Truly Raw Organic Coconut Water, 10 Quarts


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The world’s best coconut water in an environmentally-friendly packaging. Unique Nam Hom coconut variety only found in Thailand’s most prestigious plantations. Truly raw nothing added, nothing taken away. Never heated from harvest all the way to delivery. Coconut water that tastes just like in the coconut —As it was meant to be. Shelf life when kept refrigerated at all times over 30 days.

Order is composed of two boxes of raw coconut water of 5 Qt each. Net product weight for each box: 4.75kg (10.4lbs). Designed to fit in common household refrigerators. Dimensions for each box: 27cm (10inch) x 21cm (8.25inch) x 15cm (6inch).

Truly raw organic coconut water may on rare occasions turn pink. Pinking of raw organic coconut water is a natural phenomenon that does not impact its organoleptic properties nor its nutrient content.

You are not going to believe this!

We now have Certified Organic Truly Raw Coconut Water, where you can get 10 quarts shipped directly to your front door.

A quart is 32 ounces, and each quart comes to $12.50 each. We have it on special today for $11.25 a quart through the end of the month.

As many of you know, I’ve lived in Ecuador for well over a decade. My daughters grew up there.

The one thing that we all loved so much was the fresh coconut water that we got right out of the coconut.

One of the biggest issues that Oria had when we came to the United States, was that she couldn’t get real coconut water anymore.

I searched far and wide to get me and my daughter coconut water. We even shipped coconuts to us once from Florida, but that ended up in a total disaster.

Anyhow, I personally started experimenting with all kinds of bottled coconut water.

My daughter is so ridiculously picky. Therefore, any coconut water that I get within the USA, she just doesn’t like it and says it’s not the same.

As I’ve shared before, I settled on a brand called Harmless Harvest. However, it’s not truly raw.

I used the Harmless Harvest Coconut water in order to make my vegetable juices with my vacuum blender, I used it to mix my Juice Powders in, and I used it as a drink to have alongside all of my meals.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, a customer writes in and tells me that I have to get in contact with this company who ships truly raw coconut water all over the United States. He wanted me to offer this Coconut Water to ‘The Raw Food World’.

I was very skeptical about it all. As usual, I grilled the guy with all of my questions, and he sent me one of these 10 quart boxes as a sample.

I mentioned it to my daughter, but she just wrote it off, like whatever.

Once it arrived, I gave her a glass.

Moments later, she started screaming out loud saying, “it’s like the actual coconut water from Ecuador!”

She screamed it over and over again trying to get her moms attention, and she actually drank the entire glass of coconut water.

My daughter is very finicky and picky. I was mind blown when she actually liked it, and said it was the exact same.

If anyone is going to know, it is her. Trust me.

This truly raw coconut water may turn pink. What I got is pink and my daughter had no problem with it. Pinking of raw organic coconut water is a natural phenomenon that does not impact its organoleptic properties nor its nutrient content.

After Oria’s excitement cooled down lol, I got a glass for myself and I just looked at the coconut water through the glass. It was absolutely beautiful. There were no remnants of anything else in there but fresh crisp and clean coconut water. It looks so clean, fresh, and clear. Again, it’s absolutely beautiful.

I almost feel disgusted by the Harmless Harvest coconut water now lol. I feel like there is no going back to that anymore after this discovery.

Whenever I have this new Coconut Water with my meals, I hanker for more of it, and I tend to drink more than the Harmless Harvest.

I also did a taste test between the two. The Harmless Harvest one is sweeter than this one. When I mentioned it to the guy, he said that it’s because Harmless Harvest heats their coconut water during the filtration process. Therefore, it appears more sweet due to the carbohydrate alteration. Again, there is no going back to the Harmless Harvest stuff after this.

What’s cool is that it’s the ideal living drink to put your raw living carrot juice powder in. It’s not needed, but I feel like it’s a bit of an enhancement compared to what I was personally doing, because it’s truly raw living coconut water. It’s like putting a Raw Living Powder into a 100% Raw alkaline Coconut water.

I actually feel way more comfortable now drinking my vegetable juices, and my juice powders, which I now mix both with this coconut water, versus having them mixed with a pasteurized coconut water like I was doing before.

When you order, you get two 5 quart boxes, and each box contains a frozen brick of coconut water in a large pouch.

The large pouch contains a spigot on the end to where you can press a button in order to release the coconut water into your glass.

The box is pretty fancy, and you just tear around the perforated area and the spigot pops out of the box that it comes in.

Now, the most crazy part about this, is that this very special pouch that the coconut water comes in, mimics the inside of the actual coconut.

To give you a further understanding, let me share with you their Nano-Filtration technology that they use. Afterwards, I am going to share with you how they miraculously got this process approved by the FDA.

Firstly, their coconut water is 100% pure. They don’t add anything and they don’t take anything away, just like in the actual coconut. They spent 5 years developing a Nano-filtration technology specifically applied to their coconut water. They filter out bacteria and potential pathogens but retain full nutrients content and flavor profile.

Just so you all know, coconut water in the coconut is actually naturally sterile. There is no bacteria. That is why it doesn’t spoil on the tree even though it is exposed to tropical heat for months. That said, it is technically impossible to extract without exposing the coconut water to some ambient bacteria. Their Nano-filtration technology immediately brings the coconut water back to its original aseptic state before being cold filled aseptically. Basically they just switch the container from coconut to aseptic pouch. That’s all.

It’s a miraculous process, and it is the closest thing that you can get to the actual coconut. The convenience of having it cracked open out of the coconut, and poured into a pouch with a spigot, is a freaking miracle.

They never apply any heat whatsoever. Unlike other companies they do not pasteurize. Right after extraction the coconut water is immediately cooled down to 34 degrees Fahrenheit and maintained at this temperature throughout the entire processing phase until deep frozen for storage and shipping. The entire process never takes more than 24 hours from harvest to finished product. Commercial filters cannot filter aseptically at industrial scale like this. Only laboratories can. They are the only company that can do that thanks to their Research and Development.

You may be asking yourself, how on earth did they get this approved by the FDA in order to have a certified organic truly raw coconut water?

Well, I had that question too, and I grilled them on it.

The FDA pretty much has a complicated rule book that everyone needs to follow. If you can somehow follow the rules in and out, then they have no choice but to approve you.

These guys worked it.

Their processing method went through a FDA validation study. The entire validation took about 1 year. It included a series of external independent lab tests, electronic microscope pictures of the filtration membrane to show pore size, a patent, a complete report explaining the technology used, and they even had an USFDA representative come on site at the facility in Thailand.

FDA requires a log 5 reduction on all pathogens. They have exceeded these requirements by showing a log 8 reduction with the smallest bacteria (0.3 micron). Their argument in the validation study was that their pore size is so small (in the nano range and not the micro range as in usual filters) that even the smallest bacteria do not pass the filter. Logically larger pathogens also won’t pass through. In the light of the evidence provided, the FDA had no choice but to validate the tech.

They filter low enough to show a total absence of bacteria in the coconut water post filtration, but high enough to let all solubles (nutrients) go through. Therefore, it leaves the coconut water intact, just like the actual coconut. Again, coconut water in the coconut is sterile, meaning that it does not contain any bacteria. They simply bring the coconut water back to its original state post extraction/filtration. For the FDA, it doesn’t get better than that.

So what we have here, is a certified organic truly raw coconut water, which miraculously got approved by the FDA.

Even more important, it’s ‘Oria Berry Monarch’ approved.

It doesn’t get better than that.

So, what you get is the 100% Nam Hom coconut variety, which is considered by most experts to be the sweetest and most flavorful coconut water worldwide.

You will receive 2 x bag-in-box boxes. 5 quarts each.

They will be solid frozen at reception. It is best to use one box for immediate consumption, and keep the other one in the freezer for later. I personally drink so much coconut water, that I have no need to freeze the second box. I thaw out one and I let the other one defrost slowly in the refrigerator. The shelf life once the coconut water is thawed out is 30 days. Therefore, there is no need for me to freeze them. I could literally get 20 quarts and not freeze them, because I drink so much.

It’s important to consume the coconut water only after it is completely thawed out. Simply thaw it out in a water bath in the kitchen sink for 20 minutes. You don’t need to use hot water. I simply put it in a huge pot and fill it with water so I don’t take up the sink. Lastly, once it is completely thawed out shake and massage the bag in order to homogenize the contents before opening the tap.

You are then ready to go with the most beautiful crisp and clean coconut water that you can possibly imagine.

No opening coconuts with a machete, no chopping off fingers, and no extra work.

It’s incredible to have all the certified organic truly raw coconut water that you want without the work.

10 quarts of truly raw certified organic coconut water comes to $112.50 ($11.25 a quart) through the end of February. It’s then going to jump up to $125 ($12.50 per quart). All deliveries will be made in under 72 hours anywhere in continental US.

There you have it, truly raw coconut water! Use it with your juice powders, use it to make your fresh vegetable juices through your Dynapro Vacuum blender, or simply drink it straight.