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D3 5000 IU + K2 120 MCG

What we have for you today, is a Vitamin D3 & K2 formulation unlike anything that you have seen before. It’s not the Vitamin D3 & K2 that is the miracle, but the carrier that gets it into your system.

What I am bringing to the table has been approved by the FDA as safe, and has been utilized for many decades in the medical industry. It’s also been used in the beauty industry, food and beverage industry, and even the animal nutrition industry. However, for the first time ever, I am bringing it to the natural supplements industry, which will change the coarse of supplement making forever.

I kid you not, God just throws these miracles into my lap just for you guys.

It’s a special Vitamin E, which enhances the absorption big time of whatever it is carrying. This is why it’s been heavily utilized in the medical industry, among other things. Normally Vitamin E has poor water solubility, which limits it in its applications. However, what this company has done is make a water-soluble derivative of Vitamin E, and now it has been utilized by the medical industry for over 60 years.

They just took this product recently, and made a Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan version from Sunflower. This is why we are coming in and swooping it up. We can now offer it to our customers and we can label it as Certified Organic, non-GMO, and free of soy, gluten, and animal products. It is still chemically and functionally identical to the FG (food grade) and NF grades of Vitamin E used in the medical and all of the other industries.

So then, we even took this one step further to the next level, and Nanotized the Vitamin E with the product that it’s carrying. The absorption rate goes completely Garbanzo Beans exponential.

For today’s particular product, we have made a Vitamin D3 with K2 formulation. I’ve been wanting to formulate a Vitamin D3 product that truly works, for myself actually, and boy does this work! I needed a Vitamin D for the winter months, because the one thing that carrots don’t provide is Vitamin D.

In just a moment, we are going to go into much greater detail about how this new non-GMO Sunflower Vitamin E ingredient works in terms of enhancing absorption unlike anything else.

However, first let me explain to you how I know first-hand that this product works on an absolutely insane level, lol.

I’m very skeptical when it comes to things like this, and it takes a lot for me to offer a new product on my website, let alone share about it like this today.

To test the absorption powers out, I asked them to mix my CBD Oil, 7000mg product, with the Vitamin E, and then Nanotize it all together, lol.

In general, when I take an entire dropper full of our CBD oil, 7000mg in order to get some sleep, I am so sensitive that it’s literally like a marijuana high for me, even though the THC is trace. I don’t feel too much for the first 2-3 hours, but then it kicks in after hour 3 or so. This is when I feel high and spend my time doing meditative spiritual work. I’m then ready to crash anywhere after hour 5, 6, or even 7.

So then I tested this new Vitamin E/CBD oil, 7000mg Nanotized formulation, and the experience was unexpectedly an entirely different ballgame.

It was getting late, so I needed to take it so I wouldn’t be up all night. However, I hadn’t eaten yet. Therefore, I took it right before I ate.

Instead of it taking a few hours to kick in full blast, it literally took 10 seconds . Furthermore, a crazy amount more got absorbed, than what would normally get absorbed.

I had this plate of food sitting in front of me, and I was just completely gone not able to fully function 10 seconds after I took the product. The next day, I could feel the difference in my body that way more CBD got absorbed, because of how the hangover went down. It took longer for the hangover to occur, because there was so much more CBD in my system.

As I previously stated, I usually take the CBD oil once a week. The next week I got the bright idea to try both the regular CBD Oil, 7000mg and the Vitamin E Nanotized one at the same time. I thought that maybe I could get high immediately with the Vitamin E/Nano version, and then also have it kick in again 3 to 4 hours later with the regular version, lol.

That night my glands, I think it was my tonsils, became super swollen unlike I’ve ever experienced before. They stayed swollen for a day or so from the overdose of CBD. With this New vitamin E, along with this Nanotization process, I absorbed so much it is crazy. I’m guessing that the CBD Vitamin E/Nanotized version also enhanced the absorption of the regular version since I took them both at the same time. I haven’t taken it since, lol.

This is when the lights bulb turned on, and I realized the absorption power that I had in my hands here, with this new Vitamin E along with this nanotization process, which takes it even further. Can you imagine if I did this process to the Delta-8? I feel like it would be irresponsible of me as a business owner to create a Delta-8 product like this, because I honestly believe that it would compete with other serious plant medicines such as Ayahuasca, Peyote, San Pedro.

This water soluble Vitamin E was first utilized to treat people with Vitamin E deficiencies 60 years ago. However, they discovered that it also enhanced the absorption of other vitamins by 30-40%.

