can do to your body further below!

The use of Sea Buckthorn fruit was originally utilized in Russia when scientists discovered and identified the wealth of biologically active substances found in the plant. They have been used in both the diets of Russian astronauts and as a cream protecting against cosmic radiation.

Our powder is just the berries, and doesn’t contain the leaves, bark or anything like that. The color of the powder is just like the color of the berries in the image below.

Sea Buckthorn

Although intense from aliveness, I like the taste, and it can be a key ingredient that you may definitely want to add to your superfood mixtures such as smoothies.

Now obviously, due to its significant bioactivity, it helps with so many different ailments. It is touted as a “source of nutrition and health care”.

If you are always worried about the fat content on nutrition labels, then this product may be just for you.

As seen at the study here, they fed mice a high-fat diet in order to induce obesity, and half the mice were fed Sea Buckthorn Berry Powder at the same time, just like the one we carry. For the mice that took the Sea Buckthorn Berry powder, they avoided obesity and had decreased body weight, fat mass, and circulating lipid levels, and improved insulin sensitivity compared to the other group. Moreover,
dietary sea buckthorn berry powder alleviated liver lipid accumulation and fat mass in the liver induced by the high-fat diet. Furthermore, sea buckthorn exhibited obvious anti-inflammatory capacity in white adipose tissue, to the point where they avoided obesity.

They conducted this study, because they were fascinated and wanted to confirm the pathways in which they thought that the Sea Buckthorn powder miraculously combatted the negative effects of obesity when eating a high fat diet. See, other studies had similar results on hamsters at the clinical study here, and another one on mice at the study here.

In the hamster study, an enzyme called (AMP-activated protein kinase) got activated by the Sea Buckthorn Berry. This enzyme plays a role in cellular energy homeostasis, in order to activate glucose and fatty acid uptake when cellular energy is low. So in this original study, they figured that the Sea Buckthorn Berry Powder activates this enzyme, which essentially programs our White Adipose Tissue and Brown Adipose Tissue to function better in order to release fat.

See, white adipose tissue has something called beige adipocytes. It is well known that activated beige adipocytes can release fat. We also have brown adipose tissue, which is responsible for burning calories. That’s the fat that activates right before you start to shiver and it burns calories. The issue is, the more obese a person gets, the less of this Brown Adipose Tissue they have.

You can see that at the study here. The percentage of young men with brown adipose tissue is high, but its activity is reduced in men who are overweight or obese. Therefore, heavier people aren’t going to reap the benefits of their fat releasing capabilities from their Brown Adipose tissue anymore.

So back to this original study, they are suggesting that Brown adipose tissue may be metabolically important in people, and the fact that it is reduced yet still present in most overweight or obese subjects may make it a target for the treatment of obesity.

They concluded in this original study above that the Sea Buckthorn Berry not only activates the beige adipocytes, but also induced beige adipocyte formation within our white adipose tissue. Remember, it is well known that activated beige adipocytes can release fat. On top of that, it also activated our brown adipose tissue, which may help heavier people recuperate their Brown Adipose Tissue, which can help them release more fat on top of that.

To summarize, the Sea Buckthorn Berry Powder, simply activates an enzyme (AMP-activated protein kinase), which in turn activates and forms more of our beige adipocytes and activates our Brown adipose tissue, both of which have the potential to release fat from the body.

If that is not enough, there are also so many more benefits to our Sea Buckthorn Berry Powder, due to its significant bioactivity. You’ll be able to sense the significant bioactivity if you put it directly into your mouth, because it is bursting with aliveness. It just activates so many processes and enzymes in the body including improving lipid metabolism enzyme activity.

There are so many more clinical studies showing the healing benefits of Sea Buckthorn in order to help so many ailments, such as cardiovascular improvement, antioxidant, anticancer, anti-hyperlipidemic, anti-obesity, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiviral, dermatological, neuroprotective, and hepatoprotective activities.

On top of that, it’s been reported as a good treatment of slow digestion, stomach malfunctioning, cardiovascular problems, liver injury, skin diseases, and ulcers. There is no doubt that sea buckthorn has great medicinal and therapeutic potential, due to the fact that sea buckthorn contains several vitamins, carotenoids, polyphenols, fatty acids and other bioactive compounds.

It’s not often you find a product burning with aliveness. Furthermore, it’s a pleasure to eat, for me at least.