Spilanthes – 15 Flower Buds


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I’ve got a crazy special treat for you today lol.

Back in the day, probably 20 years ago when Angela and I were touring around the United States, one of the first up and coming Raw Food stores had these special natural flower buds, which when eaten straight, medicinally tantalized your tastebuds and brought them on a Roller-Coaster of a ride unlike anything else that I have ever experienced before in my entire life. You have got to try these!

I’ve always wanted to grab these for you guys and carry them in our store, but it isn’t until now, that I finally rediscovered the species name of the Flower again and finally sourced it.

They are called Spilanthes.

When you see the video of me and my daughters below, eating these flowers, you will see how crazy and fun this experience is. Make sure to bring these flower buds wherever you go, because they are definitely a special party trick that you will definitely want to share with others. That’s if you want them to trip out big time lol.

Be prepared, because it does truly bring your tastebuds on a roller coaster of a ride. However, there are many other therapeutic and tantalizing benefits that we will get into in a second, since Spilanthes Flower Buds are known as a very medicinal plant.

First let’s discuss the experience. The flower heads of the plant are the most pungent part, causing a major tingling sensation and numbness, which also stimulates taste, and improves saliva flow.

It is the ultimate Roller Coaster of a Ride in your mouth that you may ever experience.

The flowers of Spilanthes have earned it the name “toothache plant” for their numbing, and pain-relieving effects, along with their ability to enhance oral health. After the intensity subsides, you can feel that a healing therapeutic occurrence took place. After I just took one of these, my mouth and throat just felt so clean, clear, healthy and good. It’s good to put your mouth through this sensation, not only for the experience lol, but it is very beneficial to your entire mouth, throat, and more.

The active ingredient in these flower heads is Spilanthol, which have Anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti parasitic, gastroprotective, and anti fungal qualities. In fact, at the study here, Spilanthes can also be used to reduce oral candida (thrush). In addition to all of this, it has been noted to relieve stomatitis, Throat complaints, malaria, soreness, dysentery, gum infections, sore throat, wound healing, and it has taste-activating properties, and induces a major salivary response.

Yet, the benefits go beyond just oral health, as it may even have the potential to enhance libido and sexual behavior.  In the female animal study model here, These actual flowers of Spilanthes is a popular female aphrodisiac and can influence the estrous cycle without altering folliculogenesis and fertility.

In male animal model study here, an ethinolic flower extract acted similarly to Viagra. In this study, N-alkylamides increased mounting frequency, intromission frequency and ejaculation frequency, as well as stimulating the sex hormones Follicule Stimulating Hormone, Luteinizing Hormone, and Testosterone. This study lends support to the traditional utilization of Spilianthes as a sexual stimulating agent.

The compounds in this plant are also really good for the gut and ulcers in the gut, is able to reduce HIV/AIDS replication, it’s anti-pesticidal and therefore good against many varieties of ticks, it helps to protect the brain, fights pain, helps to support a healthy vascular system, improves lung function, improves metabolic disease, has anti-cancer properties, and helps to combat diabetes.

Anyway, let’s get into this fun video with me and my daughters who got to experience these Spilanthes Flowers for the first time ever.

As you will see, it’s a completely wild and totally fun experience, and make sure to bring these flower buds wherever you go, because they are definitely a special party trick that you will definitely want to share with others.

To watch the video click the link below: