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Wildcrafted Reishi Powder, 2oz_


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Rare Treat, Wild Reishi & Chaga

If you like Medicinal Mushrooms, you guys are in for a real treat.

I can only get these USA Wildcrafted Reishi Strips every couple of years or so, because it only blooms in the summer every other year. It just finished blooming right now, so this is the freshest it will be, for over the next two years. Wait until you see the pic further below.

We also have Chaga Chunks, which are more abundant than the Reishi, because it’s harvested every year. That’s probably why you may have seen it on my website more recently. Due to its rarity, the Reishi is double the price compared to the Chaga.

I honestly don’t know of any other wildcrafted Reishi being harvested in the USA, other than from this company. Don’t get me wrong, I have friends that go into the forests of Maine and Vermont to get Reishi Mushrooms for themselves, but they aren’t going to make a business out of it.

It’s the same producer for both our Reishi and Chaga. It’s harvested from the Anerondacks in Upstate New York, which is located longitude right next to Vermont and Maine.

We just took this picture below of the bulk Reishi Strips yesterday. You can see how fresh they look:

As you can see, these are much more fresh and succulent, compared to the non-USA grown ones.

You can also see the pictures that we just took yesterday of all these other really fresh mushroom products on our website when you shop. I had them take pictures of all these newly arrived mushrooms in their bulk bags for the product images, so you can see how fresh they are. In addition to these Reishi Strips above, you will see their Reishi Powder, Chaga Chunks, and Chaga Powder. These aren’t extracts, so you probably want to use them in tea, or whatever other concoctions and elixirs you generally make up.

At one of our retreats, I once took the Chaga Chunks, blended it with Shilajit, made a tea, and everybody was flying throughout the day lol.

The mushrooms are all grown organically with no sprays, pesticides or chemicals. They have been going through the Organic Certification procedures for some time, and their final inspection is literally 5 days away on August 29th. We should have the actual organic certificate in September.

The big keys here are that they are wildcrafted organic here in the USA, and as seen above, extremely fresh.

We have this Wildcrafted Reishi in Strips and Powder ($33.95 for 2oz), and the Chaga is in either Chunks or Powder ($16.95 for 2oz).