There was one clinical study where children took this Vitamin E/Vitamin D formulation who had malabsorption issues and were deficient in Vitamin D. Those who took the Vitamin E/Vitamin D formulation had their Vitamin D levels completely normalize. Whereas the children with malabsorption who took the Vitamin D alone had zero results.

This special derivative of Vitamin E facilitates permeation so the absorption begins in your mouth. It absorbs in the gum line, and continues to absorb in your esophageal lining, and even in the stomach. I experienced that type of absorption with the CBD oil formulation first-hand when the absorption happened within 10 seconds. When we nanotize it, it reduces the particle size of all the ingredients of the formula even more enhancing absorption on an exponential level.

With this product, this type of absorption has the ability to absorb before it even hits the liver. This is especially beneficial for people with a fatty liver and malabsorption issues. However, it’s also been proven in studies that this Vitamin E does enhance the absorption through the cellular membranes of the gut. In the gut, malabsorption can be caused by the rejection of certain compounds by something called permeability glycoproteins. Formulas enhanced by this vitamin E inhibit permeability glycoproteins from this rejection, thus improving absorption through the gut wall as well. It almost seems to me like a cure to malabsorption. It also works against multi-drug resistance.

On top of this, this Vitamin E actually forms something called micelles. A micelle is a tiny particle made of substances that are soluble in water and that come together to form a ball-like shape. These particles can carry other substances inside them. In medicine, micelles are used to carry drugs to body tissues and cells, which enhances the absorption and bioavailability of poorly soluble materials. This is another one of the many reasons the medical industry just loves this special Vitamin E.

The medical industry utilizes this Vitamin E in order to carry drugs to the body tissues, and cells. We are simply utilizing it to carry nutrients to your body tissues, and cells.

This Vitamin E is completely safe and has been approved by the FDA as a safe adjunct for so many things. For example, it’s heavily used in the food and beverage industry. It acts as an emulsifier for flavoring oils and foods that contain vitamin E, making it a great source of natural, water-soluble vitamin E that fortifies foods, beverages, sports drinks, juices, and water. Not only does the consumer get absorbable Vitamin E, but also vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that also get delivered into the system.

Another example is that it’s heavily utilized in the animal nutrition industry. They use it as an easily-absorbable, bioavailable supplement that delivers natural, water-soluble vitamin E right to your animal’s system. In zoo animals, especially elephants and rhinos, they commonly suffer from Vitamin E deficiencies. The traditional forms of vitamin E found in animal feed fortifications and supplements, fails to correct this deficiency. This Vitamin E has been shown to increase vitamin E levels in animals. All by using this natural, highly-absorbable, special water soluble Vitamin E.

It’s also used on race horses, pets, and other animals. With our pets at home, genetics, age, and other conditions that affect nutrient requirements can require highly absorbable and bioavailable vitamin E.

It’s also used in the Cosmetics and Personal Care industry, in eye drops, nasal sprays, mouth rinses, creams, lotions, and so much more. Lastly, it has been approved by the FDA as a safe adjuvant and widely used in drug delivery systems in the medical industry. It is manufactured under cGMP, which allows its use in food, dietary supplement, and pharmaceutical applications.

So what we have here today, is the most bioavailable, most heavily absorbed Vitamin D3 and K2 on the market. Not only are we using this Vitamin E within this formulation, but we have also taken it to the next level with this nanotization process enhancing the absorption qualities of every ingredient ten-fold.

This product is USDA Certified Organic. It’s also 100% Vegan, Non-GMO, and contains zero chemicals.

You guys, nobody else is doing this. There is only one other Nano liquid Vitamin D3 that I found on the internet that is Vegan and Non-GMO going for $40. It’s not even organic and doesn’t contain our Vitamin E. Most companies use a lot of other preparations to make Vitamins using synthetic compounds like polysorbates. Ours is 100% chemical-free. It’s also produced at low temperatures making it raw. Antioxidants and omegas can break down at 120 degrees and we avoid this. We are simply using Ultrasonic sound waves to break it down, with no heat or chemicals like most other companies.

You can now maybe see how this has come together into the most natural most absorbable Vitamin D3 and K2 on the market.

When that CBD hit me instantaneously after taking it, I was mind blown. I had never experienced anything like that in my life ever before. It is proof to me that this Vitamin E/Nanotization process works beyond all measure.

I thought that we would just start out with this Vitamin D3 and K2 formulation and see how it goes. However, the possibilities are endless. We can heavily target any nutrient. I was even thinking about making a MTHFR formulation for people who have this mutation.