Super Fine Date Sugar, 16oz (Raw, Organic)


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Are you guys ready for a Brand New Raw Sweetener?

This may be the only Truly Raw Sweetener that there is.

Many of you may have probably tried date sugar in the past, but you haven’t tried our new Super Fine Date Sugar.

It’s a tad bit more expensive at $10.95 ‘At-Cost’, because it’s super fine. If you have tried date sugar in the past, it was probably coarse date sugar, and I don’t even like it.

The coarse date sugar doesn’t melt in your mouth like this, and it is much harder to work with in recipes. This super fine Date Sugar that we are offering to you today, is like a powdered sugar feel, and tastes really good.

It’s the only sweetener that I know of that has no added sugar, and can be a 1 to 1 replacement to sugar, or even coconut sugar.

The best part about it is, that it has the fiber, since it’s the whole dried date ground up. We made a batch of Cinna-Date Almond Butter, and it tastes just like graham crackers. It’s so good.

Since it has the fiber in tact still, it is much better for folks that have blood sugar issues. The fiber carries the sugar much better in the blood stream compared to other sweeteners, such as coconut sugar. If you think about it, coconut sugar is better than white sugar due to having extra minerals in it, but it’s still a processed sugar.

Coconut Sugar is better, than white sugar, but this Super Fine Date Sugar is the best, and way more than that. It’s simply just dates. You get all of the benefits of dates just in a powdered easy to use form for recipes.

The highest temperature that this Raw Organic Super Fine Date Powder hits, is 122 degrees. I know some people say that the raw temperatures are 118 degrees, while others say it is 130 degrees. Regardless, what is correct, they only heat it at 122 degrees for a short time in order to help remove some of the moisture. It doesn’t ever truly get inundated at 122 degrees all throughout. The fiber has been shown to be in tact, and has not been denatured by heat.

After the desired moisture content has been achieved, the dates are cold milled multiple times at low temperatures in order to get it as super fine as it is.

Date sugar is the least processed sweetener that I know of, compared to all the other popular sweeteners that have little to no nutritional value. These other sugars are extracted from the syrup, sap, or other liquid of a plant, then processed into an easy-to-use form like granulated sugar. This means that they’ve been processed down into an almost pure glucose form.

Date sugar, however, is different! Because it is less processed, it retains all of the nutrition available in the date fruit, including every last bit of its fiber. None of its fiber is lost. In fact a 3.5 oz serving of our date powder contains almost 7 grams of fiber!

Finally everyone, a sweetener that is actually nutritious and packed with minerals. One serving of our date powder contains a significant amount of your recommended daily intake (RDI) of several vitamins and minerals: 20% of your potassium, 14% of your magnesium, 18% of your copper, 15% of your manganese, 5% of your iron, and 12% of your vitamin B6.

If you’re looking for a type of sugar that will not spike your sugar like other sugars, and can boost your vitamin and mineral intake, our new Super Fine Date Sugar is going to be your best choice! In fact, because of its high fiber content, date sugar has a lower glycemic index compared to other sugars: white sugar has a GI of 80, but the GI of our date sugar is only 23.

Lastly, Date Sugar is an easy baking substitute, for either raw or cooked dishes. It has a similar flavor profile to brown sugar, although there’s some debate about the ratio for substitution. If your concern is texture, you can easily do a 1:1 ratio (substituting 1 cup of date sugar for 1 cup of brown or white sugar.) However, some people say that date sugar has a sweeter profile and it’s best to substitute at a lower ratio (say, 2/3 cup date sugar to every 1 cup of brown or white sugar.)

pretty sweet, eh?