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Super Fine Coconut Sugar Powder 16oz


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We just came out with three new coconut sugars, and one of them has never been seen before on the market.

The coconut sugar that I’m most excited about, which the likes of it has never been seen, is our new super fine coconut sugar powder.

This new ‘Light Tan’ Super Fine Powdered Premium Thai Coconut Sugar is being used by chocolatiers and gourmet chefs all over the country due to how good it is.

First it’s made from the finest Thai Coconut sap which has never been seen before, and is sweeter and more flavorful then most other coconut sap. Secondly, it is a very fine milled powder. No other coconut sugar will mix in so perfectly and evenly with your food creation. Lastly, it’s slightly off white color, which makes it very good for making white chocolate or any other gourmet creation.

So it’s the Super Find Coconut Sugar powder that you want to try.

On top of that, we’ve now got our regular coconut crystals back in stock, which is not as finely milled. Lastly, we’ve always carried this coconut blossom sugar that is like a paste, and people love it. From the same company, we just got in a coconut nectar from them, which is also really good. Especially, if you like the liquid instead of the paste. People literally eat the paste one by the spoonful it’s so good.

We also got three different kinds of flavored pili nuts in, including chocolate, Turmeric, and Coconut Oil with Himalayan Salt. Simply, type in pili in the search bar on our website to find those.

I love bringing groung breaking products to you guys!

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